Jordan playing Soular Flares at Gramercy Theater (:

Submitted by m0rethanalive

Tonight my brother, best friend, and I all saw Jordan for the first time in Portland! We showed up 3 hours early and got second row. I could go on and on, but I’ll try to keep it simple. It was amazing; by far the best show I’ve been to. My brother stole the set list at the end, and I had someone grab a guitar pick for me (bless their tall genes). The Hawthorne Theatre doesn’t have any seating, so we were worried about where to leave our coats and bags BUT, let me just tell you how important it is to be nice to people. A girl and her mom were in line right in front of us and we ended up talking a lot and by the time we got in, her mom had volunteered to stay and watch all our stuff for the whole show. Besides that, we made like four new friends just by standing in line and being friendly. It made it so much more fun to jam with more people we knew :)

Afterward, my best friend had to be home by midnight and its quite a drive, but we waited for Jordan and met Travis too! Travis came out to tear down and he signed a photo frame we brought, he was super sweet about it too :) And then when Jordan came out we waited to get him to sign it too and we asked another girl in line to get a photo of all four of together (attached). And then I gave him a mix CD I made with like 19 of my favorite songs/random songs on it. 

I’m literally still in shock over everything that happened, but I can feel the post concert depression that will kick in tomorrow when I have to open at work, I’m afraid to close my eyes and forget. Still completely worth it though! 

PS. As far as opening acts go, GoldHouse was great, and so was Plug in Stereo they made it really fun (for anybody else seeing them). And I wasn’t super crazy about 2am Club or Master Shortie, BUT it might just be my music taste. 

Submitted by incandescentlysam