tru punx

Tru Punx (Whiskas remix)
Johnny Foreigner
Tru Punx (Whiskas remix)

So now yr talking about killing yourself. 
You got a target and it’s greater than health. 
Seems clear cut to me: you’d end so beautifully. 
How the camera guys stifle a cynical laugh, 
I guess the beauty won’t show up in the photograph, 
So if you feel used, well, real punks don’t get to choose. 

i got halfway through getting dressed for the catharsis show before i realized i had some very urgent Staying Home Alone that needed to be done

guess i’ll only see catharsis once this weekend :( guess i’ll never be tru punx :((

She's So Rad But I'm So Sad
Euan Lynn
She's So Rad But I'm So Sad

She’s So Rad But I’m So Sad - Euan Lynn

Finally got round to finishing this off

It’s a song all about wanting to be somewhere else to be with other people, but feeling so loyal to your home that you couldn’t bare to move away, and trying to get through it by bombing hills on faux-1970’s skateboards.

Heavily inspired by Wavves and Bikini Kill and the like

Attention all non-believers.

To thine own punx be tru
And it shall follow
As the night the day
Thou canst then be untru to any punx

Not the worst self-mohawk in the bathroom w/ a pair of scissors and a Bic razor ever done. Not the worst.

Things did get a little out of hand when trying to evenly trim the sides, so they just got shaved all the way down. Just, fuck it. It’ll grow back.

I like it, so, fuck you, dude.

So in the past 24 hours...
  • Stood literally three feet away from Ted Leo’s solo set (and got a high-five).
  • Upped the punx to the Dead Milkmen (and got headbutted in the face).
  • Spontaneously saw Japanther play at 21st street co-op at 2am. Once again joined the mosh pit.
  • Realized that every muscle in my body is sore and hurting in the best way possible.
  • Also realized that I’m getting too old for this rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle.
  • Resolved to keep at it and never let the arbitrary concept of age keep me from having fun and loving the music that helped make me into the well-rounded and socially conscious individual I am today. 

So in short… damn good SXSW.

Tru Punx
Tru Punx

Tru punx
eat cherry cupcakes
Tru punx
listen to Katy Perry
Tru punx
are still on myspace
Tru punx go to work fucking early

Tru punx
never fuck my girlfriend
Tru punx
are watching you go
Tru punx
Love cheesey movies
Tru punx pickup milk in the morning

Tru punx
always apologize
Tru punx
play angry birds in the van
tru punx
call their grandmas on sundays
Tru punx like against me latest albums

Tru punx play mini golf in the dark