I have a questuon!!!

OK so my question has nothing to with my blog but more so my personal life. 😂😂
But here’s my question. Some friends and I are going to New York in June for Bookcon. And we’re also staying in New York/ New Jersey for a couple of days nd I was wondering if 1. Any of you we’re going cause that would be cool. 2. If anybody knows any good (decently priced) places to eat in or Near New York, New York or Parsippany-Troy Hills , New Jersey or anywhere in between. 3. If you’ve been to bookcon can you tell me about it. 4. Anything interesting to do.

We we’re thinking about going to the zoo and aquarium in/near central park, shopping (of course), and taking a boat tour to see the statue of liberty. I’ve been to New York before (like 4 years ago) but I don’t rwmeber were we ate. 😂😂😂 if anybody has any advice or some cool places to check out just let me know. :) and I’d love to meet you at bookcon if you’re going to be there! :)

Thanks in advance!


Rick and Morty #1 (Oni Press, April 2015) available with Ten variant covers:

  1. Regular Cover by Ryan Hill
  2. Incentive Cover by Julieta Colas
  3. Incentive Cover by Johnny Ryan
  4. Incentive Cover by Justin Roiland
  5. Emerald City Comic Con variant by Zac Gorman
  6. Blank/Sketch cover by Troy Look
  7. San Diego Comic Con variant by Gabo
  8. Bridge City variant by Ryan Hill
  9. Four Color Grails variant by Andrea Tammes
  10. Books-A-Million variant by CJ Cannon
the signs as youtubbers
  • ARIES: doodle poddle
  • TAURUS: even eggringers
  • GEMINI: hand towel
  • CANCER: cracksick
  • LEO: zozilla
  • VIRGO: pooed i pie
  • LIBRA: shaved door son
  • SCORPIO: charlie is co co
  • SAGITTARIUS: kicktehpg
  • CAPRICORN: tiedye oaktree
  • AQUARIUS: a maze and hill
  • PISCES: troy seavan
Daily Doux: 10 Films Sean Bean Survives

Warning: There be spoilers ahead.

National Treasure

Nic Cage steals the Declaration of Independence and Sean Bean lives to see the end credits. 


Bean plays an airline pilot who not only survives, but also doesn’t turn out to be the bad guy.


As Odysseus, builder of wooden horses, Bean survives the siege of Troy, but has a hell of a time getting home.

Jupiter Ascending

Bean plays a bee in human form (no, seriously) who, against all the odds, doesn’t die. 

Black Beauty

Bean plays the original owner of the famous horse who… sells the horse at the beginning of film and goes on with his life. 

Silent Hill

Come on, this is a horror film, Bean has to die in this, right? Nope, he survives. 

Silent Hill: Revelation 

He even survives the sequel as well. Bean 2. Silent Hill films 0. 

The Martian

Matt Damon may be the one who is constantly fighting for his very survival, but Sean Bean is the one you keep expecting to die. Even during the final montage you expect him to keel over and have a heart attack. He does not. 


Bean plays a merc who just sort of vanishes halfway through the film. But he is alive when we last see him. 

Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief

Bean plays Zeus, king of the gods, and he who cannot keep it in his pants. He survives the movie, but skipped on the sequel.