• What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: Troye Sivan left youtube without any sort of goodbye. Like I know he's growing up and away from that quirky and cute 19-year-old, I still feel we were a part of him and maybe even got him started. Now he's blond and acting all older and I know I should be proud and there for him it's just he kinda just pressed the whole delete button on his past life and I'm not okay with it but I still love him.

anonymous asked:

y r ur sona legs like that?

lmao i have this concept with my other previous sonas where

their body starts cracking and deattaches?? sometimes if they feel negative emotions

so i gave it 2 troye too ;)

600+ babes

this is so amazing to me I might cry there’s so many of you

This is my first follow forever and I follow like over 2,000 of you so I won’t be able to include everyone just a few

italics: da babes (everyone is bae tho)
bold: da mutuals

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friends and shit:

bishibashitroye : Kennedy, the most fabulous potato. You’re so pretty and we’ve been mutuals for a while and we both freaked out after we found out. But you’re like so fun to talk to i just 。(>ω<。)

city-of-disaster: Hannah, I’ve known you for quite a while now and you’re like the prettiest person in all of human existence. You’re so funny and like one of my bestest friends. I know we don’t talk much but that’s ok. We live in the same state so we need to hang out

Digan : I have no idea where you went. I can’t remember your tumblr or your old one. I miss talking to you. You were like the coolest person I’ve ever met. If you see this at all, please don’t hesitate to hmu.

fangirlingfandoms101 : sup fam. You and I have been friends since Kindergarten and we’re still going strong. I annoy the hell out of you but you take it…sometimes. You’re sense of humor is truly dark and funny. You’re a Grade A baked tater and a model all at the same time.

flap-the-flipper : SAHARA BBYS. forgive me for barely even texting you but you are the funniest, and most adorablest giant in the world. And you’re crazy like me so <333

freeholes : Mig, you hate that nickname but I still use it. You’re pretty chill and so funny. I’m literally in the same state as you rn so we should meet up.

hyriu86 : Harrison. There are no words to describe how much you mean to me. You’ve had to deal with my shit for over a year now and I honestly don’t know why you haven’t left yet. I feel like I can trust you with anything. You can be a dick sometimes but I still love you. (p.s. tell your “boyfriend” I said hi)

kickthephandxm : Natalie, da pretty name twin. It was so nice of you to include me in the group. You’re very very pretty and so adorbs. You’re not gonna have trouble finding someone for you i tell you that rn.

koolkorra : Chloe, you’re like the only cosplayer friend I have. You have the prettiest combination of hair color and eye color and you’re very adorbs yourself. Keep doing what you do.

lustful-lester : Cambrie, you chill potato. I fucking forgot what you look like but you must be such a fab tato. You’re like so adorbs and like obsess over the two dorks we love and ily.

minseoksprincess : You’re like so fucking chill and and so much more prettier than me. It hurts to look at you sometimes because your beauty *whispers* shines bright like a diamond

pandalester : Yadira, you’re like a goddess and sometimes you need to just do it

silhouetteddeath : Karis, you may be a butt sometimes and so may all your siblings but you’re like fam to me.

sophiemcanavan : sup soph. we don’t talk much but you’re the coolest person ever. and you’re really pretty

thatgirlnecole : Necole, you can get on my nerves sometimes but I still love you for dat. You and I haven’t been friends for very long but these past months, I’m so much closer to you than I ever thought I would be to anyone.

tokyohowell : we’ve talked like once or twice but I consider you as one of my friends. I still don’t know your name or much about you but i hope to get to know you better one day.

(I’m like really sorry if I forgot some of you)

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