Soooooooo this happened today! @officialtroybaker thank you so much for taking the time out to come to this convention. Getting to meet you was always a dream of mine and now, that dream has come true. Being a fan of Uncharted, and getting to meet another fan as well as a voice behind one of the characters (Sam Drake) was truly wonderful. I hope our paths cross again. From one fan to another (and now you’re a VA), sir, Sic Parvis Magna. ❤️
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this came out just about 2 hours ago. i have been W A I T I N G for WatchMojo to do a Troy Baker top 10 and heRE IT FUCKING IS. it’s 2am on friday morning, i gotta be up in 5 hours but i’m watching and rewatching this over and over and over again because yeah


omg okay this is kinda sorta really awesome


Nearly died!

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The Last of Us “Alternate ending” XD HILARIOUS


Troy Baker reads the Joker monologue from The Killing Joke at the Batman: Arkham Origins panel at NYCC.

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Interview with Troy Baker and me at Gamescom in Germany for  Part 1 of 3.


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Interview with Troy Baker and me at Gamescom in Germany for  Part 2 of 3.


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Interview with Troy Baker and me at Gamescom in Germany for  Part 3 of 3. 


hey so it’s getting near the end of 2014, so to celebrate, i thought i would post a 2014 follow forever! these are some pretty awesome blogs that i love seeing on my dash, so you should take a look!

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If I forgot anyone, I do apologize! This isn’t necessarily in alphabetical order, but it’s more organized than my last one lol. Have a great rest of 2014 (lmao) and I love you all dearly.