troyler oneshot

Troyler Oneshot: Michigan

word count: 1816 

A/N: so i was in the mood for fluff so i wrote this and sorry i took forever writing it but im really proud of it so ily guys <3 

*Tyler’s POV*

Troye and I walked hand in hand in a snowy park, not too far from my mom’s house. Troye and I were in Michigan for christmas (even though he’s jewish), and had decided to go on a walk on the day of christmas eve.


We strolled in silence. A quiet peace, like we were in a bubble together, snow gently falling around us. Once we neared a frozen pond, I nodded towards a bench, and we sat down, the snow soaking the seat of my jeans. I didn’t mind, though. Troye snuggled into my side and rested his head on my shoulder, and I put an arm around his waist.

“You’re thinking about something.” He said after a moment.

“Yeah, you.” I replied.

“Oh, shut up.” He giggled. “It’s something else, I know it.”

He was right. Troye and I had been dating for 4 years. He’d moved in with me in L.A, and even with our busy lives and our careers picking up, we made it work. I was completely, head over heels, in love with him. I had told him many times. I just hadn’t heard him say it back. Ever. I was sure he felt it, though.


With that assurance, I began to plan something. My proposal. I was going to propose to Troye on christmas eve, in front of all my family. Korey and Connor helped me plan every detail of it, from the ring right down to what to say and when.


I had imagined what would happen, and how it would happen, in my mind, over and over again, every detail. The only part I would leave out was Troye’s response. That part was up to him. My wishful thinking could only do so much.


                                                                    * * *


After a little while of sitting peacefully on that park bench, snuggling together, we decided to go back to my mom’s place, where we were staying. We entered through the front door, stepping over the threshold and stomping our boots on the mat to rid them of snow.

“Hi boys!” I heard my mom call from the kitchen.

“Hey, Jackie!” Troye called back.

After hanging up our coats, I turned on the gas fireplace and put on some christmas music. We sat on the couch and talked quietly.

“I feel so festive.” Troye said. “Sometimes I wish I was christian, I love everything about christmas.”

“Oh really? Because I like a lot of things about hanukkah.” I told him. “What do you like about christmas?”

“The christmas themed candles, the tree, the carols, the music. I love it.” He sighed, leaning into my side and resting his head on my shoulder. I grabbed him around the waist and pulled him closer. He giggled. “Why do you like hanukkah?”

“The fact that you get presents every day for 8 days.” I said. He lightly hit my side.

“Tilly! That’s not only why you like it!” He scolded me.

“Okay, okay, maybe not just that.” I said. “I like… lighting a candle each day, and the food, and… everything about it. Including being with you.”

Troye looked at me for a moment. He grabbed my neck and kissed me, gently. Our lips parted, but I rested my forehead against his.

“I love you.” I told him. I told him I loved him like I had thousands of times before. And just like those other times, he didn’t say it back. Instead, he rubbed small circles into the sides of my neck with his thumbs, and rubbed our noses together. Then he pulled away.

“I’m gonna go take a nap before the service tonight, are you coming with me?” He asked. “I could use someone to cuddle with.”

I smiled, but I felt a pang of hurt in my chest because of his avoidance of the topic of love. “Of course.” I took his hand, and we walked up the stairs together to our bedroom.


                                                                      * * *  


Later that night, after the christmas service at our church, everyone went back to my mom’s house to share stories and have coffee and tea. The living room in my mom’s house is huge, so we managed to fit my entire family in, including parents, siblings, step-siblings, step-parents, cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents. Almost everyone was sitting on sofas, armchairs, and straight backed dining room chairs. Others that had no seat were left standing. Troye and I sat side by side on a loveseat, holding hands. Troye chatted happily with each member of my family, seeming quite at home.


The ring was in my pocket. The box had been rubbing against my leg all night, and it hurt. But I didn’t dare take it out.


No one knew I was going to propose to Troye except Korey and Connor. And they weren’t in Michigan with us. Which meant I was on my own with this.


Connor and Korey had coached me on timing. So I waited for the right time to get everyone’s attention. After about an hour, the conversation quieted for a minute, so I took a deep breath and grabbed the opportunity.

I cleared my throat. “Um, excuse me, everyone…” I said nervously. “I have an announcement to make.” Troye looked confused. I turned to Troye and kept holding his left hand, and put my right hand on his knee.

“What’s going on, Tilly?” He asked me quietly, eyebrows knit together in confusion. He looked around, all my family was staring.

“Troye… We’ve been dating for 4 years now.” I began. His eyes widened. Every proposal speech in every bad romance movie started with a sentence like this. He knew what was happening.

“I remember the first time we ever skyped. For some reason, I was nervous. When your face popped up on my screen, I felt like my heart was going to burst. Then I noticed how nervous you were. You kept looking down and playing with the hem of your shirt, and fiddling with random things around you.”

Troye’s eyes glistened with tears.


“And then after a few months, we met at Playlist Live. I remember how you tried to hug me over the a table after my panel, and I said, ‘Come, embrace!’”

That got a laugh from everyone in the room.

“We exchanged cell phone numbers, and later that night, you texted me, asking if we could get a selfie.” I giggled. “We ended up hanging out for 4 hours.”

Troye nodded, squeezing my hand and grinning.


“A year later, I asked you to be my boyfriend.” I said. “You said yes.”

I remembered how he kissed me afterwards, like he’d been waiting to do that ever since we’d met. Our first kiss.


“And now…” I stated. “I’d like to ask you to do the tremendous honour..” I grabbed the ring box out of my pocket. “Of marrying me.”

Troye didn’t say anything. He simply blinked and stared at me.

“Troye Sivan, will you marry me?” I tried again.


Silence. It seemed to stretch on forever. My family members leaned forward, on the edges of their seats in nervous anticipation.

“I-I’m sorry, Tyler. I need a minute.” Troye mumbled, standing up and walking out of them room. A collection of gasps flew from my relatives.


I just sat there, my mouth slightly open, staring at where he had left. My mom walked over to me and placed a hand on my shoulder.

“I-I need to go talk to him.” I told her, shoving the ring back in my pocket and beginning to stand up.

“Honey, you stay here. I’ll go talk to him.” She said. I looked up at her. I knew she was right, and I nodded. She exited the door in which he had left. Peering around the corner from my spot on the couch, I could see her knock on the bathroom door, assuming that’s where he went. “Troye, hon?” She quietly called to him. I heard him respond equally as quiet, his voice muffled by the door. I saw her open the door and go inside, closing it behind her. I sat back in the couch, my head in my hands. Nothing to do but wait.


After about an hour, they came out of the bathroom. I had tried to eavesdrop, but I couldn’t catch many words. Troye sat beside me on the couch again. I didn’t look at him, and he didn’t look at me. But he reached out and intertwined our fingers together, squeezing my hand, and I squeezed back.


A little while later, Troye and I had relaxed a bit, and were almost back to our normal selves. I noticed he had been staring at one spot on the floor for a few minutes, almost like he zoned out. Then I heard him say something. Quietly, softly, almost that I couldn’t hear it.


“Sorry?” I asked him, turning to face him.

“Yes, Tyler, I want to marry you.” He said louder. My family stopped their conversations abruptly and looked at us. Tears filled my eyes and streamed down my face, mirroring his glistening eyes. I grabbed the sides of his face and kissed him, and he smiled into it. My family, our family, erupted in cheers. I pulled away from him and took the ring box out of my pocket, taking the ring out and sliding it onto his finger. He leaned against me and held out his hand to see, tears still flowing.

“I’m so happy.” He choked out. I grabbed him and hugged him tightly, and he buried his face in my shoulder.


                                                                        * * *   


Later that night, we cuddled in bed, not able to sleep. His body was pressed against mine, his nose buried in my neck. My arms were wrapped around his torso, holding him to me. We weren’t talking. Just being together. I was so happy, he made me so happy. I kissed the top of his head. There was a pause, and then he said three words. The three words I had been waiting 4 years to hear. The three words that made all of my doubts go away.

“I love you.”


I cried for the second time that day. Only this time, the tears wouldn’t stop coming, and I turned him towards me and hugged him hard, and then we were kissing, hands all over each other, sloppy kisses on his mouth, his neck, his collarbones. Before we knew it, ours shirts were off, and I was straddling his waist.

“Wait, Tyler…” He stopped me.

“What is it?” I asked him softly, pulling away.

“Can tonight be about us? No sex, just… romance. Love. Us.” He replied.

“Of course.” I said, smiling. I got off of him and grabbed my shirt.

“But keep your shirt off.” Troye told me quickly. I giggled and snuggled in behind him, wrapping my arms around his waist and kissing the back of his neck.

I may have gotten incredibly bored and written some Troyler fanfic....

I’ve never written fanfic before so I’m sorry that it’s shit…

Troyler finally announce that they’re dating, and they’ve now been together for two and a half years. Tyler is vlogging a day out with Troye…


As Tyler and I walked through the park, I looked around. It was virtually empty, no viewers that could ruin what I was about to do. I reached for Tyler’s hand and dragged him over to sit underneath a tree with me. Tyler got out his camera, once again.

‘HEEEEEEEYYYYYY. So Troye and I are just chilling in the park, having an amazing time. Just because we can. And if this vlog annoys you then I’m sorry but you can fuck off. I spent over a year keeping this little munchkin quiet so now I want to share every single moment with him, with you. Well. Not every moment….’ He winked at me and I rolled my eyes. 'Though seriously, obviously we don’t share everything, so please don’t think that we do. But we just wanted to share a nice chilled day with you!’

'Speaking of sharing’ I piped up. 'I want to do something now and I want Ty to film it. He can choose whether he wants to upload it afterwards.’ I leant forward and kissed his cheek.

'Wait, babe, what are you gonna do?’ Tyler asked me, looking confused.

I smiled. 'I’m going to sing to you. It’s an old time classic of mine, 'We’re My OTP’, with a couuuuuuuple of changes.’ I took a deep breath. 'You ready?’

'Let me just set up the camera.’ Tyler replied.

Come on Tyler! I was nervous enough as it was. Was I really going to do this?

Tyler had balanced his camera on the bench next to us so that it was the perfect height. 'Okay, ready.’ He said.

'Okay.’ I smiled. And then I started singing.

'Valentines day is creeping up on me,
Still staring at you on my computer screen,
Trying to skype you in the middle of the night,
You’re gonna pick up, right?’

Tyler giggled, and I smiled back at him, before continuing.

'Long distance won’t work, the peasant cries,
Shut the fuck up bitch, do you wanna die?
And I’ve told you before, can you hear?
I’ve fallen in love with a youtuber…’

I looked over at Tyler and he was welling up. And so was I.

'Fuck I’m so emotional’ he muttered.

'OTP, we’re my OTP,
Baby you and me, we are so sexy, oh
OTP, we’re my OTP,
Baby you and me, we are so sexy, oh

We worked real hard to keep Troyler quiet,
We tried to say we’re friends but our people didn’t buy it,
Well now we’re public I can say how I feel,
I love you so much and it doesn’t seem real,

I love you always, I love you 5ever,
I love you even more than I love Nutella

(That’s a lot)’

Tyler was now full on crying. I swallowed and blinked back tears before carrying on with the song.

'OTP, we’re my OTP,
Baby you and me, we are so sexy, oh
OTP, we’re my OTP,
Baby you and me, we are so sexy, oh

OTP, we’re my OTP,
Baby you and me, we are so sexy, oh
OTP, we’re my OTP,
Baby you and me, we are so sexy…’

I paused. This is it. I’m really going to do it.

'No, literally the only thing that’s stopping us from getting married is that… Oh wait… There’s no reason.’ I pulled the ring out of my pocket. 'Tyler Oakley, will you marry me?’

'What the fuck are you doing to me Troye Sivan?!’ I’d never seen Tyler cry so much. 'Of course I’ll marry you, you romantic idiot.’ He leant forward and we kissed passionately, before I broke away and said 'we’re still recording…’

Tyler shrugged and said 'I’ll edit it out…’

I nodded, then said 'and we’re in a public place…’

’…oh yeah.’

'Now stop fucking crying and we’ll talk to the camera properly. Oh, and put the fucking ring on’ I laughed.

Black & White

So this fan fiction is based off a little post I saw here on tumblr, so I suggest looking at that first. Click here to see it. 

You see, people always tell stories about what it was like when they’re life turned colorful and bright, whether it began with them just walking down the street or even riding a roller-coaster, it always ended the same way, with you finally finding your soul mate. Your true love. The one you were destined to spend the rest of your life with. And just like everyone, I have one of the same stories, and it went a little like this…

I smile at Tanya and Jim from my spot on the other side of the table from the couple. They were in love and it was obvious everywhere they went, they either had their hands, arms, or lips interlocked with each other and smile upon their faces. They were absolutely adorable and I could not wait until I could share a relationship with someone like that. Until I saw what color my eyes were, rather than the bland grey I saw everywhere. 

“So, what’s it like,” I begin. “Seeing color, I mean, is it weird the first time?”

Tanya looks over at Jim with a small smile before looking at me. “I mean, it was like you had the lights turned off and suddenly out of no where someone just turns them on and everything’s so bright and beautiful and there are so many different shades and colors to everything and then you meet them…,” A smile illuminates Tanya’s face as she locks eyes with Jim. It made me smile, just how hopelessly in love they were. 

“So, what color is my hair, and my eyes?” I ask, leaning my head on hand, with my elbows on the table. My mom would be yelling at me with the phrase ‘Arms off the table Mabel’. 

“Your hair is light brown, almost blonde, and your eyes are like blue-ish green, almost grey,” She explains. I didn’t know what any of this meant, the color 'brown’ was just another shade to me, darker than others, but I could feel my face droop a bit when she said my eyes were almost grey. I mean how dumb is that, I mean if I were to ever meet the love of my life, my eyes would just be the same color they had always been when I looked in the mirror, grey. 

Jim glances at his watch and lets out a gasp. “The party is starting now Tyler, we should probably get going, yeah?" 

I nod, and quickly stood up with Tanya and Jim, paying our bill for dinner at I-Hop, which the Brits were ironically obsessed with whenever they came to Florida for Playlist. 


When had finally made our way back from the restaurant to the hotel close to the convention center and hotel we were staying at, Playlist was hosting one of their legendary parties like they do every year, and I definitely wasn’t missing this one. Mama, loves me a good party. And besides there were tons of new YouTubers here, and it’s always good to meet new people who share the same hobby and job as you. 

When we made our way inside the large room was dark and had a bunch of flashing lights and the bass rumbled through my body and I smiled, reaching for a drink, and taking sips as I find Zoe and Alfie who was standing with another boy, who I had never seen before. I walk up to them and smile. 

"Tyler!” Zoe screamed in happiness, before wrapping her arms around my neck. Alfie patted me on the back. “Hey mate!”

“Oh, Tyler! This is Troye, he’s newer to YouTube, but is definitely worth knowing!” Zoe giggled, introducing Troye and I. I look at him with a large smile, his eyes were wide and glistened the same grey everything did. I could tell he was sort of starstruck. 

“Hi, Troye, I’m Tyler, and don’t look too nervous, I’m just the same-” I began saying, with a slight smile while reaching out to shake his hand. But as soon as I felt his warm finger tips graze my palm, going in for the shake, a flash came crossed my vision and my eyes stung, I shut them quickly and staggered a bit, leaning on someone, who I’m guessing was Alfie. Though when I opened my eyes, the bass was still the same, the music was still on the same song, I was still in the same place, but there was something different. Everything was bright… I let out a gasp and my heart sped up as I looked at the boy, Troye, who I had only just moments met. His eyes, his bright colorful eyes, were wide and looking at me, his lush colorful lips were slightly parted. 

A small smirk brought it’s way to his face as he gripped my hand a bit tighter. “Hi.”

And that my friends is how I met my husband, Troye Sivan Mellet. He was all I could imagine and everything I could’ve wanted, he was walking perfection, knew exactly how to be sexy, and how to be adorable. We had 2 kids now, Beau, who was 8, and Avery, who was 4. 

But, let me just tell you, stories that you rarely seem to hear are the ones where the color fades, where you’re struck back into the place you were years before, when everything you had come to get used to and know, is ripped away. When they are ripped away. And this was mine…

His pink plump lips pressed into mine and he pulled back smiling. “I’m running out to get some groceries, do you need anything besides the usual?”

I shook my head at him, and smile as I hear laughs and footsteps running into the kitchen. “Daddy!” Avery yelled, a smile bright on her face an her bright blonde hair, like mine when I was younger, was in two braids on her side. She was hang on the back of Beau, ruffling up his brown hair, the same shade as Troye’s. 

“Yeah, sweetheart?” I ask, stirring the pot of spaghetti I was making for dinner. 

“Can I have a cookie-e-e-e?” She dragged out in a beg. 

“After dinner, okay?” Troye said, picking her off Beau with a smile and kissing her forehead. “I’ll be back, okay? Be good for daddy!”

As Troye left I listened to the kids watch TV in the living room and the bubbling of the noodles, but I was knocked back with a flash happened, one that seemed painfully familiar, as I fell to the kitchen floor, the spoon that I had been using the stir the noddles clattered on the floor beside me. 

When I opened my eyes, the sight before me made my heart races and my vision blur. 

Everything was bland, everything was grey, and white, and black, and I suddenly wanted to gauge my eyes out with the spoon on the floor beside me, because this could only mean one thing. Tear began to spill over my cheeks and I called Troye over and over only reaching his voicemail until someone picked up. Relief flooded over me only for a moment before a deeper voice, obviously not Troye’s came through the phone. 

“Hello, who is this?” The voice grumbled into my ear. 

My heart dropped. “Where’s Troye?" 

"He’s… He was involved in a very serious car accident, he was flung through the windshield, the paramedics are checking on him right now, it doesn’t look good…”

The words slip out of my mouth in a lazy slur, I had given up. “He’s dead.”

“How do you- oh… you’re his…” The words seemed to waver in and out of the man’s speech. Oh, you’re his.. yeah I was his.. Just like how the children in the other room were his, and how the ring around my finger that matched the one around his cold body was his. 

And now here I am. Sitting in this old house of our, the one we had both signed our names to when we were young and newly weds. The house is much too quiet now-a-days with both Beau and Avery living their life with love and color and children of there own. It was today that would have been the day the color faded from Troye’s world. 

Troyler - One Shot

So I wrote a thing. Was feeling kind of melodramatic. It’s a letter to Troye from Tyler. Hope you enjoy and it’s not too cheesy xx :)

We had been friends from the moment we met. I don’t think I had ever clicked with someone as fast as I connected with you. We just got each other. It had never been a struggle to find something to say, I’d never had to filter my thoughts, you always got my jokes. We could share a mere glance and know what the other was thinking. We were content once we were in each other’s company, just to sit in a room together listening to music and talking or simply messing around on our laptops. You had been my best friend but more. I have a lot of best friends, I’ve always had; I was a social guy. But with you there had always been something else, you had been special. As cliché as it sounds, I truly believe you were my soul mate.

Cause while I had other friends, none of them had ever been able to make me laugh like you could. You had been the only one who against all odds could make me smile when I thought I never would again. You could calm me down with a mere touch. Never once when I was upset did you miss it or believe me when I said that I was fine. You joined in on my weirdness and I’ll never forget how we would dance around the room at night singing stupid songs together. Despite your age you taught me so much about love and life. You inspired me, you made me want to be a better person, you gave me hope that I could be. I’ll never be able to thank you enough for all that.

I remember when I met you. You were shy and nervous, still figuring everything out. I’ll never be unable to remember how you looked at me, with such admiration and respect and later love. I don’t see that look in your eyes anymore, just a glassy emptiness. We travelled the world together. I knew all your secrets and you knew mine. I would have trusted you with my life. I couldn’t see a life without you; that’s why all this hurts so much.

We walk by each other and act like strangers. To be honest I don’t know how it happened, you were there one day and then gone the next. You brought your album out and got cast in a bunch of films. And then all of a sudden, the skype calls got shorter and shorter. All of a sudden there was nothing to say. Your smiles became a little more forced, your thoughts a little more guarded. You stopped calling, there were no more goodnight texts, no links to silly videos you found funny.

We spoke to each other the other day. I ran in to you in the street while I was with a few of your other old friends. We spoke in a friendly manner, like merely acquaintances. It was like meeting a new person. I mean, it was still your face but when I looked in to your eyes I couldn’t recognize you. It was still your voice but the way you talked was… different. And even though I miss you, a chill ran down my spine as you spoke. Because I realized, this is it. It’s over. It’s reached that point. It scared me because it all suddenly felt so real. And I suddenly missed you more now, as you stood right in front of me, than I ever did before because you we gone, my best friend was gone. We had stood talking and I had to pretend like I didn’t know everything about you. But maybe it wasn’t pretending, because I didn’t anymore. You were no longer the sweet boy, with the big dreams and pretty smile.

I wish you knew how I cried for that boy some nights. When the silence became deafening and I was alone in my apartment. How I miss being able to pick up the phone and call you. How you used to sing to me, on nights where I couldn’t sleep. Now instead I only hear your voice from the radio.

I had never been the type of guy, who depended on other people. I never believed that bullshit about needing another person to complete you, like you couldn’t be whole by yourself. But when you left, it truly felt like you took a part of me with you. Losing you felt more like losing myself. On some rare occasions I forget that you’re gone and I’ll hear something funny and go to tell you before remembering you’re not there anymore and each time it’s like getting the wind knocked out of me.

I miss you. I’ve never missed someone so much before. So much it physically hurts. So much that when I think about you I find it hard to breathe and my stomach twists uncomfortably. I can feel the pain everywhere. In my heart that still loves you, in my head that can’t forget you, in my hands that long to hold yours, in my ears that are slowly forgetting the sound of your laugh.

Sometimes I wonder if you ever think about me from time to time. If that isn’t the case, just don’t forget. Promise me you won’t forget, our laughs, our jokes, our smiles, our conversations, our tears, our plans, our experiences, our memories, me. Please don’t forget me.

I don’t sit around moping at home, I still go out with friends, I still make videos, and I still laugh and joke about. But at night time the emptiness sets in and I long for you. Korey has been trying to get me to go out and meet guys and I have. But none of them ever fit quite right. It took me awhile to figure out why but now I realise that it’s because I keep looking for bits of you in them.

Some days when it got practically bad, when your memory haunted my very waking moment. When I missed your stupid texts and your reviews on my videos before I post them or how you always lit up a room when you walked in. When I would find pieces of you in every song I listened to. I willed my myself to forget. I wished I could just erase you so that I could get through a day without thinking about you. I was always thinking about you. Always missing you. And you? I could feel you forgetting me like I used to feel you breathe.

Despite everything I’m not bitter about how all this turned out. You gave me the best and happiest three years of my life and I’ll always be thankful for that. I’m happy for you. I still feel little bursts of pride when I hear your song on the radio or I see you on the television doing some big interview. I’m glad you got everything you ever wanted. I’m just sad that that meant losing my best friend.

And now when people ask me if I knew you, I just smile and tell them “I used to”.

Playlist party

Genre: fluFF
Warnings: none
Rated: pg-13 for troyler being horny for each other for like one sentence.

Psst I’m on mobile to I couldn’t put stuff in italics whoops

It was the last day of playlist live, and as everyone expected, the party was /insane/.
“This is going to be so much fun.” Dan said grinning, grabbing Phil’s hand and guiding him out to socialise with the other youtubers. “You two I swear to /god/!” Dan exclaimed as they passed Tyler and Troye who were grinding against each other. “I do what I want honey!” Tyler yelled back, his face flushed with all the drinks he’s consumed. “C'mon Phil let’s go talk to Zoe and Alfie.” Dan said, spotting them in the crowd talking to Jim and Tanya. “Dan and Phil! What’s up?” Zoe asked when they got over. “Just enjoying the last day of playlist to the fullest.” Phil answered, taking a long pull of his drink. “Yeah, I don’t want it to end!” Dan said. “Hey, I’m going to the toilet, I’ll be right back.” Phil said kissing Dan on the cheek and walking off. “Oh, you guys are so cute!” Tanya gushed, spilling her drink a bit. Dan just grinned.
When Phil returned Louise was there, who immediately stole him away from dance. “You can have him back in a bit!” She shouted to Dan before disappearing into the crowd.
“Louise is obsessed with him. She talks all the time about how he would be a wonderful person to live with,” Zoe told Dan, giggling. “I’d be careful, she might take him one day and never return him.” “Thanks for the heads up. I’m going to talk to Tyler and Troye.” Dan replied, and he too disappeared into the crowd. “Dan the /twink/, hellooooo.” Slurred Tyler who being mostly supported bye Troye. “Where’s Phillip?”
“He’s dancing with Louise.” Dan replied, not even attempting to hide his laugh at Tyler’s state. After a nice chat with the extremely drunk Tyler and a mildly intoxicated Troye they had started acting really horny and decided to start making out in front of him, so Dan decided to go find Phil.
“Phil?” He called through the thinning crowd. “Phhiiillll.”
“He went to the loo awhile ago.” He heard and he whipped his head around to find Louise.
“That’s weird. He keeps having to go. I’m going to go check on him okay? Thanks Louise.” Dan called as he went to see Phil.
Just as he opened the door, thought, he almost ran into a more pale then usual Phil, who did his adorable little yelp.
“Hi you.” Dan said, smiling so his dimples popped out. “Hi.” Phil replied breathlessly, looking him in the eye, but then he quickly covered his mouth, ran back to a cubicle and vomited.

“Phil! Are you okay?” Dan exclaimed worriedly as he rushed to Phil’s aid, who was still retching into the toilet bowl. “Oh, love, it’s okay.” Dan murmured to Phil, slowly rubbing his back.
After Phil was done, Dan helped him rinse his mouth and slipped a protective arm around his waist as they left the bathroom.
“Lets go to the hotel room, okay love?” Dan whispered into Phil’s ear. Phil just nodded.
They were almost at the door when Marcus and Alfie stood in front of them blocking their path. “Whoa you two, the hookups start /after/ the parties over. We have to hang out some more!” Marcus said, eyeing them.
“Sorry guys, Phil got sick, we have to go.” Dan replied with a sorry face.
“Oh. Yeah, no, sorry Phil. We’ll see you tomorrow before we leave. ” Marcus said sheepishly.
“Yeah, feel better.” Alfie said clapping his hand on Phil’s shoulder as he returned to the party.

“Motherfuckers, thinking we were going to have sex.” Dan whispered as they were on their way to the hotel room. “It doesn’t help that you’re really loud.” Phil replied with a smirk.
“Oh, shut it.” Dan said as he blushed, hitting Phil lightly on the arm.
When they finally got to the hotel room the first thing Dan did was get Phil into his pajamas, and then sent to him to the bathroom to brush his teeth. “But I don’t wannaaaaa.” Phil whined. “Phil, doesn’t your mouth taste disgusting? I’m not giving you kisses until you brush.” Dan replied, smirking. Phil just sighed as he disappeared into the bathroom.

While he was in there, Dan fluffed the pillows up extra just like Phil liked it, and put an empty trash can on the floor by Phil’s side of the bed incase he needed to be sick again. Admiring his work, Dan was about to grab their laptops when he heard Phil retching again, and was in the bathroom in a flash, his love getting sick all over again. “Oh love.” Dan repeated, kneeling over by Phil and taking his hand that was leaning lank by his side, rubbing circles into it, waiting for Phil to finish.
When he was done, he stood up and flushed, but then burst into tears.
Dan wrapped his arms around him, right there in the middle of their bathroom. “Lets go snuggle, yeah?” Dan murmured in Phil’s ear, getting a weak “yeah” as a reply. Phil started to walk, but Dan wouldn’t have it as he picked him up bridal style and carried him the short distance to the bed and tucked him in, before slipping in himself.
“I’m sorry, I don’t know why I’m crying.” Phil whispered, laying on his side so he could look at Dan. “It’s okay, I know how much you hate getting sick.” Dan replied rolling over to face Phil, taking his hands in his and kissing them softly. “C'mere.” He said as he pulled Phil in so his head was on Dans chest. “Just don’t get sick on me.”
“No promises.” Phil said with a chuckle, snuggling deeper into Dan’s chest.
It was silent for a moment, until Dan spoke up: “Phil, the time in the bathroom at the party, was that the first time you got sick?” He asked questionably.
“Um…” Phil hesitated. “No.” He finished quietly.
Dan sighed. “Phil, why didn’t you tell me before? We should have

“I saw you talking to Tyler and Troye, I didn’t want to cut your time with them.”

“They were acting like a pair of horny teenagers, it would’ve been fine, love.”


More silence.

“Sorry for not telling you Dan.” Phil whispered.
“It’s okay. You’re safe now.”
Dan replied, squeezing him tighter, never wanting to let go.

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”

Troye sparked up, picking out a fan to answer a question from. I dazed out for a moment, running my eyes down his sleek figure, until I got snapped out of my Trance suddenly, realizing what the fan had just asked. Troye was seemingly prepared to do what the fan requested, and I was all for it. I didn’t exactly know my feelings for Troye, but I knew that we promised this kiss to the fans, and I was willing to do it for them. I flashed my eyes towards Troye who complied to the fans request, smiling widely at me, with reassurance in his eyes. He leaned over slightly whispering in my ear “Okay?” He questioned, his hot breathe running down my cheek. “Okay” I nodded. He pulled back quickly, and began a countdown to what the fandom had been waiting for for ages. “1…” He started “2…” “3…” His voice cracked in audibly from nervousness, slowly leaning in and tracing his hand slowly on my cheek structure. All I could see was his lips, his blue eyes, his perfect face. Everything else was a blur. To say the least, the number 3 made my world stop.