the signs as youtubbers
  • ARIES: doodle poddle
  • TAURUS: even eggringers
  • GEMINI: hand towel
  • CANCER: cracksick
  • LEO: zozilla
  • VIRGO: pooed i pie
  • LIBRA: shaved door son
  • SCORPIO: charlie is co co
  • SAGITTARIUS: kicktehpg
  • CAPRICORN: tiedye oaktree
  • AQUARIUS: a maze and hill
  • PISCES: troy seavan

Silent Hill Band to Perform at the San Japan Convention in San Antonio

Akira Yamaoka, Troy Baker, Mary Elizabeth McGlynn and Joe Romersa (not in the picture) aka the Silent Hill Band will be performing at the anime convention in San Antonio Texas on July 18-20. San Japan Chairman Dave Henkin states, “We are quite excited to be able to bring out the infamous video game music composer to Texas. Fans of Silent Hill are in for a treat to what will be a once-in-a-lifetime concert in Texas"


Rick and Morty #1 (Oni Press, April 2015) available with Ten variant covers:

  1. Regular Cover by Ryan Hill
  2. Incentive Cover by Julieta Colas
  3. Incentive Cover by Johnny Ryan
  4. Incentive Cover by Justin Roiland
  5. Emerald City Comic Con variant by Zac Gorman
  6. Blank/Sketch cover by Troy Look
  7. San Diego Comic Con variant by Gabo
  8. Bridge City variant by Ryan Hill
  9. Four Color Grails variant by Andrea Tammes
  10. Books-A-Million variant by CJ Cannon