troyler oakley look

Just say hey, just say hi. Because the worst thing that could happen is that they could give you a weird look, or they could ignore you, or they could be rude for a minute and then you never have to deal with them again. But the best thing that could happen, from using hi, is you could fall in love, and they could be your one and only, and they could be your soul mate, and you can get married, and you could have kids, and you could have a future and it could be the one. But like, isn’t that worth the risk?
—  Tyler Oakley
This blog is a safe place to talk

If any of you ever need someone to talk to, a place to vent, someone to attempt to make you laugh, or anything else.. I am here and it is 100% okay to talk to me. If you want advice about your sexuality, talk about a life problem, need help figuring out what you want for dinner, etc. Send me a message. Anonymously or not. I’ll sit and listen.