troyler livestream


You may or may not be like me and live in England where the time tone messes with you watching lifestreams like basically all the time, or that I may or may not have had the worst migranire of my life last night but this amazing person on youtube has already uploaded the entire lifestream! Can  I ‘slay’ that she is aslayzing…  


he sure seems to be enjoying that hummus (x)

I just want to warn you that if you get into a relationship with me, you may as well be getting into a relationship with two gay guys as well for the amount you’ll hear about them


Me and some friends are getting ready to send off a care package to Tyler for the end of Prizeo, I WANT EVERYONE TO REBLOG OR LIKE THIS. I’m going to write down every URL that puts a note on this. If you want me to put a message with your URL, write it when you reblog. THESE ARE GOING IN A LOCKED BOX. This box will gong into the giant box and be sent to Tyler. SO REBLOG/LIKE THIS IF YOU WANT YOUR NAME TO TYLER IN THE GIANT BOX!