tru that bro

Some Canon Things
  • Rex probs has anxiety
    • It’s cause of Anakin
  • Anakin gets genuinely upset when Rex refuses to be on his team
    • That is one of his sources of anxiety
  • All Clones are obsessed with easy meals like mac and cheese and children’s cereal because it’s just pure sugar
  • BUT they all hate sweet potatoes. hate ‘em
  • Jenga is too intense
  • They make their own little songs to sing while they’re moving from point A to B and also just to entertain themselves
  • Ron Swanson level giggles. All of them.

something i find interesting is that most Aus portray Giorno as the youngest of his siblings, even though according to the wiki he’s actually the oldest (by about 3 years, tho, to the youngest two and i think only one to donatello or w/e his name is). 

i mean its probs bc we meet the other siblings when they’re adults but Gio when he’s 15 and we never see adult Gio (tho i think hes mentioned)

but still, its interesting that Giorno is almost consistently the baby of the family in mudad aus and such, even when he’s the oldest…. i kinda wanna see that

in the new chapter teru says “there are more important things to me now” so like.. is that to say that without the brainwashing that mob would be the most important thing…… just throwing that out there

….its finals soon and I’m out of meds because I missed my appointment a month ago and they couldn’t reschedule for more than a month and like… Idk what to do but I can not sleep