troye grows up

When Troye has concerts we all need to go and wear our TRXYE jumpers.

We need to plan to meet up with each other, before and after the concert.

We need to sing our hearts out.

We need to look back at the moment of him announcing TRXYE at VidCon 2014.

We need to look back at the moments of him singing in his room.

Remember the clap to get the audio in sync.

Remember the Kiss Me bloopers.

Remember the toe weaving video.

Remember him announcing his album.

Remembering pre-ordering the album.

and remember this concert for the rest of your life.

because Troye Sivan, is growing up

but we will remember the things that got him to this point in life.

anonymous asked:

speaking of lack of fics, do you happen to have any new suggestions? i'm desperate.

Yes omg

Kiddo - Crush on the neighbor next door AU where Troye grows up seen as a younger “kiddo” to hot teenage Connor. Sooo great.

Best Before - Soulmate AU where you meet your soulmate when the timer on your wrist hits 00:00:00. Troye’s timer hits zero when he meets Connor, but Connor’s timer doesn’t. One of my all time favorites.

All That I Got Should Be Enough (To Make It Work) - AU where Troye is immortal but infatuated with Connor. He keeps trying to run to save Connor from involvement but Connor won’t let him. This one is heart breaking but worth your time.

Blue Neighbourhood - a really good series of one shots inspired by each Blue Neighbourhood song. Some are sooo cute and some are really heart breaking in a satisfying way.