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#TransRightsAreHumanRights .

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: Troye Sivan left youtube without any sort of goodbye. Like I know he's growing up and away from that quirky and cute 19-year-old, I still feel we were a part of him and maybe even got him started. Now he's blond and acting all older and I know I should be proud and there for him it's just he kinda just pressed the whole delete button on his past life and I'm not okay with it but I still love him.
dan’s music references (5/30/17)

1) Dig Down by Muse

- “wholesome” song

- cheesy choir

- could have been amazing if it was less electronic

2) After Laughter by Paramore

- more pop-y

- good lyrics and chords

- catchy 

- “I think it’s a bop!”

3) Eurovision (not technically a song but it’s music!)

- the yodeling was trash

- sweden tried too hard

- belgium’s song (blanche - city lights) was actually good and very fka twigs-esque

4) There for You by Troye Sivan and Martin Garrix

- loves the song!

- catchy 

- martin garrix is really short (dan met him at a Glasgow music festival) 

5) Radiohead

worse to best:

- pablo honey 

- king of limbs

- in rainbows is his favorite

- next favorite is amnesiac b/c he’s “hipster”

6) Self Titled by Harry Styles

- he loved it!

- sign of times and sweet creature are good

- a “dad” album

- heartfelt lyrics

7) Humanz by The Gorillaz

- long

- not as good as the the last albums but “still a blessing”

8) Brendon Urie

- an incredible talent (whether you like his new stuff or not)

- born to be in a musical