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Highlights from last night’s Troye concert in Chicago:

  • He waved at us from backstage before coming on
  • He asked if we were feeling too hot and threw “a little spritz” of water into the audience from his water bottle
  • Said he was nervous and his hands were shaking too much to tie is shoelaces so he sat on the edge of the stage and let someone in the audience tie them
  • Someone threw a hotline bling hat onto the stage and he wore it for the rest of the show
  • This prompted him to tell the stories of one girl throwing her panties onstage and another girl hitting him in the eye with a water bottle
  • Said Chicago was one of his favorite cities in the US along with LA
  • Said he didn’t want the show to end and tried to stall for time by talking about deep dish pizza and the bean, which was met with raucous cheering
  • Tons of floppy dancing
  • Pretended to be done and let us cheer encore for a few minutes before coming back out “I’m a little shit, I lied we have two more songs”
  • Had us sing the chorus of youth with him
  • Was in general as happy, cute and amazing as ever

My dad just walked into my room to see me looking through a post filled with cats in bins with random music running in the background while I read fics on my phone. He looked at me and went “This is the time you should read” and I was like “ read what?” bc usually he tells me to read the news or something but he goes “read anything, you don’t read enough” and I just sort of stared at him for 2 minutes like have you met me? Have you seen me do anything else at all?

Anon Attack: New Info

it has not been confirmed yet that the below information is 100% true but it was discussed with trying-to-help member from tumblr and a kind, 4chan member:


A blog has gone onto Omegle and was talking to a member of 4chan, whom was very helpful, if this is true. The member said that around 10-20 or so people decided to send hate to supernatural accounts around the same time, so people started to believe it was an attack on tumblr and started to cause havoc. Of course, because 4chan has done some things in the past, everyone concluded that it was 4chan, which it apparently was not (this is stated at the bottom of this post). So because of this, it spread like wildfire. So some idiots start to see this and continue it, with the same hate to other blogs so the attack seemed larger when really it was still around 10-20 people and a few more who decided it would be “cool and funny” to join, as they thought it was legit. the member of 4chan who was kind to release this information stated that he also told “attackers” a fake password when they went on omegle themselves and many people used it, so most passwords were probably fake, copied from created passwords by the attention seekers and “attack group”. of course this then went to basically every nook and cranny of tumblr, which had everyone believing this attack was legit, as it seemed many people were involved, but there most likely wasn’t. This information seems fairly reliable and true, but as it has only come from one person, some information may be tweaked or wrong.

As for the suicides, there is enough info from the fandom to believe that members of the spn may have committed suicide.

Although the hate was not as large as originally thought, there are still quite a lot of hate anons and blogs still going around because of this, i would still keep anonymous ask off and stay aware until further notice. xx <3

p.s please correct me on any misread or misunderstood information in this article xx <3

p.p.s i will be changing all updates to new relevant information

so idk if all of you know about the anon hate that has been going around but basically these dickbag assholes are going around and spreading real bad hate to those who aren’t the strongest at the moment or just any blogs in the fandoms. It started with the supernatural fandom and very sadly some beautiful souls may have committed suicide due to these anons.

unfortunately they are/were now attacking most blogs such as:


troyler fandom



doctor who



five nights at freddys

ahs blogs

the wolf among us


big hero 6


disney related blogs

and there may be more as far as i know.

Please take precaution and go to settings and turn of anon so they can’t contact you or if you know someone/blogs who are being attacked please send them love as well as to spread the word to safehouse blogs and friends to send them plenty of love. i am a safehouse blog too, so please if someone starts targeting you you can come to my asks!! also if you want to signal boost that you are too a safehouse blog, send me an ask and i will either post the ask publicly or make a post about it.

UPDATE : a blog who said they were from the “4chan attack group” it anon3609. you really do not want to visit this blog at all. they have posted a fair bit of hate and 1+ gruesome photos/drawings.  


4chan are NOT the attackers. They only have found out about it recently. there may possibly be a “leader” who goes by the name of vince, who also may be fake. this leader may be the one to start sending hate to multiple people and have then triggered others to hate too. this cause a large ripple effect and hate from most likely/hopefully the small group continued to other fandoms. Although different to originally thought, this has still been a terrible time as many people recived horrible hate and may have been a trigger to some. :( stay aware xx <3

I love you all so much!! please stay strong and stay safe at this unfortunate time!! xx <3 :)


please hold them up at the concert after they get handed out to you. we will be holding them up during heaven. follow the twitter accounts in the picture to know the details and plans. if you have any questions you can message me on here or on those 2 twitter accounts.