tru dreams

Namjoon: yoongi what the fuck why’d u throw a cake at me now it’s all over my face



ok SO APPARENTLY im participating in the @mp100zine !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

here are the linework that i unfortunately buried in the background of another drawing!!! and an actual preview!!!!

okay but fic where uhura and sulu get their own ship, uhura captain and sulu commander and they kick ass constantly, the tru dream team, and every time there is a Big Space Disaster™ they team up with kirk and spock and the enterprise, also they’re best friends for life and sulu is always like “uhura no” and uhura is like “uhura yes” because uhura is always down to fight meanwhile sulu is like “yes fine do the thing i’ll save ur ass later”

also, fic where uhura and and bones are also bffs and spend all their time talking shit, they’re the friends who judge people together 

  • other k-pop fan accounts: *goes to korea to take photos of celebrity for their account or blog. goes to all of the celebrities concerts and performances for their account or blog.*
  • hey everyone!!! i take photos and videos of ____!! i hope you enjoy!!
  • me: *just reblogs the photos and videos. cries and fangirls 25/8. makes memes.*
  • my blog is a place where i just reblog posts and make memes.