tru talk

Me talking about my ocs to my friends: … And this one lost their whole family in a tragic accident while THIS one lost his eye while trying to save his sister from getting murdered by a psychotic demon overlord and THIS GUY was terribly traumatized in his youth and has a hard time being in a functional relationship.
Me talking to my friends about their ocs: MY GOD YOU DID WHAT TO HIM? WHT DO YOU MEAN HE DOESNT GET A HAPPY ENDING? What kind of phantom of the opera looking shit is this?!?

The signs as rad bands

Aries: Walk the Moon
Taurus: WTM
Gemini: That band from Ohio
Cancer: The SUAD band
Leo: That 80s band
Virgo: The equivalent of Stroll the Moon
Libra: The band that opened for P!ATD
Scorpio: Walk the Mood
Sagittarius: The band the Griswolds opened for
Capricorn: The four-piece from Cincinnati
Aquarius: The band with hella rad hair
Pisces: The band that sound kinda like Talking Heads