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Keep Your Eyes Peeled - Queens of the Stone Age


I now officially see one of my favourite bands in 2 days time and while most people would just be excited about seeing their favourite band, I’m excited in a lot of different ways. QOTSA may just be an American rock band, but they have managed to bring me into contact with a lot of people I wouldn’t have if it weren’t for our mutual love of the band. I’ve met a huge group of people who are all incredibly supportive and welcoming in everything I do and so for that I am incredibly grateful to QOTSA; not only for the great music, but also for the friends

I posted this a few days ago, but here’s the whole setup. This 330 on the left is the white whale. I played my first one a few years back and it changed me. Everything else just paled in comparison. This guy popped up on @reverbdotcom from @harrysguitarshop two weeks ago and I just couldn’t refrain. I called Harry, got to chat with him a couple times and the guy is just a legend. He took care of me, gave me a deal and got the guitar to me safely and quickly! I can’t recommend this gentleman enough!!! Here’s my rig. All of it. This is my walnut 1967 Gibson ES-330TDC, Dr Z Carmen Ghia and Troy Van Leeuwan Fender Jazzmaster in Oxblood. Oh a bunch of pedals to piss off the purists.

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