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When someone asks me to explain a book
  • me : omg you HAVE to read this book
  • friend : oh ok what's it about
  • me : *sweats nervously*
  • me : *thinks about how the fuck am I going to explain about the book without giving out the whole plot, spoilers, fangirling about the gay couple and about how hard I ship them, talk about their epic kiss, give out my fan account username filled with gay smut and edits and roll up in ball and cry about everything*
  • me : uhhhmmm ... well...

Allison Jamaica Reynolds

She looked like a picture-perfect princess, but she could brawl with the best of them on the court. She refused to bend to others’ expectations of her and could be honest to the point of cruelty.


“Why People Think Video Games Are Just For Boys” from Adam Ruins Everything (2015)

real talk though. how come the inklings in splat 2 don’t know who Marie is….if it’s tru that this game takes place 2 years after the original one i would be guessing they at least would have some sort of memory of her and the squid sisters music????? either agent ¾ is mute or maybe the squid sisters were renowned pop stars from a distant region ,,, like i’m shooken