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Deaths at Columbine High School

On April 20, 1999, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold embarked on a murderous rampage at their high school. In the time that Eric and Dylan had spent planning and preparing for the massacre, they had acquired a large arsenal of weapons, many which were hidden in Eric’s bedroom. The massacre at Columbine High School left 15 dead, including the two perpetrators.

• Rachel Scott - Rachel was eating lunch with her friend Richard Castaldo when Eric and Dylan opened fire at the West entrance where she and Richard were sat on the grass. Rachel was hit from a distance and then shot at point blank range when she attempted to get up. She died from gunshot wounds to the head, chest, arm and leg. Rachel had earlier quit smoking at the request of a friend, if she had not quit she would have possibly been in “The Smokers Pit” at lunch instead of at the high school. Rachel was the first of many victims killed and injured in the massacre.

• Daniel Rohrbough - Daniel was walking out of the cafeteria with his friends, Lance Kirklin and Sean Graves, when Eric and Dylan began shooting at them. He was shot in the abdomen and left leg. Eric Harris shot him in the chest at point blank range moments later. Daniel bled to death on the sidewalk outside the school. Daniel’s father knew something was wrong when his son did not turn up at their shop after school as he normally did. The Rohrboughs did not learn of their son’s death from officials, but from the morning news.

• Dave Sanders - When Eric and Dylan began shooting outside the school, Dave Sanders ran to the cafeteria and warned everyone. He helped to save hundreds of students that day. The cafeteria was almost empty by the time Eric and Dylan arrived because of Dave Sanders. He was trying to get students safely hidden inside classrooms when he was shot from behind by Eric Harris. He was hit in the head, torso and neck and bled to death in a science lab while waiting for help.

• Kyle Velasquez - Kyle was sitting at one of the computers when Eric and Dylan entered the library. He was shot in the back of the head by Dylan Klebold as he passed him. Kyle was the first victim to die in the library. Kyle had been attending Columbine for only three months when the massacre took place. He was shy and was only just coming out of his shell when he died. Kyle was mentally disabled and knew what it was like to be an outcast, his last words to his mother were, “Goodbye I love you mom.”

• Steve Curnow - Steve was hiding under a computer desk, near to survivor Kacey Ruegseggwe, when Eric and Dylan began shooting in the library. Steve was shot in the neck by Eric Harris with a sawed-off shot gun. Steve died in the library and was the youngest victim of the Columbine massacre at only 14 years old. Steve was very close with his parents, loved soccer and had dreamed of being a Navy top gun pilot.

• Cassie Bernall - Cassie was hiding under a table, like many students, when Eric and Dylan entered the library. Eric Harris came to the table where Cassie and another girl were hiding. He tapped on the table twice and said, “Peek a boo” to the two girls. Cassie was shot in the side of the head with Eric Harris’ sawed-off shot gun. She was killed immediately. Cassie was a born again Christian as of 1997, previous to this she had fallen in with the wrong crowd. For a long time it had been believed that it was Cassie who had been asked whether she believed in God and then was shot when she answered, “Yes.” However, it has been verified that it was actually survivor Valeen Schnurr who was asked this.

• Isaiah Shoels - Isaiah was studying in the library with his friends, Craig Scott (brother of Rachel Scott) and Matt Kechter, when Eric and Dylan entered the room. The three boys hid under a table together. When Dylan Klebold saw Isaiah hiding under the table, he called Eric Harris over. Dylan made a racist comment towards Isaiah and tried to pull him out from under the table. When he failed to do so, Eric shot Isaiah in the chest at close range, killing him. Isaiah had been a popular student at Columbine, he was also an athlete. Eric and Dylan had had problems with Isaiah previous to the shooting.

• Matt Kechter - Matt was studying with victim Isaiah Shoels and Craig Scott in the library when Eric and Dylan entered the room. He was hiding under the table with his two friends and witnessed Isaiah being shot. Dylan fired at Matt, he was hit in the chest and died later that day in the library. Matt was in the football team and was a weight lifter. He always got good grades at Columbine and was looked up to by his friends. Greg Barnes, a close friend of Matt, took his own life not long after the first anniversary of the massacre.

• Lauren Townsend - Lauren was in the library with some friends when the shooting began. She hid under a table when Patti Nielson, a teacher at Columbine, told everyone to get down. Lauren was behind Valeen Schnurr and put her arm around her, telling her that everything would be okay. Dylan Klebold came to the table she was hiding under and opened fire. She was shot several times by Dylan and then was also shot by Eric minutes later but, at this point she was already dead. Lauren died from wounds to her head, chest and lower body. Lauren had plans to major in biology at Colorado State University when she graduated from Columbine. She has been described by her teachers at Columbine as having a gentle nature and a loving spirit.

• John Tomlin - John often spent his lunch in the library studying and that was where he was when the shooting began. He hid under a table and comforted a girl he didn’t know (Nicole Nowlen) when she became scared by holding her hand. Both Eric and Dylan came to their table and, without even looking to see who was underneath it, Eric opened fire. John and Nicole were both injured from Eric’s shot but, it was a shot to the head at point blank range from Dylan Klebold which killed John almost instantly. John loved Chevrolet trucks and had recently got his driving licence and got an old Chevy pick up, he had been working for it since he was 14. His truck, along with Rachel Scott’s car, became a memorial in the parking lot of the high school, his bible still on the dashboard.

• Kelly Fleming - Kelly was hiding behind a table with some other girls when Eric and Dylan entered the library. It was Eric who shot and killed Kelly. Eric and Dylan both reloaded and moved away from the girls’ table and then later came back. Kelly was shot again by Eric with his sawed-off shotgun, in the back from behind. Kelly was a shy girl who aspired to be a songwriter and author, she wrote many poems and stories. She would often go to the library at Columbine to write some of these stories. Kelly’s mother recalls her coming home from school around two months before the shooting and saying, “I’m not shy anymore.”

• Daniel Mauser - Daniel was in the library when the massacre began. He was hiding under a table when Eric Harris shot him in the face. Daniel died under the table in the library. Daniel’s family described him as a shy and gentle soul. He had attended Ken Caryl Middle School, the same as Eric and Dylan, there is no evidence of them having known eachother though. Daniel’s father was planning on taking him on his first 14,000 mountain hike that summer.

• Corey DePooter - Corey was in the library when the massacre took place. He had been hiding under a table near the window with two others. Dylan Klebold shot Corey, he was killed almost instantly. He died there in the library of gunshot wounds to his neck, chest and left arm. Corey was a former wrestler and loved to fish. He had started a job at a golf club to save up for a fishing boat with one of his friends. Described as an all-American kid, school was very important to Corey. Corey had always wanted to be a marine and at his funeral he was made an honorary marine.

• Eric Harris - Eric also died in the library not long later. Eric fired his shotgun through the roof of his mouth, the shot caused a large amount of damage to his face, also causing his eyeball to fall out. The back of his head was also blasted off. His death was instant. Eric had been a student Columbine High School and had worked at Blackjack Pizza.

• Dylan Klebold - Along with Eric, Dylan committed suicide in the library. He shot himself in the left temple and the bullet sliced through his head. He died right next to Eric, although his death was not instant like Eric’s had been. Dylan had been a student at Columbine High School and had also been an employee at Blackjack Pizza, like Eric Harris.


Happy Birthday John Tomlin

He was 16 years old when he died, and was a weight lifter. He was known to love helping others. He was shot in the chest first by Eric Harris, and then in the head (fatal) by Dylan Klebold. He died almost instantly.

“John often spent his lunch in the library studying and that was where he was when the shooting began. He hid under a table and comforted a girl he didn’t know (Nicole Nowlen) when she became scared by holding her hand. Both Eric and Dylan came to their table and, without even looking to see who was underneath it, Eric opened fire. John and Nicole were both injured from Eric’s shot but, it was a shot to the head at point blank range from Dylan Klebold which killed John almost instantly. John loved Chevrolet trucks and had recently got his driving licence and got an old Chevy pick up, he had been working for it since he was 14. His truck, along with Rachel Scott’s car, became a memorial in the parking lot of the high school, his bible still on the dashboard.”

September 1st 1982 - April 20th 1999

Plane trees dominate Pelion squares, beneath these century old trees. However, one plane tree steals the show from the rest. A living monument of nature, a tree that captivates anyone that comes across it. That tree is no other from the giant plane that is located in Agia Paraskevi square in Tsagarada.

Its truck diameter is 14 meters wide while the branch opening cannot properly calculated, however it covers most of the square. In the past, the church bell was hanged under its branches, however due to the weight of it the branches didn’t last and now they are supported by a marble column.

It is said that it was intially planted, four meters below its today location, while foresters have estimated that the tree age is at least a thousand year old, making it one of the oldest trees in Europe, and that is mostly due to the exceptional micro climate of Pelion and of the region in particular where the tree has grown.

“Poston, Arizona. Most of the building is being done by old Civilian Conservation Corps trucks at this War Relocation Authority center for evacuees of Japanese ancestry.” 5/14/1942

Clark, Fred, photographer, PhotographerSeries: Central Photographic File of the War Relocation Authority, 1942 - 1945Record Group 210: Records of the War Relocation Authority, 1941 - 1989

Professional photographers were commissioned by the War Relocation Authority to document the daily life and treatment of Japanese-Americans who were interned during World War II.  

Browse nearly 4,000 photos of Japanese American relocation and internment in the Central Photographic File of the War Relocation Authority in the @usnatarchives online Catalog

May is Asian Pacific American Heritage Month. Find more resources documenting the Asian and Pacific Islanders experience at the National Archives.

I just made lobster salad sandwiches for the husband and me. Yes, it feels slightly heretical to be dumping mayo on what many view as a luxury food, but it wasn’t too long ago that lobster was a food only poor people ate around these parts. 

I’m just being traditional.

H2oDelirious: Aww.. I lost my motorcycle…

Vanoss: Delirious.. Delirious…I.. I am.. You-You can still beat me.

BasicallyIDoWrk: No! I hit a tree! Goddammit!

H2oDelirious: We can catch up, we can catch up… we can catch up, I believe, I believe.


H2ODelirious - GTA 5 Online - Gunrunning DLC Funny Moments! (ROCKET BIKE & BIG TRUCKS!)



Just after noon on 16 October 1991, on the day after his 35th birthday, George Hennard drove his pickup truck through the front window of Luby’s cafeteria in Killeen, TX and killed 23 people, and wounded 27 others before shooting and killing himself.

It is the 3rd deadliest mass shooting in US history that did not occur at a school.

Hennard was a former Navy serviceman who had worked as a merchant marine before losing his seaman’s license in 1989 for drug possession. He had a long history of animosity toward women – in June 1991 he wrote a letter to 2 sisters in his neighborhood in which he described women as “treacherous female vipers.” But, he noted that he thought his neighbors exemplified everything that was good. He asked to get together with the girls, his “two teenage groupies fans,” for a long talk. Their mother took the letter to the police, but no action was taken.

Not long before he wrote to the sisters, he had visited the FBI in Las Vegas, trying to file civil rights charges against the “white women of the world” for plotting against him. The FBI did nothing.

“All women of Killeen and Belton are vipers!” Hennard was reported to have shouted as he got out of his crashed truck. 14 of the 23 people killed were women, as were many of the wounded, and eyewitnesses said that he carefully passed over men in order to shoot women.

After a brief shootout with police, Hennard retreated to the restaurant toilet, where he shot himself.

Jackie Mabley

Generally considered the first female stand-up comedy superstar, she overcame much to become billed as “The Funniest Woman in the World.” She was the first woman to be featured at the Apollo. In 2013, she also was the subject of an HBO documentary by Whoopi Goldberg. From most sources she was also known as openly lesbian (and during the early 20th century no less), making her a pioneer in that regard as well, considering the time period. So how funny was she? See for yourself.

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Trucks Appreciation Post

“I got shouted out last night in a really remarkably thorough way by the guy who wrote Detective Pony… he definitely did not mention Trucks.” - @some-triangles

“I can’t believe that Trucks wouldn’t be listed among the major works.” - @spacedhamlet

“I can’t believe it, Detective Pony! For fuck’s sake. Trucks is practically our magnum opus. So what do you have to say about that, mister man?” - @some-triangles​, as heard in Mumblesquad Shadow of the Colossus #6

The top 33 Trucks episodes of 2016, definitively ranked in a remarkably thorough way from least Trucks to most Trucks:

33: Talk Simulator 2 - Episode 32 - Actually Zero Difference (”Just you and me and our beautiful voices and our crisp, clear ideas.” - Josh)

32: Talk Simulator 2 - Episode 28 - Sleepy pooped (”But what if the experience you’re missing is the crippling guilt of doing something truly horrible?” - Josh “Oh, I feel that in life, even when I don’t do something truly horrible” - Isaac)

31: Talk Simulator 2 - Episode 13 - Yeah, Star Wars (”For folks who are simply unaware that they’re bad, that is less interesting to me. It’s the people who are aware that they’re bad and are suffering under some obligation to continue.” - Isaac)

30: Talk Simulator 2 - Episode 45 - Bummerino (”We only throw paint on whalers inasmuch as we throw shade at people who do art wrong.” - Isaac)

29: Talk Simulator 2 - Episode 30 - Monica doesn’t wanna talk about art (”Josh is slightly drunk, I’m maudlin and self-pitying. It was just basically a descent into my own personal problems, which I was trying to frame as if it was something about culture, or the world, or humanity; it was transparent and gross.” - Isaac)

28: Talk Simulator 2 - Episode 31 - The preferred background noise (”You can rest easily in my bosom, secure in the knowledge you will not have to think too hard or be tormented too much by the sheer lassitude of everyday nothingness while I am speaking.” - Isaac “Dang.” - Josh)

27: Talk Simulator 2 - Episode 36 - Mindless Self Indulgence (”I remember pulling a lot of Weird Al tracks of of Napster. Most of which weren’t actually Weird Al.” - Josh)

26: Talk Simulator 2 - Episode 35 - The Trucks Gazes Back (”If a place called Truckee is gonna be the land where our spirit resides, and it’s gonna be because of our trucks affinity, you’d think that this game would be—” “—the correct medium through which to observe that.” - Josh and Isaac)

25: Talk Simulator 2 - Episode 15 - Into the Blowhole (”It looks so much like what it is.” - Isaac)

24: Talk Simulator 2 - Episode 41 - Missed Erection (”[Overwatch is] interested in the choreography of violence without the consequences of violence“ - Josh “Which means that this game would be much better if it were professional wrestling.” - Isaac)

23: Talk Simulator 2 - Episode 42 - Make Something Great (”It’s now or never. And I’ll sideswipe all the cars I need to on my way to this goal.“ - Josh)

22: Talk Simulator 2- Episode 44 - Britain’s goofy mascot (”I was Sailor Gendo.” - Isaac)

21: Talk Simulator 2 - Episode 33 - Don’t Hate, Participate (”Oh, Jesus Christ, what’s wrong with you?” - Isaac)

20: Talk Simulator 2 - Episode 38 - (Move on to) Stronger Things (”The Darkness exists. The Darkness has always existed, the Darkness will exist.” - Isaac)

19: Talk Simulator 2 - Episode 24 - The Long Europe of the Night (”Here we are in… where are we?” - Isaac “Poland. And we’re going to Kris- Kristin- Krislinland- Kristen- Krisliland- Kris- that place.” - Josh “We’re going to Chris Kattan.” - Isaac)

18: Talk Simulator 2 - Episode 17 - Unprotected Left Heel Turn (”Oh my god, I can just sleep anywhere in this field.” - Josh)

17: Talk Simulator 2 - Episode 25 - I just hate it!!! (”Why don’t we just shout ‘Trucks!’ whenever the thing starts?” - Josh)

16: Talk Simulator 2 - Episode 20 - finally (”childish amusements that I childishly amuse myself with” - Isaac)

15: Talk Simulator 2 - Episode 27 - Vice-Admiral Thaddeus Wrinkledorf III (”Professional Trucks.” - Isaac)

14: Talk Simulator 2 - Episode 40 - I Saw the Suplex (”Most of [modern wrestling] is Vince McMahon whispering in people’s ears. And he is insane.“ - Isaac)

13: Talk Simulator 2 - Episode 22 - Lightly Drifted (”Yes, you can tell a story without words, ya dummy!” - Josh)

12: Talk Simulator 2 - Episode 23 - Mixed Nuts (”You are better at coming up with fly-ass phrases on— the fly. See? See, I already fucked up, I fucked up right there.” - Josh)

11: Talk Simulator 2 - Episode 16 - Don’t click the annotation (”I’m glad when you [Isaac] like a person.” - Josh)

10: Talk Simulator 2 - Episode 19 - Pinned Down by Mediocrity (”I’m very sad that they are continuing to bury Bray Wyatt.“ - Isaac)

9: Talk Simulator 2 - Episode 29 - Overwhelming Herzog (”I know that it involves [Orson Welles] blustering around with a cape and saying, ‘Ah! And for my next trick…’“ - Josh)

8: Talk Simulator 2 - Episode 14 - Ooh Yeah, Brother (”The Kliq. A notorious collection of mid-90s backstage assholes.” - Isaac)

7: Talk Simulator 2 - Episode 34 - I love Computers (”The best art is that which is great by accident, and that’s the only thing computers can make.” - Josh)

6: Talk Simulator 2 - Episode 12 - 2016 New Year Trucktacular “It’s the renewal of everything. It’s another chance. One in a diminishing series of chances that we have left for all of us, but still, another way to navigate to another place.” - Isaac)

5: Talk Simulator 2 - Episode 39 - I just can’t get over it (”All of my opinions are uncontroversial and highly correct… I think that the best video games aren’t fun; I love walking simulators. I think that art is a pretty low bar to aspire to.” - Josh)

4: Talk Simulator 2 - Episode 26 - The Mythical Archive Reader (”I suppose that’s the difference [between the Alternian and Beforan trolls]: there was a movement from an affectionate parody of a world that [Andrew Hussie] had belonged to to a vicious parody of a world that he was confused by and forced to be a part of because that’s where his audience lived.” - Isaac)

3: Talk Simulator 2 - Episode 37 - In praise of the bad man (”As a young pervert myself, I was like, ‘Hey! I feel recognized and welcomed by this terrible human being. Let’s figure out what this is about.’” - Isaac)

2: Talk Simulator 2 - Episode 43 - Bee in the Bonnet (featuring @naked-bee​, creator of the Detective Pony podfic) (”I’m stuck now… Maybe if I do exactly the same thing again…” - Josh)

1: Talk Simulator 2 - Episode 18 - Jackpot!!! (”Guys, I’m really tired today.” - Josh “Oh, Josh is a sleepy boy, but we have obligations. Miles to go before we sleep, in this case both literally and figuratively— actually, no, just two different kinds of figuratively: we’re literally in the room that Josh sleeps. But! Figuratively both in terms of driving in this game and driving in our lives, we have to do a lot of stuff before it’s time to not.” - Isaac)

Your move, Truckmen.


We need to talk, meet me at my house.

Theo reread the message 3 times, he was nervous. Had you figured what he was? What he had been doing in Beacon Hills? He knew whatever you needed was important, you never texted him while you were at practice. You must’ve skipped, and you hadn’t missed a day of practice since Kindergarten.

A sigh left his lips as he pulled into your driveway, he saw you sitting on your porch, covered in jackets.

“What the hell are you doing!?” he exclaimed, jumping out of his truck. “It’s 14 degrees out here. Are you insane?” he asked.

You looked up at him from your place on the stairs, you were scared to see him, terrified actually. You weren’t ready to be a mother! You were only 17!

Theo stopped in front of you, softly pulling you up by your arms putting you into his arms. “You’re freezing.” he stated. It was true, you hadn’t been able to feel your toes since you walked outside.

“I’m so sorry.” you cried into his shoulder. “So, so sorry.” you added.’

“What? Why? Y/N, what’s wrong?” he asked, beginning to rub small circles into your back. It was a small action, but he could feel you slightly relax.

“Do you remember last month? When we-” you sobbed. “I’m pregnant Theo.” you whispered.

Theo froze in shock. He had not been expecting this news. His whole drive here he was making verses as to how he could be a better boyfriend. How much he loved you and didn’t want to lose you. His hold on you tightened, arms settling on your waist.

“It’s going to be ok.” he stated, pulling you in for a kiss. “It’s going to be great.” he mumbled as his lips met yours.

So I got my friend to watch spn...

…and he sends me this. (I died a bit)

Season 1 recap

1-1 don’t pick up hot hitchhikers.
1-2 camp in designated areas.
1-3 don’t go swimming alone.
1-4 take flights shorter than 40 minutes.
1-5 don’t play truth or dare.
1-6 don’t trust anyone.
1-7 don’t have a silver cross necklace.
1-8 don’t trust bugs. Ever.
1-9 don’t play dumb while toys randomly turn on and off.
1-10 don’t enter asylums (duh).
1-11 don’t trust friendly town people?
1-12 beware of false prophets.
1-13 don’t trust huge monster trucks.
1-14 don’t beat up people who have telekinesis.
1-15 “Demons, I get. People are crazy.”
1-16 don’t trust someone who you met once halfway across the country and rediscovered elsewhere.
1-17 don’t fall asleep on car rides.
1-18 don’t fall asleep period.
1-19 don’t buy art at a charity action.
1-20 vampires aren’t as boring as you’d think.
1-21 priests are total badasses (too bad the Winchester’s priest dies).
1-22 so much salt used this episode it’s basically a commercial for McDonald’s.

i say “i’m sorry” too much when what i really mean to say is “i’m scared.” when what i really mean to say is “i love you.” i’m so scared to love you. girls like me don’t get happy endings. girls like me got dirt in a scraped knee once and haven’t been clean under the skin since. girls like me wear skin like it’s a bulletproof vest. the man from the pickup truck when i was 14 called me a dyke and i thought he meant the kind that hold back waters. my heart holds back waters. i have been holding back the love with every breath since i was a clumsy child with a baseball mitt and a crush on my kindergarten teacher. girls like me turn girls like you into trouble, into wrong, into bite, into bullets. into us. so i’m sorry i love you. i’m sorry i’m terrified about it. i don’t know how to breathe without caution. i don’t know how to touch without cold hands. i don’t know how to want you. i have been trying for weeks to write about anything that isn’t you. i keep trying to write about vastness or bones but it just brings me back to body, your body, like cummings, i like my body when it is with your body, and my body was something i remembered you could never love. i say “i’m sorry” too much when what i mean is run away as fast as you can and never look me in the eyes. when what i mean is i can’t hold back this water. when what i mean is hide your heart in the palms of your hands. hide it somewhere i won’t let myself touch.

girls like us turn love into gunfire.

—  bullets // e.s.c.
Good wishes in the Bleachverse

Author’s choice list. :)

You know how in our universe, you might wish good things upon your friends, like “May your internet always be fast and reliable” or “May all of your favorite characters survive the finale”? Well, what kind of good wishes might be common in the Bleachverse?

1. “May your arm - when it is inevitably lost - be fully restored.”

2. “May you not get eaten by a hollow.”

3. “May Inoue Orihime always be nearby when you battle.”

4. “May your losses not outnumber your victories.”

5. “May your battles not lead to death but to lifelong friends.”

6. “May your battles be epic, the reveal of your powers inspiring, and your enemy defeated.”

7. “May you not have the bad fortune of fighting someone who Kurosaki Ichigo has to defeat - I mean, really.”

8. “May your hair look really good when it’s a bloody mess.”

9. “May your clothing shred in all the right places but none of the wrong places.”

10. “May  you get new powers as soon as you *really* need them.”

11. “May your popular fandom ships not be *too* horrifying.”

12. “May Tite Kubo always remember that you exist.”

13. “May you survive injuries that would cripple an armored truck.”

14. “May the person stabbing you have the aim of Aizen.”

15. “May you be given an actual name so you know you’re not just cannon fodder.”

16. “May you not be an unnamed member of Squad 12.”

17. “May you not be unjustly convicted of a crime by Central-46.”

18. “May you get along with your zanpakuto spirit.”

19. “May Kurosaki Ichigo show up when you need him.”

20. “May you survive your tragic flashback.”