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Hiding from the pain (Montgomery De La Cruz/ reader) Part 6

Now this part will be long and have many couples. Hopefully you enjoy it and let me know what to add to this story. 

You guys headed upstairs changed clothes and laid in bed both cuddling. 

It was the next morning. You woke up and alone in bed. You knew Monty would leave before you woke up and you changed. You got ready for school and headed downstairs. You smelled chocolate chip pancakes your favorite and heard something sizzling in the pan. You headed to the kitchen and saw Monty cooking breakfast for you and him. There was freshly made pancakes in the plate, some eggs in another plate, some fruit in another plate, and some toasted bread in another. You looked at everything that Monty prepared. It reminded you of old times. 

Monty: Ohh hey sweetheart I didn’t wanted to wake you up I made some breakfast enjoy!

Monty couldn’t stop smiling while making bacon in the stove. 

You sat down in the kitchen island and got yourself some breakfast and ate. Monty sat next to you and you both just talked about last night and couldn’t stop blushing and smiling. 

Y/n: Ohh it’s 7:30 we have to go, but thank you for the breakfast. 

You gave Monty a kiss. 

Monty: You’re welcome. 

You both headed to the door and to your own cars. You headed to school thinking this could work between Monty and you. You got to school and parked your car. You headed to the cafeteria to look for Sheri and Jessica to tell them what happened last night. 

Y/n: Girls guess what happened last night? 

You gave them both a smirk. 

Jessica: Are you’re parents back? 

Y/n: Yeah, but they are staying in the hospital. My mom has a surgery and has to stay overnight to check on her patient and dad has some patients that aren’t too well and he also has to stay overnight. Why?

You gave Jessica a confused face look. 

Jessica stands up and shouts “Party at Y/n’s house tonight”!!!!! “BOB”!!!

You rolled your eyes and Sheri laughed. 

Sheri: Tell us later at the party. 

Y/n: Yeah, I have to go anyways I need to see Clay and talk to him about Chemistry. Bye girls.

Both Sheri and Jessica said bye and I headed to the library. I saw Clay in a table and headed that way. 

Y/n: Clay, there’s a party in my house tonight. You are invited as always, btw so is Hannah. You should totally ask her to come with you. 

Clay already had the face he makes whenever I bring up Hannah shy face. 

Clay: What if she says no? 

Y/n: She won’t trust me. 

You were good friends with Clay and Hannah and you also knew how much they liked each. You decided to help them in the party for them to get together. 

Clay: Fine I’ll ask her out to the party. 

Y/n: Great now let’s get start on this chemistry work. 

You skipped 1 period you didn’t get to see Monty, but you needed to do your work since it was due tomorrow and since you had a party tonight you had to do the work before the party. You went to your classes and headed to your car. Sheri and Jessica were right behind you and you guys headed to your house to get everything ready for the party. Behind you Zach, Jeff, Justin, and Alex in Zach’s car headed to your house. You guys got out of your car parked in front of your house and got ready for the party. 

You were famous for having your pool party’s. Sure Bryce was famous too, but you had the better playlist and booze to offer. You looked for Zach to talk to him about Sheri. 

You spotted him and headed his way. 

Y/n: Zach I think Sheri needs help. 

Zach with a concern look on his face.

Zach: What? Where is she? 

Y/n: She needs help with a date. You need to ask her out. 

You smirked at Zach. 

Zach looked at you with a defeated face. 

Zach: Did you listen to what I told you in the party? 

Y/n: Yes everything. Go talk to her, She likes you back. I know this since she is my best friend. Don’t worry you’ll do great. 

Zach: Are you sure? I mean I’m a dork in front of her. She makes me so happy when I’m with her. 

You hugged Zach and pushed him to the direction where Sheri was to go talk to her. 

You looked for Monty since you started to get feelings over helping Zach and Sheri. You found Monty and gave him a look to come after you. You saw him get closer and you headed to your stairs and you gave him the look to follow you. Since your room is covered in windows you went inside first and closed them off so no one could see you two. You got Monty and got inside your room and started to kiss him. 

You and Monty weren’t strangers to having sex. He wasn’t your first it was a senior when you were a freshmen. You guys dated, but you broke up it didn’t work between you two. 

You and Monty started making out in your bed. You guys turned and turned while making out. You guys were giggling while making out. You tugged on Monty’s shirt to take it off. You helped him take it off. He started to kiss your neck and you moaned. You were so turned on by his touch. 

Monty: I think we should go public again. 

He was telling you this while he was kissing your neck. 

Y/n: Umm… Monty I don’t think so yet. 

Monty: Why not? 

Y/n: I just think we should stay secretive right now I don’t want people doing rumors. 

Monty stopped kissing you when you said this. He got up and looked for his shirt. 

Monty: Come on! 

Monty opened the door and left. You just looked to your left side where your windows were. You got up and headed downstairs to your kitchen to get a drink. You were standing alone in the kitchen and served yourself a drink. 

Bryce was standing in the entrance of the kitchen looking you up and down in your black bikini. He headed your way. 

Bryce: Hey Y/n. Miss me? 

Y/n: Bryce hi didn’t think you would come. 

Bryce: Why would you think that? 

Bryce breath smelled like alcohol his hands were in your hips and you knew were this would end up. 

Y/n: After everything I did to you yesterday I thought you would be mad at me. 

Bryce: How could I be mad with you? Come on let’s have some fun.

Bryce started to grab you hard. He tried to kiss you and you tried to push him away. You two were alone in the kitchen. You tried to push him away he grabbed your butt and tried to kiss you with his right hand in your head pushing you to his lips while his left hand grabbing your butt. 

Troy walks in and gets Bryce off of you. 

Troy: Bryce go outside you need some fresh air. 

Bryce: You leave this is a party of two. 

Troy: Get out before I kick your butt Walker!

Bryce leaves and Troy and me are in the kitchen staring at the floor. 

Troy: Sorry for that 

Y/n: It’s not your fault Troy it’s Bryce’s if you didn’t come I don’t know what would have happened. Thank you

You gave Troy a smile and you headed out when Troy grabbed your arm. 

Troy: I know this might sound bad to ask since what just happened, but I was actually looking for you to ask you something. 

Troy laughed nervously while talking. 

Y/n: Ok go ahead. What did you need? 

Troy: I was going to ask you if you wanted to go out with me to the Crestmont this Friday. 

I didn’t think about it I just answered. 

Y/n: Sure I’ll see you then. 

You gave Troy a kiss in the cheek and headed to look for Clay and Hannah. 

Clay and Hannah seemed to be doing good and you decided to join them. 

Y/n: Hey guys are you enjoying yourself’s?

You laughed while you saw them hugging each other and giggling. 

Clay: Yes thank you for the advice. 

Y/n: No problem. 

You smiled at them and headed your way to Sheri and Jessica. 

Hannah: Y/n Monty is waiting for you in the library. He told me to tell you. 

Y/n: Ohh ok thanks Hannah. 

You left and headed upstairs to the library. 

* I actually picked Edward Cullen’s room for the library since it not only has many books, but also a couch and the room is covered in windows. 

You opened the door and saw Monty siting down in the couch. You sat next to him and grabbed his hands. 

Monty: I’m sorry I left it’s cause this is so good and I just want to tell everyone about us. I miss you so much and if you want to keep us a secret for now I don’t mind. I just want to be together. 

You had a worried face and Monty had such a happy face. 

Y/n: I know I’m sorry. 

Monty went in for the kiss and you dodge it. 

Y/n: I can’t do this. 

Monty: Why not? 

Y/n: I have a date with Troy. 

Monty’s happy face went to anger. He got up and he slammed the library door behind him. 

You just sat in the couch crying. 

Hopefully you guys like this part. I debating how long Troy and the reader will have their moment. Will see more of Sheri and Zach next part and Clay and Hannah seemed pretty happy in this part. I don’t want Hannah nor Jeff to die in this series. Tell me what you want me to add in the next part.