Mambo No. 5 Youtube Edition

A little bit of Grester in my life
A little bit of Troyler by my side
A little bit of Phan is all I need
A little bit of Mace is what I see
A little bit of Shoey in the sun
A little bit of Flamrie all night long
A little bit of Hartbig here I am
A little bit of you makes me your fan

Can we talk about this ordeal of 'youtubers' publishing books?

This may be the only post I’ll ever write among all my reblogs.

mamrie’s book came out today, and yas, yas to you! Congratulations on being one of very few ‘youtubers’ to actually take the time out of your hectic life to write your OWN book.
The fact that it’s been written by said author (Mamrie Hart) and not ghost written enormously by some highly payed writer in an office that no one will ever hear the name of, is plain great.

mydrunkkitchen too! She took the time out of her life to spend what was most likely over a year (like Mamrie) on a book filled with genuine life advice, amongst amazingly written humorous real life anecdotes.

After only reading passages of Mamrie’s book, and already being able to tell that you will love it and it will practically become your bible, you know it’s good. You just know.

The same can be said for Hannah’s (MDK). Within the first few pages you are hooked because the words that are written are genuinely her.

I could go on also about Grace Helbig’s book, but that would be getting excessive with this rant, and I’m already clogging up your dash’s with my opinion.

It’s amazing that these 3 friends have all individually worked on their own material, and at the end of the day are supporting each other.

But but but but, THERE’S ALWAYS A BUT..
(Because buts are great)

It makes me so angry that this can’t be said for all so called 'youtubers’
There’s books released by certain youtubers that have been ghost written to the extent that a 3 year old monkey may as well have written them, that’s how different the writing is to what the people themselves could have produced.

There’s books that have ripped off and pretty much copied books such as “wreck this journal” Which was originally a quirky and expressive format for a book which can be personalised. To copy this format in my opinion, was completely POINTLESS.

And then there’s that one book which in its first week outsold the number of Harry Potter novels sold in its first week of release. Which, not a few weeks later was revealed to have been pretty much written completely by an underrated, underpaid, undervalued author. Again, ZO boring.

Oh, and “the stripper diaries”, dear, if I wanted to know about that, I’d take a walk down to the local brothel of this world.

My point is, why decide to write a book just because you are offered a however-many-million book deal. Why write for the sake of it? Why near enough photo copy someone’s hard worked creativity?
Why get someone else to write YOUR material for you and then cast it off as your own, just to fill and expand your own brand?

So 'youtubers’ what are you doing?


One of my favorite vines, zombie AU with Joe Sugg 

The monitor beeped steadily. 
Phil’s heart did not.
“Hey, remember that time that we played sims 4?”
Dan tried for a smile. It wasn’t easy when you were trying to focus on not dying.
“That was years ago. Why would you remember that now?”
“It’s just that, that was a carefree time in our lives. We were happy, we were in love.”
Dan eyes softened.
“You know that I’ve never stopped loving you, right? Not once, not ever. Every single second was the next best second for me, you know that? You made this life amazing for me, Phil, remember that.”
The monitor beeped slower.
Phil’s eyes watered.
“Don’t talk like that. Please no.”
Dan took a deep breath. He knew that this was it.
“I love you, Phil Lester. I don’t think that I told you that enough. I should have told you that every second of every day.”
Phil’s voice was shaky.
“You never had to remind me.”
The monitor was ticking time now. 
“Just remember something for me Phil.”
“Yes, Dan?”
“This was the most fun I’ve ever had.”
Dan sighed out, his lungs finally deciding to go to sleep with the rest of him. The monitor finally stopped beeping. It flatlined.
And all you could hear were Phil’s screams.