tru love story

“ a kid in my diversity in mass comm class tried to talk about how bisexual representation on television was overdone because it was ~easier for writers and ~more titillating for audiences and i was like… child. c h i l d. i truly wanted to fight this boy. he started going on about how you could always tell which character was bi because it’s obvious and they’re promiscuous so i just turned around and smiled and was like, have i been promiscuous and obvious this entire course, robert ?? and he was quiet after that. “

  • het couple in story: *has 3 scenes together, also: a kiss*
  • everyone: so cute. tru love 👰✔✔💍💕
  • gay couple in story: *are the two main characters so have 90% of the scenes together, are repeatedly told by other characters that they fit together, "i would do anything in the world for you", repeatedly sacrifice themselves for each other, are best friends, share interests, constantly look at each other like they want to have sex, trust each other before everyone else, canonically make each other better people*
  • everyone: nah i'm just not seeing it