troye sivan mellet


So late posting this but there was a meet troyler meet up in London on Sunday and I had the best time ever:) I met my 2 internet best friends finally and down other amazing people:) such a good day! We put tyler’s birth video on Apple TV in the Apple Store as well as his prizeo page up on most of the phones iPads and laptops in there😂 Thankyou tyleroakley and troyesivan for both being awesome because I wouldn’t have 2 of my best friends without you guys❤️

Honestly the Tronnor and Troyler fandom needs to grow the fuck up and get their shit together. If Troye and connor are together yay! If Troye and tyler are together yay! But seriously shut up and let them live. They’re only humans. Not play things we can just get joy out of. Respect their personal lives and stop fighting like five year olds.
Thank you.