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I don’t get how automobiles in the Scooby-Doo universe work.

In this one, the rear section is so small, Shaggy and Scooby need to cram their feet up against the edge.

But just seconds before, when they freak out about a lizard, the back transforms and becomes utterly massive.

“Introducing the 2017 Toyota Scoobster, with all-new Lizard-Activated Truckbed Resizing™. Available now at your local cartoon car dealership.”


Pizza Party Podcast 67

Transformers - Monster Trucks - Goth History

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Here’s a schedule of all the We Bare Bears episodes airing this week (drawn by the amazing Lauren Sassen)

Tonight we’ve got a double feature of Our Stuff and Viral Video! Food Truck, Chloe, Panda’s Date, and Everyday Bears will be airing (in that order) each night for the rest of  this week, so buckle up! THE HYPE TRAIN IS LEAVING THE STATION!!!!!!

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lumenant  asked:

if the ice cream truck came by, what cartoon character-shaped popsicle would hush be most likely to buy

powerpuff girls :>
by extension anything cartoon network



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