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I'd love to know/see something about Jacob takes in a stray? bc I'm a sucker for anything about Jacob's relationships to the Burners/basically anyone tbh

rollerskatinglizard said to livelivefastfree: Art for Jacob takes in a stray!  

heee! :D  I would do more than one since more than one person asked for this fic, but this ficbit is literally only one scene long, haha.  Not much to illustrate.

The kid backs up a step from the advance like a frightened mutt, glancing around like he thinks Abraham is going to jump out of an alley for him.  Jacob would bet he doesn’t even notice the way he sticks to the pool of sunlight from the distant dome above—like he’s scared the dark will burn him if he touches it. “Are we safe here?”  he asks instead of answering.  “Is it—okay I’m here?”

That guarded caution is Deluxe all over.  No charity, up there.  Nothing for free.

“…’Course it is, kid,” says Jacob.  “Come on in.”

Right hand... queen?

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Or the right hand woman and Simon and a few other men were out on scouting or whatever and a random group attacked them. Simon and her got beat up pretty badly but they managed to get the other group on it’s knees and take them back to Negan (or call him there,I dunno really it’s up to you). And of course a protective Negan we see,angrily addressing the enemy group (and may or may not using Lucille on them) for hurting his man and his precious right hand woman <3
I believe it was your request @wafflii ?! ^^“ I’ve finally caught up a little bit and I got a bit carried away *cough* so I hope you like it!

Warning: violence, blood, cursing, well pretty normal for TWD, I guess. Also Simon being a cute ass and Negan being protective.

It was supposed to be a completely normal run. A scout had found this abandoned gas station a couple of days ago and since the windows and everything were still intact, you felt like some lucky devils.
You were sitting next to Simon who was driving the truck. There was one big pick-up following you and in total you were six men and you, so a normal amount of people for a short trip.
“I hope we’ll be back by sunset“, Simon exclaimed.
You chuckled. “What, is there something waiting for you?“ You didn’t know if Simon had a crush on anyone, or if he even had a girl, yet most of them seemed to gravitate towards Negan.
Simon laughed out loud. “The lights of our little ride tend to stop working“, he corrected you. “But…“ He turned to look at you. “… why would you think about that? Would you be jealous?“ A huge grin appeared below his heavy mustache.
You quickly grabbed the wheel as the truck slowly lost its way on the road. “Gosh, eyes on the street!“
He laughed again, only this time he kept his eyes on you. “Damn you would!“
You glared daggers at him. “I said something not someone!“
He eyed you up and down and turned to look on the empty road again. “Pretty late for that explanation.“ The grin didn’t leave his face.
You knew he wouldn’t stop making fun of you for quite some time. This joke would last at least a week. But was it a joke? You shook your head.
The gas station appeared behind the next turn and just in the right time so you didn’t have to think about this anymore. You sighed. “Finally.“
Simon stopped the truck and hopped out. You followed him and fetched your gun. Three men stayed at the cars, just like Simon told them to in this prep talk earlier.
The gas station was small, but it seemed completely untouched. Simon was the first to look inside, you were completely concentrated on him and on the possible danger inside, that you didn’t realize the other people sneaking from behind you.
A scream made you turn around. Two of the men who watched the cars were lying on the floor, the other one was busy fighting off a stranger.
“What the…“, Simon started, but fell over holding his shoulder.
He got shot, what the fuck was going on? You wasted to time to guide him into the small building, he was wincing but crawled over anyway. You didn’t know how many people there were, but they surely outnumbered you. And they had guns. If it was one of the groups that provided you with supplies, they would be in a hell of a trouble then.
Your men were more or less reacting quickly but your gunfire wouldn’t last for long. More and more people were lying on the floor, dead or alive, you didn’t know. So you sorted out a plan and just ran for it.
One of the strangers seemed smaller than the others, presumably a woman, and she had her back turned towards you. She just fought off one of your men by the truck, when your grabbed her from behind and pressed your gun against her temple. “Drop it!“, you commanded and she let her knife fall to the ground, raising her hands.
You dragged her away from the cars so everybody could see her. “Now tell them to shut it!“
“STOP!“, she screamed and the noise stopped.
You were quite content with the outcome and took a moment to look at the other people. You didn’t know them, they looked like strays, badly equipped and dirty.
“Whe…“, you just started, but the girl smacked you hard with her elbow. Your wrist was going numb and you fell over. The gunfire started again and you saw her bending over to grab the gun, she just made you drop. You pulled out your knife with your bad hand, when she turned around to face you. Suddenly she stopped and looked at you in shock. Blood was dripping out of a small wound in her stomach.
You could see Simon coming towards you. He had ripped his shirt in two and one half of it was tightly knotted over his shoulder. He had shot her and you needed to get out of there but all you could see was his abs. Damn he was well built.
He smirked down at you before he turned around to take control of the situation. There was no way he had noticed you were checking him out,…. right?
Minutes later you drew the balance. Everyone of you was pretty wounded but in the end you got the remaining five of the other group on their knees. They lost four, you two.
A savior just tied the last mans hands together, when the guy jumped up and ran towards you. You noticed it too late, as you were busy checking the newly found supplies, and he rammed his head right into yours. Simon shot him mid action and again you were lying on the floor with a ringing in your ears. “What a stupid fucking day!“, you complained and pressed your palm on your pulsing eye.
“Get them into the back of the truck!“, Simon commanded and came running towards you. He knelt down and pulled your hand away.
He scrunched his face and hissed loudly through his teeth. “Uhh, that’s gonna be a black eye.“
You looked at him in disbelieve. He reached out to your cheek and stroke it surprisingly gentle. “You’re still beautiful, darling“, he said and only took you more aback.

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Alex/Lucy + 16

16. Not dead


it goes like this: the building comes down before even kara can make it there, a cloud of smoke and debris billowing out and clearing out to show nothing but a pile of rubble and shards of concrete, spikes of rebar, empty air when eight floors of concrete and metal had been moments earlier.

it goes like this: lucy is screaming, her comms downs and her human strength nothing against the superhuman arms j’onn has latched around her even before the building starts to groan and she’s launching herself out of the command truck a quarter mile away; he holds her back until the sound of eight floors of concrete and metal collapsing dissipates and fades into nothing, until the only sound is her fingernails ripping at his skin and her voice tearing her throat raw.

it goes like this: they found out, too late, too too late, too late to get alex and her team out, that the building was painted with targeting software, that a missile was coming for them, that kara was fighting off a siege at the DEO proper and protecting the sixty agents still there while lucy and j’onn directed alex and her team of six twenty miles away.

it goes like this: a tomahawk missile screeches over their truck and hits the building before lucy can even get hte door open, the heat from the missile and the shockwave from the impact blistering her skin and slamming her head back into j’onn’s chest even as she fights to break free, yells uselessly at the streak of red and blue chasing the missile too slow, too late, too–

it goes like this: alex is dead and lucy couldn’t stop it.


the building is a smoking mess of ruins and kara is inconsolable, fighting against j’onn the same lucy had before she’d gone numb and dropped down to sit on the bumper.  she has an arm around winn, for some reason, and he’s shaking and crying and silent just like she is.  kara’s making enough noise for the rest of them.

they send in a recovery team anyways.  the team had been four floors below the impact.  there might still be bodies to bury.

“we need a stretcher in here!”  

it bellows out from the radio, staticky and crackling and panicked and there’s no way anyone survived but lucy bolts anyways.  winn tumbles to the ground and doesn’t even get a noise of protest out before lucy’s twenty steps away and then her feet aren’t on the ground anymore, kara’s arms secure around her and speeding them to the rubble and god she hates flying like this but the swooping nausea in her stomach doesn’t appear like it normally does, even as they dive down through the hole the recovery team had made.

it’s alex.  rebar through one thigh and a cervical collar around her neck and breaths coming slow and shallow and pained, hands bloody, ankle broken, ribs almost certainly crushed, but alive.

kara stumbles and she and lucy both skid to an uncoordinated stop at alex’s side.  alex, alive and breathing.  alex, wheezing out a useless hi to the both of them.  alex, not dead.

lucy will have nightmares for next three years but for now, she just cries and smiles and holds onto alex’s less injured hand as tight as she can, sharing space and grip with kara until the backboard arrives.

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JILY PROMPT: Mistaken identities at a Halloween party (AU or not--up to you!)

ao3! (modern AU)

Lily would just like everyone to know that she does in fact have friends, okay?

“No you don’t,” Sirius snorts, flipping the boxcutter in the air while she restocks the bottom shelf. “The only people you talk to are me, and old Peggy down the road.”

Lily would also just like everyone to know that Sirius Black is a goddamn menace.

… who might be a little bit right. Just a smidge.

She moved here about a month and a half ago, and while she may have found a job at the local bookstore, she doesn’t really have that much social interaction beyond the bookstore, Mr Langley, her landlord who she’s only met twice, and Mrs Hedgeford, her elderly neighbour who’s cats like to sneak into her flat when she leaves the windows open.

Alright, so maybe she could use some friends.

“Fine,” she pouts petulantly, “But I don’t see how this entails me coming to your stupid Halloween party.”

Sirius looks at her, thoroughly unimpressed. “Oh yes, because spending an evening socialising with people within your own age group certainly isn’t a way to broker new friendships,” he says with a roll of his eyes, “Honestly, and you say you graduated college.”

She swats at his leg. “Don’t be a git.”

He kicks back at her. “Don’t be dense.”

Lily blows out an exasperated puff of air. “If I agree to come to your stupid would you leave me be?” she demands.

Sirius’ grin is all teeth. “I’ll text you the address. And don’t forget, you have to come in costume otherwise I’m turning you away from the door.”

“And we wouldn’t want that, now would we.”

“I’m serious Evans. Come in costume, find me, and then I’ll introduce you to everyone. By the end of the night you’d have moved up from a social triangle to an actual circle.”

“Sci fi needs restocking.”

“I’ll be the one in the superhero costume!”

“Just go pack the fucking books, Sirius. Jesus.”

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I received a generous boatload of games: Abyss Odyssey, A Story About My Uncle, BlackGuards, BlackGuards 2, Citizens of Earth, Contagion, Divinity: Dragon Commander, Euro Truck Simulator 2, Insurgency, Men of War: Assault Squad, SpinTires, and Teslagrad.  Thank you very much!

if anyone wants to throw Steam games at me, my Steam email is


White Road Commander, customised for the the movie Fortress, 1992. A sci-fi movie set in 2017. Another dystopian scenario, the main character, John Henry Brennick (Christopher Lambert) and his wife Karen B. Brennick (Loryn Locklin) are sent to a maximum security prison because they are expecting a second child, which is against a strict one-child policy. Naturally John escapes by stealing a truck…

Duck Dynasty - Truck Commander and Si-Yonara

First off, if Mountain Man talked any slower, I think he would just moan. I am loving Miss Kay’s green tie-dyed shirt. I love that Jase is a grown man and didn’t want to face his parents after sinking the boat. Si’s replacement really needs to work on that beard to fit in with this group.

“That purrs like a walrus in a steel trap.” - Jase

“There’s a rooster in that truck. There’s grass growing out of it.” - Willie

“I gotta start dealing with people with a real first name.” - Willie

“If they’re just barking cuz they’re happy to be a dog and living in America, I know what that bark is, too.” - Phil

“My hands smell like taco meat.” - Godwin

“If you run up on a good deal, you gotta pounce on it like a big Bengal tiger. Rah!” - Uncle Si

“I would rather play patty-cake with a dead mouse than touch your tea cup.” - Jase

“I’m like Aretha Franklin. I don’t get no R-S-P-E-C-T around this joint.” - Uncle Si

“I’m down like a rodeo clown.” - Uncle Si

“That’s a UV. An unidentified varmint. Is this varmint domesticated? Is this varmint a nuisance? Is this maybe something that I can eat for lunch?” - Jase

“We’re like the dy-manic duo. It’s gonna be an old fashioned bro-down. We have two tickets to the brodeo.” - Uncle Si

“Funzies don’t pay the bill, jack.” - Uncle Si

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Back then she had put herself out there, showed her feelings and kissed Clarke, hoping for acceptance and reciprocation. But after the mountain she stopped hoping, stopping hoping that they could be something more, that Clarke would trust her again or love her back. She doesn’t expect Clarke to ever talk to her again, much less to forgive her and take her back. THEN CLARKE STAYED. Although “it was for my people” (yeah whatever u say griffin), but she still stayed. She agreed to become the 13th clan, she worried over her “i wont just sit there and watch you die”, supported her at the fight and TOOK CARE OF HER AFTER IT. It was more than Lexa ever asked for or expected. Still, she dared not let herself hope, firmly believing that she has completely lost Clarke.

BUT NOW. Looking at Clarke stammering and being so hesitant so flustered so shy, plus the fact that she WASN’T EVEN SUPPOSED TO SEE THE DRAWING. It was drawn just for Clarke herself to see - that’s how intimate the gesture was. Lexa’s heart skips a beat and she realises.

And so she looks up into the eyes of the girl she loves and once lost, and lets herself hope once more.