This is a Shoot i did with the fabulous Troy Jensen in 2010

Its funny because I actually ran into him the other day and had no idea who he was when i heard someone calling out my name. He took off his hat and thats when i realized “oh your the guy who took one of my most popular pictures" 

I remember this day because this was one of my first photo shoots with a full team so i was pretty nervous, and there was quite a few models on set in which we were all made up to be different colors of a bouquet. When it was my solo part of the shoot i treated it as a dance and imagined how a flower should relate into the photo. BUT  when it was wardrobe change I went to hurry back to where i got dressed, when one girl whose turn it was next yelled, "dont be a chicken just change there”, as i looked around with all the lights and eyes on me i didn’t want to get a “boo-ing” effect from the ladies who stood waiting their turn.

That was the photo shoot i realized most the crew on every set was either going to be a lady or gay and if they weren’t it was my job not to care. From that point on I became a little less shy around my future co-workers and remember the moment of clapping coming from the beautiful women standing behind me as i changed into this dress.

This photo shoot was also the first time I was captured in film 

To check it out:

Sean… Sean no hop off the bandwagon please 😂 maybe he’s not dead have hope 😂😭😭

MTV Scream season 3

I’ll be honest guys if we only get one more season of MTV scream, I’ll be happy with that…ONLY IF THEY FINALLY EXPLAIN EVERYTHING (ex: who really killed everyone in the original killings, what the HELL the mayor is doing, Troy James, Audrey, ect ect)

What I mean is, while I love this story, I love the cast, I love how different and pure this show is (by pure I mean there doesn’t seem to be any behind the scenes drama, no cruel fans sending death threats to the actors, the creator of the show seems pretty normal, EVERYONE on the show character wise is dirty in one way or another) yet while I love the show, I’d hate to see it tainted like so many other great shows have been.

Also if there was only 3 seasons, it would be like a tribute to the original Scream Trilogy which would be kind of awesome.

Some might not agree with me but that’s okay; while I’d love this show to last longer I feel like this show isn’t MTV’s norm. They seem to love to play (no offense) stupid reality shows over and over again instead of something with real substance which is why scream season 2 was on Monday nights at 11pm 😒

We still need one more season though! They can’t bring up the hype about trust nothing, trust us if they don’t explain why not!!! This season is almost over they have some serious explaining to do!!!! PLEASE GIVE US A SEASON 3!!!!

End rant

Yo, the Scream fandom and even review writers seems to be forgetting a very important fact…Troy James (Brandon’s brother) is still out there…and I dont think Brandon commited the original murders either…i think Troy did.

In like the first or second episode of season 1, Emma’s mother, Maggie, says that she still doesnt believe Brandon did it, but for some reason that was swept under the rug. I think Brandon went home beaten and battered from all the bullying and Troy snapped, and used Brandon’s mask to go on a killing spree. I dont know why he would use Brandon’s mask seeing as it framed his brother as the possible killer (maybe there is some weird love triangle with the James brothers and Maggie and he got jealous), but i think that dead or alive, Brandon is innocent and may or may not come out of the shadows in the Season 3 finale to save the town from his brother.

Plus if my love triangle speculation is true than it would explain why there was a knife left in the note in the tree….Brandon wouldnt threaten the woman he loves or her kid…