troye's wink

Honestly Troye travels so much I feel like there should be a game show called ‘where the fuck is Troye Sivan now?’ Where they spin a big wheel with lots of places on it.
I’m convinced this is how he chooses where to go and when to go there.

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I love Troye Sivan’s winks

Treat yo self.

There are many ways to treat yourself, some of which make you feel like a princess, while some just make you feel at ease *wink wink to troye sivan fans*. Everyone has different ways to feel happy and different ways to deal with stress, but for most people, having a few hours to themselves make them feel better.

How to treat yourself and take care of your body:

  • Take a lush bath. Light a few candles and play some music while reading a book (I personally recommend fangirl by Rainbow Rowell for these kind of nights/days)
  • Put on a new pair of pjs. Don’t put on the ones that you have been wearing for a few days. Pop on your favorite pair of underwear (it makes all the difference) and you are good to go.
  • Put on a mask. Put your favorite one on, or try a completely different one.
  • Do your skincare routine
  • Watch a few episodes of your favorite tv show, or start a new one.

If you aren’t into that life, you could always:

  • go on adventure with a friend or loved one.
  • colour in.
  • scroll through tumblr.
  • find some new bands or singers.
  • treat yourself to some online shopping.


  • These kind of days are healthy.
  • Drink water!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Get some sleep (some good sleep to)
  • eat healthy
  • Don’t feel guilty for taking this day or few hours off.

Just take care of yourself.