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This blog is a safe place to talk

If any of you ever need someone to talk to, a place to vent, someone to attempt to make you laugh, or anything else.. I am here and it is 100% okay to talk to me. If you want advice about your sexuality, talk about a life problem, need help figuring out what you want for dinner, etc. Send me a message. Anonymously or not. I’ll sit and listen.

Being a phangirl is hard work you know. You really need to train your body to be able to:

Scroll through tumblr for hours

Stay up super late just so you can read phan fiction

Be able to read and/or write smut without puking (I.e the hat fic)

Double tap for long periods of time without fingers falling off

Learn to make edits

Abandon all of your responsibilitys just to watch their videos

Be able to slap a Dan girl