Kneel before the Queen! x

You were raised in Brooklyn correct?

I grew up between Brooklyn and Los Angeles. Some of my fondest memories are of hopping in hydrants back in Brooklyn on summer days. I grew up in the time of the crack epidemic and some of the nearby neighbourhoods were scary so I was on lockdown after sundown. Imagination really came in handy. My family still has two homes in Brooklyn and I am still amazed by the change that has happened there.

It must be satisfying to experience this success and to reflect on your journey.

I grew up lower-middle class with very little and now I’m living my dream. How often do people get to do that? I feel so fortunate. Now I’m not a very religious woman but I do believe in energy and I believe in being kind to people. I know there’s an exchange in life that really goes well when people are generous with time and spirit. The principle behind this is love and gratitude. And it has served me well.

You give and receive a lot of love through your social media interactions. What does that communication offer you?

The social media world - Twitter and all - has been a rewarding enhancement of my career. It makes every day better, knowing that I have that degree of support and love. Not only that, I see that they’re getting something out of this character I play. I’ve always wanted to find ways to give back and it feels like it’s really happening.

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