Reversed Circumstances Part 7

Part 7 (Liam x MC x Drake)

Characters belong to Pixelberry

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Drake came running into the Beaumont estate as Maxwell, Bertrand and Savannah sat in the great room staring at him, confused.

“Where’s Lockwood?”

“Uhh…she went to your cabin after dinner.” Maxwell said confused.

“Yeah, and then she left. She didn’t come back here?”

“No.” Maxwell said.

Drakes mind immediately went to the inevitable…she must have gone to see Liam.

“Drake…what’s wrong?” Savannah asked.

“I……I just need to talk to her.”

“She’ll probably be back soon.”

Rileys eyes opened, she blinked a couple of times trying to clear her vision, a sharp pain shooting through her head. It was dark outside, her breath started coming short and fast as she realized what had happened, it felt like her heart was going to beat out of her chest. The rain still coming down on top of her through the window openings, which the glass had busted out of. The car was on its side, drivers side down. Her leg pinned between the steering wheel and crunched up door. She tried to move it but she couldn’t. The seat belt tight against her chest, restricting her movements. She heard her phone ringing. Ok, calm down….you need to find your phone. She slowly moved her head to where she heard the sound, eyes darting around trying to see its lit up screen. It was down on the side of the door by her feet. How the hell am I supposed to reach that. She moved her one foot trying to slide it. In one swift flick of her foot it slid closer to her grasp. She needed to reach to get it. It started to ring again. She stuck her hand out but it wasn’t close enough. Eyes welling up with tears, as panic started to set in. She just needed a little bit more slack, but the seat belt was locked.

Drake sat in the great room waiting for Riley to walk through the door. How could I have been so stupid! He couldn’t get the look in her eyes at the cabin out of his mind. He kept trying to call her, but she wasn’t answering. Drake debated on calling Liam to see if she was there, but he wasn’t sure if he wanted to know the answer.

Riley started to feel like she couldn’t breath, between the seat belt tight across her chest and the panicked breathing. She heard her phone ring again. Calm down…focus. You need to reach your phone. She outstretched her arm as far as she could, a pained yell escaping her, her finger tips barley grazing it, she couldn’t get a hold of it. I’m going to die here, she thought, as the broken sobs started.

Liam had been trying to call Riley all evening, but she wasn’t answering. It was getting pretty late now, maybe she was already asleep, he thought. He tried calling her again one more time just to see, but again no answer.

Riley laid there in the dark, the rain had finally stopped. She heard a noise on her phone, and looked down, the low-battery icon popping up. No….please. She tried to reach it again with no luck. She reached her hand back to try and unbuckle the seat belt, she couldn’t push the button down enough to release it. She tried moving her leg again, but she couldn’t get it free. She was starting to feel weak, she could tell by the way her movements were becoming slower, less forceful, and she was tired, her eye lids feeling heavy.

Drake had fallen asleep on the couch in the great room, when he woke up he looked at the clock..5am. He ran up to Riley’s room to see if she had come back, her bed was empty. He knew Liam would be awake getting ready for his day, he finally decided to call to see if she was there.

“Hey, Drake, you’re up early.”

“Hey….is Lockwood there?”

“No…she’s not there at the Beaumont’s?”

Panic started to spread across Drakes face, if she wasn’t with Liam, and she’s not here, where the hell was she.

“She came to my cabin last night to talk to me, and she left, and when I got back here, she still hadn’t come back. I called her but she didn’t answer, I just assumed she was with you.”

“No, I tried calling her all last night but she didn’t answer me either.” Worry now taking over Liam. He couldn’t shake this bad feeling he had in the pit of his stomach that something was wrong. “Hold on, I’m going to try and call her from the phone in my study.” Liam stayed on his cell with Drake while he dialed Riley’s number from his study phone, it didn’t ring, it went right to voicemail. “Straight to voicemail…” a nervous tone in his words.

“Where the hell could she be?”

“Bastien,” Liam called as Drake listened.

“Yes, your majesty?”

“I need you to see if you can ping Riley’s phone location.”

“Of course, sir, is everything alright?”

“I’m not sure…you still there Drake?”

“Yeah, I’m here..”

Liam stood looking over Bastien’s shoulder as he worked to locate Riley’s cell phone, glancing nervously at the screen he was looking at. “There,” Bastien said pointing to a red circle on the screen. “It’s off, but this was the last place it’s location was.”

“Drake, it’s showing her out near your cabin,” Liam explained, more worry setting in.

“Give me the location I’m going to go look….send some medics out just in case.”

Riley fluttered her eyes, barley able to open them, as the light from the day break stung. She was cold, her wet clothing sticking to her body. She tried to reach the seat belt again, using everything she had to just lift her arm, still unable to reach it. A tear coming from the corner of her eye and sliding down across her nose to the other cheek. Her head was pounding.

Drake raced in his truck to the location, Bastien and Liam coming from the palace, and they had medics on the way, just in case. He pulled over on the side of the road where Bastien had told him her phone was, but there was no car. He could hear sirens in the distance as he got out of his car, Liam and Bastien pulling up.

“Anything?” Liam yelled as he jumped out.

“No.” Drake said as he crossed the road, Liam next to him. They looked down and saw red pieces of a broken tail light, and walked towards the edge of the embankment, and both their hearts dropped. There was Riley’s overturned car at the bottom.

“Riley!!” Liam yelled as he started running down the embankment.

“Shit, shit, shit!” Drake yelled as he followed.

They found me….

Liam and Drake reached the bottom of the embankment, shards and beads of glass surrounding Riley, entire body soaking wet from the rain, shivering, dried blood on her head and face.

“Oh my god, Riley!” Liam yelled. She didn’t speak, just sobbed with relief. “We’re going to get you out of there ok?” he said, tears welling in his eyes.

“Lockwood!” Drake said as he crouched down next to Liam, blinking back his own tears.

“I-I’m s-stuck…” she said in a cracked whisper. They noticed the seat belt tight against her, holding her in place. They both went to reach for it when Bastien yelled to them, “Do not move her!” The medics had got there and were making their way down the embankment now.

Everything seemed to be in slow motion as they stood and watched the medics work to get her out of the car. They finally made their way up the embankment with her and headed to the hospital, them following behind. Once there Liam made sure she was in a private room, Drake had called Maxwell on the way and he met them there, as all three sat in a private waiting room waiting for some news. After what seemed like forever, a man in a white coat came into the room.

“Your Majesty,” he said, bowing, “My name is Dr. Eubanks.”

“Dr,” Liam stood extending his hand for a shake, then the man turned to Drake and Maxwell to shake their hands. “How is she?”

“She sustained some lacerations, and a nasty contusion to her head, likely from it hitting the steering wheel. We did a CT scan to check for a brain bleed, it was negative. We’re warming her body temperature up with some warming blankets right now, and giving her some fluids through an IV, but other than that…she was extremely lucky.”

“So she’ll be ok?” Maxwell asked.

“She’ll be bruised up, and very sore for a while, but yes she’ll be ok. As I said, she’s is very, very lucky. I want to get her temperature up, but after that I’d feel comfortable releasing her so long as she has someone to stay with her.”

“Can we see her?” Drake asked.

“You may, though she is sleeping now.”

They were led down the hall to Riley’s room and one by one they filed in. There she was laying in bed, bandage to her head, asleep.

“You should let her rest,” Bastien whispered.

They all sat down quietly, trying not to wake her. After a little while sitting there Maxwell suggested they head out and come see her later. Drake figured even if she did wake up, he didn’t want to talk to her about anything that happened right now, she’d been through enough, so he agreed, and they headed back to the estate, planning to come back in a bit.

Liam sat there in the chair next to her bed, holding her hand in his, lifting it to his lips and kissing the back of it. He felt a small squeeze, and his eyes darted towards hers, as they fluttered open.

“L-Liam?” she whispered.

“Riley…” relief flashing across his face, “god, I’m so glad your ok.” She tried to move to sit up and grimaced in pain. “Don’t try and get up, Riley.” She reached her hand up to the bandage on her head, “you’ve got a nasty bump there,” he told her.

“Fantastic…” she joked.

“How do you feel?”

“Like I’ve been hit by a truck.”

“You’re going to feel that way for a little bit.”

“When can I get out of here…I hate hospitals.”

“They wanted to get your body temperature up first.” Riley rolled her eyes, and Liam chuckled. “Nows not the time to be stubborn,” he said with a grin.

Just then the doctor came in to check on her.

“Ah, Miss Lockwood, it’s good to see you’re awake, how are you feeling?”

“Peachy,” she half grinned, “Sore, but other than that…”

“Good, good.” He checked her over, shining a light in her eyes to check her pupils, and checked her head wound. They checked her temperature and it was back up to normal. “Everything looks good, you’re very lucky.”

“So I can go?” she said with an exaggerated grin.

“As I told his majesty, I’d feel comfortable letting you go so long as someone stays with you.”

“You can come with me to the palace,” Liam said looking at her. “I’ll stay with her, Dr.”

“If it gets me out of this damn bed, I’m game.” Liam chuckled.

“I’ll have the nurse get your discharge papers in order.”

Shortly, she was brought her discharge instructions, belongings, and a pair of scrubs for her to wear since they cut her clothes off. Once the nurse helped her get dressed they wheeled her out to the car and headed back to the palace. Liam helped her to a room and propped pillows up and helped get her situated in bed.

“I called Drake and Maxwell, they’re going to bring you some clothes.”

“Thank you, Liam,” she smiled.

Just then there was a knock on her door, Liam answered it to see Bastien.

“Your Majesty, Lady Riley,” he bowed, “I’m sorry for the intrusion but I wanted to speak with you both.”

“Ok,” they both said in unison.

“I just got the report from your accident…and I was wondering if you remembered what happened?”

Riley sat there, running the events through her mind, “I pulled over on the side of the road because I couldn’t see, the rain was coming down too hard. And then I just remember going forward, hitting my head…”

“So if you were pulled over…someone hit your car?” Liam asked, shock on his face. Then Riley remembered the fuzzy figure of the man standing at the top of the road.

“The man….”

“What man?” Liam asked.

“I remember, when the car got to the bottom, there was a man standing at the the top of the road….and he walked away.” Liam and Bastien looked at each other for a moment. “Are you saying this wasn’t an accident?” Riley asked, concern on her face.

“The report says it appears that your car was hit from the drivers side, at the back, there’s paint from another vehicle where the indentation is.” Bastien explained. Riley just looked at the two men with a vacant expression.

“Bastien, I want you to do your own investigation on this, separate from the police, find whoever that man was, by any means necessary,” Liam growled with a furious tone.

“Yes, Your Majesty,” he bowed and left the room. Liam looked at Riley who wore a worried expression on her face.

“Hey, we’ll figure this out ok? You look tired, you should get some rest.”

“Liam…..will you stay…with me?”

“Of course,” he smiled.

He helped her get settled in bed, and laid next to her, holding her hand in his, he looked over at her and almost instantly she was asleep.

Finding the One: A Royal Mate (TRR Shifter AU) - Chapter 13 (Part 1)

Originally posted by ethrealconsciousness

Book: The Royal Romance

Pairings: King Liam x MC

Words:  4,354

Rating: NSFW: Language and Explicit Sexual Theme.

DISCLAIMERS:  All characters belong to Pixelberry Studios, except for the characters I create for the story line. This story will have NSFW or explicit material in later chapters but I will make sure to give warnings at the beginning.

Notes: This chapter will be posted in two parts.

Summary:  Dinner with the family will be lively, especially with Leo there to keep a younger brother on his toes. Sparks fly? Liam has some shocking news for Si. How will she react? Tables are turned. The morning wake up call by someone who isn’t Maxwell. Regina’s arrest.

Chapter 13 (Part 1): Healing Begin

Liam and Si walk hand in hand to the suite, he stops and hands her a set of keys that are on an apple keychain. Si notices that the apple is a real ruby and the leaf is encrusted with emeralds.

“These are your set of keys, they open, our suite, our studies, our offices, and a safe room. Though I hope you never have to use the latter.” Liam smile fades just a little at the thought of having to use a safe room. “You want to do the honors?”

Si giggles and opens the door to the suite. Liam lifts her up bridal style and carries her over the threshold. Once inside he kicks the door closed with his foot.  He carries her over to the couch and sits down with her on his lap. Si takes in the scene. This suite screams regal, traditional, and old.  Liam can see Si disapproval of the room.

“What’s wrong, I can see by your wrinkled nose you do not like the room.”

“It’s not that I don’t like it, it just doesn’t seem like you.  I don’t know, I guess, I when I imagine something a little more modern or at least brighter colors. All this darkness is just depressing.”

Liam laughs, “Well, you will get to redesign our suite any way that you want to. I trust your judgment.  After we announce our upcoming wedding, you can begin planning the suite.  I just ask that you make enough room for our growing family.”

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April Come She Will

Summary: What if Liam was a commoner, unburdened with propriety and a horde of duties towards an entire country? What if he was born with the freedom he so longed for, and could go for the woman he wanted without a care in the world? If he was free to pursue his passions and desires, what kind of a lover and man he would be?
An Alternate Universe fic set in the USA, where Liam, a commoner, meets and falls for a writer, April. 

Characters: Liam, April Pole (OC), Hana Lee, Maxwell Beaumont, Drake Walker, etc.

Tags: Romance, friendship, fluff, humour, family, drama, hurt, etc. 

A/N: Tumblr wouldn’t let me post this chapter sooner, but I persevered. I think I’ll post the next chapters on ao3 though. Tumblr gives me too much grief when posting fanfics. Anyway, I’d like to thank @kennaxval, @lizzybeth1986, @hopefulmoonobject, @indiacater, @zaffrenotes and @damnitwalker for their interest in the story. Please do let me know hat you think of this chapter. Thank you!

Chapter 1: Belle of the Boulevard 

Chapter 2: Friends 

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To King Liam, a hopeless romantic with a taste for bakalava, a soft heart of gold, and a man who is loyal and just and one who stole all of our hearts with his kindness– even if we had to say no.

To Drake Walker, a man gruff as he is soft, one who loves whiskey almost as much as he loves his friends, one who would take another bullet without a second thought– and one of the best slow burns.

To Hana Lee, a woman of many talents, but perhaps none as great as stealing our hearts with her pure and tender soul, showing that you have time to find your place, your people.

To Maxwell Beaumont, always a jokester in the darkest of times, but somebody who will never leave a friends side, and will do what’s right and just in any situation.

To Olivia Nekarvis, a fiery soul with hair to match, it was slow, but we went from enemies to sisters, even if it took her longer to realize how much the people around her meant to her. Except Drake.

To Bertrand Beaumont, to a man who let us see that we all make mistakes, who only wanted the best for his house, and who learned to let love in, one baby step at a time.

To Kiara, a master of languages with incredible strength and courage to face her fears with impeccable hair.

To Penelope, a woman who showed us that we can all be anxious, and that it’s okay to want help from furry and human friends alike.

To Madeleine, for being such an incredible villain that made us hate her. And a better press secretary than Justin, let’s be real.

To Regina, a Queen Mother with grace and class and always keeping the country and Liam in mind.

To Constantine, for pulling off one hell of a twist on us and sacrificing yourself for your sons.

To Bastien, always watching, loyal (to a fault), and a bodyguard that would do anything for his king. Even if he’s seen better days.

To Mara, you may not have been the best bodyguard and were suspect… but you too, are loyal, even in your faults.

To Anton, honestly, your puns were awful.

To MC, a true legendary woman, one who risked everything to jump on a plane, one who can steal hearts with a blink of her eye, one who loves her fancy hats, one who loves her friends and would do anything for them, one who captives our imagination like no other, one who is silly and serious and romantic and simply hopes for the best even when times are tough– to our Queen.

To TRR, for a series that was a spinoff that turned into something that is fun, serious, sexy, romantic, heartstopping… something we truly, dearly love, so, so much.

To The Royal Romance!