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Request; Soo could you do one then where that sassy troy and reader have jealous sex?😏 Like ther aren’t even dating an always fight so this sexual tension IS there and aome day when the clarks arrive Nick is flirting with you ((yeah we just act like he didn’t had a gf that time)) and Troy is fucking pissed and just pushes her against the wall and they have rough sex ? 
Word Count; 2.4k
Warnings; SMUT – Fingering, oral (female on male), unprotected sex (wrap it guys), a bit of fluff
Troy Otto x Reader
A/N; So Troy is a bit of my guilty pleaure, and after todays episode I’m just going to pray that my homicidal baby becomes a good guy. Glad to be back writing guys, I hope you like it! For @xxx-its-like-im-sleepwalking-xxx AND @misskd94, I hope you guys like this xx


You stood by the well, pulling up buckets of water, pouring gallons into tubs to take to the cattle, sweat streaming down your forehead as you wipe it away with the back of your hand lazily. You had been working all day, your back aching from the strain of leaning over. You toss the bucket back into the well as you pick up the last bucket, placing it down on the trolley you had rolled over.

‘Looking good darlin’.’ You hear Troy call from behind you, his heavy boots crunching on the gravel bellow you. You roll your eyes in response, standing up and turning to him.

‘Maybe you should do some work instead of staring at my ass Otto.’ You smirk at him, crossing your arms. His shirt is soaked with sweat, his army shirt unbuttoned to reveal the wife beater he wore bellow, clinging to his abs in the heat. You couldn’t deny that he looked attractive, especially with his long curls clinging to his forehead, his eyes piercing through you.

‘I’m on my break love, thought I’d come get some entertainment.’ He sauntered on over to you, picking up your water bottle from the floor and unscrewing the lid.

‘You mean by riling me up? Wow, what fun.’ You remark sarcastically. He chuckles at you, shaking his head as he gulps down your water.

‘You’re cute when you’re mad.’ He flirts, the remaining water from the bottle over his face and head, tossing it to the side as he spreads the cool liquid across his neck, running his fingers through his hair. You had to admit, he looked unbelievably sexy doing so, but there was no way you could give him the satisfaction.

‘I’ll be even cuter when my fist meets your jaw “darling”’ you imitated, shoving him lightly as you walked away, pushing the water jugs as you went.

He sighed heavily in frustration, watching you walk away, his eyes never leaving you until you disappeared around the corner. It had always been like this, you and him. Constant banter and bickering. You frustrated each other to no end, but at the end of the day, his mind always wandered to you, your smile, your wit, your body. He hated it, but he knew he was deeply attracted to you. He rubbed his neck harshly as he walked back to his station, wishing that you felt the same way.

You stood by the coffee machine that night, dinner being served to the ranch as you gulped down the hot drink. You needed the energy, you were exhausted from the entire day of work. Nick walked towards you, leaning next to you on the bench. You had formed a friendship when he arrived at the ranch, finding a kindred spirit in him.

‘What are you doing all by yourself here?’ he asked, his arm pressing against yours as he leaned in closer to you, waiting for your answer.

‘I’m just exhausted,’ you yawned, leaning your head onto his shoulder and closing your eyes. He rested his temple on the crown of your head.

‘You know,’ he smiled, lifting his head away, causing you to look up at him, ‘you could always come stay with me in the old house? It’s pretty quiet up there,’ he pressed his lips to the shell of your ear, causing you to shiver involuntarily, ‘we could have some fun.’

You chuckled, unsure of how to respond. You were flattered, but Nick was just a friend in your mind. ‘I think I’ll pass, but thanks anyway Nick.’

‘Worth a shot.’ He shrugged, laughing as he planted a friendly kiss to your forehead. He pushed himself off the bench and began walking away towards a table with his sister. Troy, who had been standing, watching on in anger, by marched up to him in a rage.

‘Hey man, what’s up?’ Nick asked, pausing in front of Troy. Before he could even react, Troy’s fist met his face harshly.

You turned around to see Nick on the ground, cupping his cheek in shock.

‘Troy, what the fuck?’ You yelled, bounding over to him in anger, pushing him with the palms of your hand. He didn’t respond, he just turned heel and walked towards his house. You looked down at Nick, helping him up.

‘What the hell was that?’ He asked in confusion.

‘I have no clue, but he’s not just gonna walk away from this.’ You patted your friend on the shoulder, leaving him with Alycia, who had run over during the commotion, before walking off after Troy.

You found him in his room, shirt off, punching furiously at the bag hanging from the ceiling. He was fuming. You would have been afraid of him like this, but you were too angry to care.

‘Troy!’ You screamed at him, marching into the room. ‘Why the hell would you punch Nick? What is wrong with you?!’ He threw one last punch at the bag before halting abruptly, his chest puffing in and out breathlessly as he fisted his hands.

‘He had it coming.’ Was all he could say, before he hit the bag one final time, causing it to fly backwards violently. You jumped at his aggression, which caused him to snap his head towards you. He grabbed the back in his hands, stopping it from swinging back, before letting go and moving towards you, his eyes on the ground.

‘Did he?’ You barked at him, your body shaking angrily. ‘He didn’t do anything.’

‘He flirted with you.’ He whispered, his hands balling once again. You froze at his words, taking a step back.

‘W-what?’ You stammered in confusion. He looked up at you, his eyes staring into yours as he stepped forward.

‘Nobody gets to be that close to you, Y/n. Nobody but me.’ He smirked at you, all his anger flowing out of him as he looked down at you, enjoying your now nervous state.

‘And who says I want you to touch me?’ You choked out, causing his smile to widen. His hand extended out to your arm, caressing your skin as he moved closer, his body pressing against yours.

‘I know you’re lying.’ He breathed, his lips moving down to your neck, lightly fanning across it. ‘Tell me you want this.’

You sighed contently. You did, you knew you did. And the idea of Troy so angry out of jealously over you turned you on immensely. ‘I do.’

He didn’t hesitate to push you back against the nearest wall, his lips attaching to your neck as he began to suck bruises into the nape, his hands gripping at your waist. You moaned at the contact.

‘He doesn’t get to touch you like this.’ He growled between kisses, his hand trailing up to your clothed breast. ‘Only me.’

‘Only you.’ You breathed in response. He pulled away from your neck, breathing heavily at the sight of you, your cheeks flushed, your body trapped below his. He yanked at your shirt, indicating that he wanted the article removed. You didn’t hesitate to pull it over your head, Troy moving his hands to the button of your jeans, unzipping the front and sliding them down your legs.

‘When I’m done with you,’ he began, kissing at your thighs softly, ‘you’ll never want anyone else again.’ You moaned at his words, luring him up to your face. He paused in front of you, hoping to relish the moment. He had always wanted to kiss you, and he wanted the moment to last. You huffed in impatience, leaning in and pressing your lips to his passionately. He groaned as you rubbed your hips into his, your hands clutching his neck as you pulled him closer to you. Kissing Troy was like a fire raging, scolding and fierce.

He took the opportunity to place his hands at your thighs, tapping them to indicate that he wanted you to jump. You obliged, leaping into his arms, never breaking the kiss. He carries you over to his bed before tossing you down onto it. You bounced on the mattress, unhappy with the loss of contact. He stared at you, his hard on aching in his pants. He ripped his shirted over his head and began unbuckling his pants, removing everything except his underwear.

‘Fuck baby,’ he groaned, palming himself over his boxers, ‘look at what you’re doing to me.’ Your mouth went dry at the sight of him touching himself. Something animalistic took over you, your arms reaching up to pull him down onto the bed. You climbed over him, moving down to his boxers, pulling them down his legs. His cock sprung free, the head red and seeping with pre cum. He was well endowed, and all you could think about was what he could do with his cock.

You licked a long stripe up the underside of his member, causing him t swear under his breath, his hands moving to your hair, pulling lightly. You took his head in your mouth and began sucking.

‘Jesus Christ.’ He swore, his back arching in pleasure as you took him further in your mouth, his tip hitting the back of your throat. You began to bob your head up and down, your tongue working under him as he moaned heavily, thrusting up into your mouth. Your speed picked up as you went, turning him into a groaning mess, his chest clenching in bliss.

‘Baby,’ he moans, ‘if you keep going I’m gonna cum.’ you pull away proudly, smiling at your work. Troy uses his hand to pull you forward by the back of your neck, kissing you when you reach his face. He flips the two of you over, properly kicking off his boxers before moving to the clap of your bra. You slip it off your shoulders, tossing it across the room. At the moment of exposure, he attaches his lips to your nipple, flicking his tongue over the nub as his hand sneaks down to your core, pressing lightly on your clit. You gasp at the contact, your back arching. He slips your underwear to the side, rubbing you slowly as he bites your nipple roughly, causing a string of moans to fall from your lips. He pulls away to look you in the eye.

‘You’re mine darling,’ he demands, a two fingers sliding past your entrance, ‘only mine.’ You almost scream in pleasure as he begins to fuck you with his digits, his lips curved into a smirk as he watches you melt into his touch. His pace picks up as you begin to moan louder, your core becoming tighter in preparation for your undoing. You felt on fire, your body shivering below him as he pleasures you.

‘Say it baby,’ he demands, pressing warm kisses to your neck, ‘you’re mine.’ He slips a third finger into you, stretching you out completely.

‘Fuck Troy, always.’ And with those words, he pushed you to your orgasm, rubbing at your clit with his thumb until you unwind below him, your body shaking as your walls clench around his fingers.

He let you calm yourself before removing his digits, placing them in his mouth and sucking them clean. You moaned at the sight, already turned on again.

‘I hope you’re not too tired princess, because I’m not done.’ He climbs on top of you, pulling down your panties as he places gentle kisses to your lips. You hadn’t expected Troy to ever be gentle, but the way he traced his fingers up your body suggested that he cared about you. Heat pooled inside you at the thought that he was submissive only to you.

Troy pumped himself a few times, looking into your eyes for permission to enter you. You nod in response, your hand resting on his shoulder for support as he pushes inside you with a groan. He felt good inside of you, he felt right. His head rested in the crook of your neck as he moaned at the feeling of you around him, before he began thrusting slowly, easing you into his size.

Soon enough you were begging for him to move faster, which he was more than happy to oblige. His lips met yours in a passionate and wet kiss as he thrusts harder into you, the two of you moaning heavily, your orgasms building.

‘I’ve always wanted to fuck you like this darling, I’ve always wanted you.’ He places a kiss to the juncture between your jaw and ear, causing you to whimper at his touch. His fingers begin rubbing circles on your sensitive nub, causing you to scream in pleasure.

‘Troy… I.’ You couldn’t string the words together to warn him, you were in complete bliss.

‘I know baby, let go.’ You didn’t need to hear it twice. Your walls clamped around him as your juices seeped from your body, your body convulsing as your orgasm rippled through you. The sight of you cumming below him pushed Troy to his climax, screaming your name as he filled you to the brim.

You both lay there, panting hysterically as you both came down from your highs. He pulled himself from you, sitting back and wiping his forehead before exiting he room. You sat up in confusion, your body exhausted from your activities. Did he really just leave you?

You sighed in relief when he returned, a wet cloth in his hand. He pressed it gently to your heat, cleaning you up before himself. He leaves to put it away, returning and climbing in the bed beside you, pulling the blanket over your exposed bodies.

You were speechless. He had never shown this much affection for anyone, yet here he was, his arm resting on your waist, holding you closer to him, pressing soft kisses to your shoulder. It was unusual, but it was perfect.

‘You know,’ he mumbles into your skin between kisses, ‘I wasn’t lying when I said I wanted you y/n. I don’t just want your body, I want all of you, with me, always. Would that be so bad?’ He was so vulnerable in the moment, and you felt safe with him.

‘I think I can make that work.’


Fandom: Fear The Walking Dead
Pairing: Troy Otto x Reader (Past Nick Clark x Reader)
Words: 3,161
Rating: NSFW, 18+ Only, Fluff/Smut
Warning: angst, cursing, mention of character death, smut!, AU- where Luciana gets well quicker and the Ranch has parties, lol.
Part: (½) Part 2- Smut!
Request: Anon: Hi! I’m so glad I found another Troy lover! Do you take requests? If you do, could you do something a bit fluffy? Something where reader used to be with Nick but he left and gets with Luciana so she’s pissed. Troy wants her and plans to make her his, maybe something with Crazier by TSwift? Smut optional, but I wouldn’t mind! *winks* Thanks, love your writing!

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I’ll Find You

Pairing: Troy Otto x Reader

Author: @cxddlyash

Words: 3590

Author’s Note: So, this is for my fave @lovefilledtragedy writing competition! I did Troy because it’s her fix right now, plus Daniel is absolutely good looking in Fear the Walking Dead. But uhhh yeah. I hope you guys like this. :) Thanks to ma hoe @mf-despair-queen for proofreading this for me!

No Goodbyes - Dua Lipa

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Mr. Creepster

Prompt – Reader, Alicia, and Madison are captured by Troy’s men and Troy takes an extra liking to you.
Warning – creepiness
Words – 851
Troy Otto x reader

Request - Hi there!! Can you do a Troy imagine where he captured you with Madison and Alicia but he takes an extra liking to you??!!


If Nick hadn’t run off with that girl you probably wouldn’t have been put in this situation. Madison always had to chase after Nick though. It bothered you to no end. You did hope Nick was alright, but Madison needed to stop chasing after him and bringing the rest of you into it. Nick, Travis, Madison, and Alicia were the only people you had. If you didn’t have them you would be alone and you despised being alone. In fact the four of them were the closest thing you had to a family since they took you in after your family was torn apart by the dead. Madison, Alicia, and you had been separated from Travis. You were now in a dull looking room. Being separated from Travis made you very anxious despite being locked in a room with Madison and Alicia.

You were trying to figure a way out of the room. When the door opened it snapped you out of your thoughts and looked over towards the door. You were not expecting to be greeted with “kindness.” A young man walked into the room and despite his good looks you didn’t trust him. “Hi, sorry to keep you. I’m Troy.” He seemed nice enough, but you didn’t think you could trust nice people. You eyed him and then the cups of tea he put on the desk very suspiciously. “Please, please sit.” It threw you off. Why was he being nice especially in a world like this? “Tea? Coffee wasn’t brewed so uh… oh I spoke to my men.” At this point he shut the door which left you on edge. You did not want to be alone, even if you weren’t alone, with this man. “You shouldn’t have been handled to roughly?” You remained silent, quietly observing the situation happening. “So why were we?” You looked over at Alicia as she spoke you’re your gaze landed on the floor. “You came from the border.” This caused you to shake your head and roll your eyes. Why would that matter, you thought. “Border’s dangerous.” Again, you rolled your eyes. “So is the rest of the world,” you whispered. “Folks they want our fuel and we’ve had attacks.” You picked at your fingers, not knowing what to do or say. “Well we weren’t attacking, Troy.” You shook your head as Madison said that. “Well we still have to process you, ma’me. Security protocol.” Did he really just call Madison ma’me?

“Where’s Travis?” You crossed your arms over your chest. You were going to stand your ground regardless of who this Troy person turned out to be. “He’s being processed separately.” As soon as he said that you scoffed which made Madison and Alicia turn their heads to look at you. “What does that mean?” You didn’t know what it meant either. “I need to know where he came from.” You looked at Troy with a confused expression. The rest of the conversation you zoned out. You did catch sight of a notebook which made you genuinely curious. You wanted to know exactly what he had written in it. “It’s going to get cold. The tea.” He smiled a sweetly smile, but there was something about him that felt off to you. You could’ve sworn that smile was directed to you, but it could have been your imagination. There was no way you were going to drink that tea. For all you knew he could have poisoned it.

You slowly inched your way back towards Alicia not because you were scared, but so you could get away from him. You watched him the entire time and as you did this he showed something which confused you. You thought you saw an expression of hurt, but you didn’t know why he would feel hurt. You two didn’t know each other. When he mentioned something about his mother passing and Madison said she was sorry it somehow struck a nerve. Were you supposed to feel sorry for this guy? “I’m not. Was this before or after the world fell apart?” This was the first time you had spoken to this man. “Fiesty! I like it.” He looked very impressed. You rolled your eyes. You were not going to give in to him. You didn’t know him and you weren’t sure what he was capable of. A protective instinct kicked into Madison. “Leave Y/N alone!” Troy raised his eyebrows, clearly intrigued. “Y/N is such a pretty name.” Was that a lame excuse to try to compliment you? You could tell Madison was mad at you by the way she was staring at you. You simply didn’t care.

You’d rather not receive supplies from Troy or his men. You just didn’t trust any of them especially Troy. “I think we can manage on our own just fine.” Yes, you had some sass in you. He looked like he had been taken back by what you said. “You’d make a good addition at the ranch.” He whispered too low for you to hear it. You just wanted to get away from him as soon as possible.

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Please, someone help me!

Dating Troy Otto Would Include


  • You didn’t trust Troy at all to begin with
    • He had to prove himself to you as a trustworthy guy
    • It took a hell of a long time, but he got there by changing his habits and quitting the experiment game
  • He believes wholeheartedly that you deserve better, and can never understand why you chose to be with him
    • You’re the thing he cares about most in the world, and he cannot stand the idea of someone hurting you
  • His hackles go up as soon as anyone comes near you
  • You are his anchor, keeping him calm and sane when his anger flares up
    • When days get really bad, you’ll find him at your door, shaking with rage, his pupils wide
    • He’ll just run into your arms and hold you tight, grounding himself to the only thing he ever truly cared about
  • He punched Coop in the face once when he thought he was flirting with you
    • In reality, he was asking you if you knew who was on patrol next
      • You had to explain to Troy that not everyone is after you, which he 100% cannot grasp since you are the most beautiful thing he has ever seen
  • Troy has two types of kisses
    • One which feels like the world is on fire around you, full of passion and lust, his arms pulling you to him to remove any distance between the two of you as he sets you alight
    • The other is gentle and pure, the softest kiss you could imagine. He strokes your cheek and holds the small of your back as he keeps you close, holding you as if you might slip through his fingers at any moment. It is tender and adoring, sweet and innocent. This is where he shows his vulnerability, displaying just how much he loves you.
  • Troy cooks you breakfast whenever he can
    • He loves waking you up in the morning with a full plate and a coffee on the side, watching your tired eyes light up and a smile pull across your lips which melts his heart.
  • You often visit him on patrol, bringing him coffee or company as he watches the perimeter.
    • This had often turned from innocent visits to heavy make out sessions, however. 
      • Coop has found you two groping like a bunch of teenagers far too many times
  • You and Troy have often discussed leaving the ranch and running away together
    • All that boy wants is to be alone with you, somewhere in the wilderness, protecting you and providing for you
  • Troy can be very soft in bed
    • The first time you made love, you almost couldn’t believe it.
    • He touched you so delicately and tenderly you thought you would explode
    • He loves missionary as if allows him to look you in the eye as he pleases you, being as close as possible to your body
    • He also hella loves eating you out (the way you look from that angle drives him mad)
    • Your pleasure is way more important than his
    • He’ll make love to you like it’s his last night on earth
  • Troy can also fuck you until your brain explodes and you can’t walk the next day
    • Violent and full of passion, Troy will set your skin on fire as he whispers the dirtiest of things in your ear
  • You have a really good friendship with Jake
    • He’s so thankful that Troy has found someone that brings the best out of him
  • When you two start sleeping in the same bed, Troy finds himself unable to fall asleep without you there
    • He can’t sleep at night unless you’re there tucked under his arms, safe and sound
      • He’ll stay awake for hours waiting for you to come to bed
      • The feeling of your tiny frame under his arms relaxes him
  • He loves spooning
    • You both alternate between big and little spoon
    • He loves being the big spoon, wrapping you up in his body, shielding you from the world, pressing you to him tenderly
    • He loves being the little spoon too, being wrapped up in your arms, the comfort of your chest rising and falling behind him, your fingers running up and down his upper arm tenderly
      • He’s usually the little spoon at his most emotional times
      • He feels comforted being surrounded by you in his most vulnerable moments
  • Seeing you wearing his shirts is the sexiest thing in the world for him
    • Walking in on you, wearing only his shirt and your underwear drives him crazy
  • He’s also found himself ridiculously turned on when he taught you to shoot the bigger guns
    • Standing behind you, watching the focus spread across your face as you take your shots, was unbelievably hot
      • He had to end the lesson early just to calm himself down
      • He finds strong and powerful women extremely attractive
  • You teach Troy how to be more accepting of the world
    • He was raised in a racist, sexist, homophobic environment and was never taught any better.
    • You sat down with him and helped him see the world in a better light
      • He becomes the most open person to difference and change after that conversation
      • He also becomes the biggest feminist known to mankind
  • Troy is a pretty private person
    • He doesn’t feel the need to share things with others; he doesn’t think it’s their business
      • When he notices how anxious you get when you’re in the dark, he makes sure to fill you in on everything to make you as comfortable as possible. He hates the idea of you stressing
  • Troy secretly loves the whole classic family lifestyle
    • He’s always wanted the simple family life where he works and provides for his family, and comes home to his beautiful and loving wife.
    • He doesn’t want you to have a care in the world, he’s happy to take care of everything and anything for you
      • But he’d also 100% be here for you going out and having a successful career and doing what you love. He’d happily be a stay at home dad and provide you with the loveliest home he can
  • He’s always wanted two daughters
    • Raising two strong, independent girls is his dream
      • He loves the idea of sitting down to tea parties and playing dress ups for his little girls
        • He also will deny it if any of the guys ask him about it (his dreams are his dreams and not anyone else’s)
  • Troy would disappear for three days mysteriously, scaring the crap out of you, only to return with two wedding rings for you
    • He killed dozens of walkers just to find the right ones for you
    • He loves the idea of marriage and you and him being officially, 100% each other’s
      • It also justifies him beating up guys who look at you the wrong way (in his mind anyway)
Dating Troy Otto Includes...

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Can’t get enough

A Troy Otto smut Imagine

Originally posted by hogwartsagidemeyenkiz

Hey, idk if you write/have written anything about Troy Otto, but could you do a oneshot/imagine where the reader is part of the Clark family and was in the helicopter when it got shot down, then comes back to the ranch with Jake and Alicia and blah idk I’m not good at coming up with ideas I just have major feels for Troy. Dankeschön :D
       -Thanks for the request anon! I hope you like it!

After Troy came back right after a mission beyond the fence of the ranch, Y/N had promised to meet with him in their farmhouse. She didn’t know what it was but Troy intimidated her right from the start in a way which was driving her insane. She knew her aunt Maddy didn’t like him and neither did Nick, hell, she had no idea why she liked him! But she couldn’t get enough of him! When his long fingers stroke over her naked skin…just the thought of it made her shiver!

“I’m glad you’re here”, he gently removed a loose strand of hair from her face and tugged it behind her ear. She knew how sensible he could be. Although he was trying to hide. All Troy needed was somebody to care for him! “How is your eye doing? And your muscles must be so tense too, especially your neck, shoulders and back.” “You don’t have to pity me to death”, he chuckled. “No, really! C’mon take your shirt off!” “What?” “I won’t say it again, Troy.”

He took off his black shirt completely irritated but curious about her intentions, because he doubted she had the same thing in mind, as he did.

Just the view of his naked chest made her mouth go dry and as quick as the sparkle of confidence had arrived it was gone again when she got up and told him to lay down on his stomach. “What are you doing, doll?” “I have no idea”, she muttered to herself before she swung one of her legs over his body and kneeled down on his bed, his torso located between her legs, when she leaned over him and started massaging his back and shoulders.

His muscles tensed under her touch and a soft moan escaped his lips, making her stomach tighten automatically.

It had something really calming and relaxing impact on Y/N to be so close to him. No words needed, just her fingers caressing over his muscles in a steady rhythm, before she wasn’t able to resist the upcoming urge of kissing his soft skin any longer. She leaned a bit further down and placed sweet kisses on his shoulders before she made her way down his spine, making him moan once more.

Y/N nibbled at his earlobe softly before she purred into his ear: “You like that?” “Oh yes”, he answered with a smirk on his lips before he turned around underneath her to face her. A mischievous glint sparkled in his eyes before he grabbed for her neck and kissed her. Gently striking her cheek with one of his hands, his other hand moved to her hips and pressed her tighter against his firm body.

“Troy”, she sighed against his lips and he took the opportunity to remove her shirt as well. His hands caressed over her upper body, sending shivers up and down her spine, until he removed her bra as well. Both of his hands immediately cupped her breasts endearingly, her breath hitching in her throat. Troy knew as well as Y/N every step they were taking from this point on was new to them, but neither of them planned to stop.

She yelped when he suddenly turned them around so he was laying on top of her. “You’re alright?”, he wanted to know and looked at her worried which is why she nodded quickly and involuntarily bit her lower lip, although she felt so vulnerable beneath him.

He placed sloppy, open-mouthed kisses on her shoulders and neck, her breath hitching in her throat. She licked her lips while he tightened his grip around her hips, before one of his hands moved to the button of her jeans. “Ya want me to go on?” She nodded again. “Tell me what you want doll!”, but she interrupted him smiling: “Just shut up, Troy.”

Where was she getting herself into? But how was she supposed to say ‘no’ to these blue, wide and lustful eyes of his?

She released a breathy moan when his tongue gently touched hers. Every single one of her senses was captured by Troy Otto. She tasted his tongue fondling hers, felt his big hands caressing over her body, smelled his aftershave mixed with his personal scent, saw his beautiful blue eyes and heard his soft moans.

He opened her jeans and interrupted their kiss so he was able to remove them completely. He pressed his groin against her clothed core and her hips automatically bucked in response ere a sudden heat rushed through her body when his kisses traveled further down and his hands moved slowly up her thighs. He hooked two of his fingers in the waistband of her panties and slowly pulled them down. Oh God!

She was waiting for him to come back up again but he didn’t, instead of that he buried his head between her legs and before she had even fully realized what he was about to do she cried out in pleasure. His breath was hot against her and his gently touches were driving her crazy. Y/N was hiding her face with one of her hands while the other one was desperately looking for something to hold onto while her spine bent uncontrollably and was trying to get closer to him. Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my God.

The entire time she had been biting her lip but when she finally came his name slipped out of her mouth like a psalm.

Her eyes closed and slowly getting of her high she hadn’t even realized that he had used the time to get rid of his clothes, until he kissed her forehead and she opened her eyes again, her gaze slightly blurry.

“Are you alright?”, he wanted to know as he adjusted himself between her legs. She nodded out of breath. “Do you need a break, darling, because-”, she quickly shook her head and buried her face in the crook of his neck when he slowly pushed into her. A shudder went through her entire body and her nails dug into his shoulder blades.

The brown-haired moved his hips slowly in a steady, powerful rhythm, releasing a growl at the moment he hit her sweet spot for the first time. Her breath was nothing but an irregular sequence of wheezes whilst pleasure was building up inside of her again, his name slipping of her lips every now and then.

He sealed their lips for a last sloppy kiss when she had her second orgasm that night and he found his release shortly after her.

After he had moved at a steady pace while they have been riding out their high, he pulled himself out of her and laid down next to her.

Y/N immediately wrapped her arms around his neck and pressed their sweaty bodies together, her head resting on his quickly moving chest and the sound of his beating heart in her ear. “That was amazing”, he muttered against her hairline and kissed it softly: “We really have to do that more often, doll.”

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Could you do a Troy/Reader where reader is afraid of Troy because she was almost killed with Luci Nick and Travis and tries to avoid and Troy doesn't like that you're afraid of him so he keeps following you around trying to get you to like him?

Word Count: 1013

Warnings: N/A

Characters: Troy Otto; Madison Clark; reader (Y/N).

It had been about a week since you’d arrived at the ranch. You had been in the helicopter when it crashed and Travis had been killed, and you’d taken it pretty hard. You were one of Madison’s students but since you now didn’t have a family of your own, the Clarks had become your family.

Madison seemed pretty comfortable in this new place, though you were anything but. Maybe it was the fact that Travis wasn’t there, or maybe it was Troy. Something about the guy put you on edge. You were with Nick, Travis and Luciana when the so called ‘experiments’ were taking place, and although Troy technically saved you by shooting down walkers when you were running to the helicopter, you still didn’t trust him - he was a loose cannon.

You could see what Madison was trying to do - she was trying to take advantage of Troy’s mummy issues, but you still didn’t like the situation. Troy had tried to win your approval on numerous occasions - opening doors, offering you the last coffee - that sort of mumbo jumbo, but you still only saw him as the guy who tried to kill your family in the name of science.

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Emotions. [Troy Otto Imagine]

Request: can you do a troy otto imagine where the reader is desperate to feel normal human emotions again, shes feeling like nothing but an empty shell so they kiss, that kiss leads to their night (not smut) XX

Warnings: indication of intimacy, mention of self harm.

You sat on your bed, sharpening your knife. It was probably as sharp as it can be considering you’ve been doing this for hours. You could never imagine you’d go from being an innocent girl who had good grades & her life planned out, to a broken girl who was trying her best to care for her life. Shit happens. You press the knife to your wrist, seeing how sharp is was. There was a short knock on your door, it opening before you could answer. There stood Troy, looking at what you were doing. He was taken back a bit, since you always put on the image of you being strong. Trying, to be strong. “Horizontal if you want to make an impact,” he said, leaning against the wall. You wanted to tell him that’s not what you were doing, even ask him why he would tell you that, but you wanted even more to ignore him. So that’s what you did, and let the room be quiet. “Out of all the people here, you’re the last person I’d expect to be self harming,” Troy spoke, crossing his arms. You shake your head, “I’m not.” Troy laughed at your response, “Sure doesn’t look like it.” “Yea well looks can be deceiving,” you didn’t even notice how hard you were sharpening your knife. Though you kept your eyes on the ground, you knew Troy had a smirk on his face. “Is there something you want to talk about?” he asks, almost as if he actually cared. “Troy, when you kill people you feel an emotion, sure you may seem sadistic, but that’s not the point,” you look at him, “I feel nothing,” “That’s not true, I noticed the pain on your face when you held your gun against my head,” he says, getting closer. He was talking about what you did when you saw him with his knife against Madison’s neck. He was right. Even if you had to, it felt impossible to shoot him. You remember that moment like it was happening now, how bad your hand was shaking and how bad you wanted to cry. “You’re too busy focusing on how you can’t feel your emotions instead of trying to feel them.” you stare at him, he stared at you. Wow, he was right, and you hated that. You throw your knife down and walk out of the room. Before you reached the door, Troy pulled you back. “Leave me alone!” you yelled, escaping his grip. You once again go to the door and attempt to leave. He grabbed you again and gently pinned you to the wall. You accepted the fact he wasn’t gonna let you go. “Please,” you sigh, “make me feel something,” Troy was taken back, his eyebrows slightly raised. He placed his lips on yours, giving you a passionate kiss. He was kissing you like you both were a couple who reunited after years, and you loved it. You kept a mute crush on him since you’ve met him. He was kind, he treated you like how a girl should be treated. He may put on this image of being a badass & an asshole, but you believed he had a good heart. You both pulled away for air, examining each others faces. “Did that help?” he asked as his hands travel slowly down your body. “Because if it didn’t,” he says in a low tone, “I can do a lot more.“ “Is that true, Troy Otto?” you ask with a smirk. He rubs his hand on the side of your thigh, “I’d never lie to you, princess.”

Working on the second part of Sway, and the second part of Limerence tonight, most of which is from Troy’s POV. I’m exciteddd. I’ve just been craving some Troy feels, okay?

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Also, not going to lie, some Roman Godfrey ideas are creeping upon me. Any Godfrey Girls out there? I’m feeling disconnected from you guys!

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There’s also this Vikings work in my drafts I’m playing with again. Because…Ragnarsson’s, of course. Those boys drive me crazy.

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…send help.

Imagine Troy falling for you;

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“The world is chaotic, and people don’t deserve for it to get better. But around you… everything doesn’t seem to crazy. I feel like the man everyone wanted me to be. You make me feel good in a world full of bad y/n. And I’ll do anything to keep you safe, I won’t let the world corrupt you. I’m going to love you, and love you, and love you, and love you until the world burns and the corpses take everything, and no one will ever hurt you. I’ll kill them all before they can ever try.”

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can I request something? something like the reader is kinda the only person troy cares about and she's been missing for a while (since before madison came to the ranch) and then finally shows up at the gates xxx

I loved this request, writing it was a lot of fun. Hope you like it too. :)

Fandom: Fear The Walking Dead

Words: 1.1k

Pairing: Troy Otto x reader

Warnings: None


The snake tasted bland, and tough, and sinewy, and just generally disgusting. You relished every bite of it. It didn’t take long for your stomach to cramp, not being used to having that much food anymore. When you finished your meal, you laid down on your side in a fetal position, waiting out the pain and resting your eyes. The sun was burning your skin, but you didn’t care; it had been burnt every single day and was already peeling off in more places than not.

It had only started out as a simple recon mission. Some of the groups that left Broke Jaw Ranch regularly to get oil or to check on the outpost had reported suspicious behavior, a general uneasy feeling that something was going on. So eventually, two groups had been assembled to check outside of the usual terrain in each direction to see if they would be able to find anything. Troy had led one group, and Phil McCarthy had led the other. You had volunteered with the hope of being with Troy, but Jeremiah put you in McCarthy’s group. You hadn’t objected because it was only supposed to be three days.

And now it had been three weeks. At least, you assumed, you couldn’t say for sure because the dehydration was messing with your perception. A person can go three weeks without food, and five days without water, you kept telling yourself.

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A Jealous Boy

Pairing: Troy Otto x Reader

Author: @ftwd-nicky

Words: 1783

Author’s Note: Hi guys! It’s been a while I know. I just have been through so much shit the past month. BUT I’M BACK, BABY. I have this Troy fic here that was a request and I hope you guys like it. I hope it’s not complete shit, so enjoy! :) xox

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I shoved my left hand into my pocket, walking around the fence line of the ranch as I admired the sunrise, shivering slightly as the cool breeze brushes my skin. I pulled Troy’s coat tighter around my body, thinking about everything that’s happened so far. Two months since the world has gone to shit, and I would most likely be dead if it wasn’t for him. Troy Otto. My best friend in the new world. I remember the day he saved my life like it was yesterday…

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Word Count: 847
Warnings: Swearing
Characters: Nick Clark; Troy Otto; reader (Y/N); Jake Otto (mentioned only).


“Y/N, he’s a nut job-”

“He’s not that bad, Nick.” You sighed at your brother. You loved him but he always did this. It was the same with your first boyfriend when you were 15. You could just hear him now. ‘He’s no good for you’, ‘you can do so much better’.

“As your big brother it’s my job to protect you from these assholes.”

“Okay, firstly, you’re older than me by like, 10 minutes. Second, Troy is not an asshole.”

Nick raised an eyebrow at you with that smug 'I know better’ look. You were currently out on some sort of boar hunt and you’d been mid-conversation with Troy when Nick pulled you aside to lecture you.

“You can’t see him anymore.”

“Its not like I’m his girlfriend or anything, we’re just friends. You need to calm down.”

From a few metres ahead of you, Troy was listening to the entire conversation, and couldn’t help but clench his hands on his gun at the word 'friends’.

You shook free of Nick’s hold and jogged to catch up to Troy, ignoring your twins obnoxious sniggering.

“Hey,” you slowed to match Troy’s pace and noticed his clenched jaw and muffled response. You furrowed your eyebrows at his dismissive reply.

“Everything ok?”

“Fantastic.” You frowned and decided to give Troy some space, but still worried if you’d done something wrong.

*Troy’s P.O.V*

“Leave my sister alone.” Nick had me on the ground with a gun pointed at my head.

“She’s old enough to make her own decisions-”

“And I’m supposed to stop her from making the wrong ones. I know guys like you and I’ve seen plenty of them trying to get with my sister.” Nick pressed the gun firmly against my forehead.

“You honestly think that’s what’s going on here? You heard her yourself - we’re just friends.” Unfortunately.

“And you honestly think I’m gonna fall for that shit? Leave her alone. She’s not interested.”

“If she’s not interested then how come she kissed me?” Nick froze at my words. Y/N never actually did that, I was the one who initiated it, but Nick didn’t need to know that.

A few seconds later Nick shot the ground next to my head.

*normal P.O.V*

After your encounter with grumpy Troy you decided to walk ahead of the group by yourself when you heard a gunshot.

You froze and flipped around with your hand on your gun and saw Nick and Troy were nowhere to be seen.

“Nick? Troy?” You started running to where you’d heard the gunshot from but it was hard - in the forest you couldn’t actually tell exactly where it came from.

The crazy laughter of your brother caught your attention.

“Nick!” You called out for him but he didn’t respond - he mightn’t have heard you over his obnoxious laughing fit.

You ran out into a clearing and slowed to a stop when you saw Nick ripping out papers from a notebook.

“I guess we can be friends now.” Troy chuckled.

“What the hell happened? I heard a gun shot-”

“Nah, it was nothing. Thought I saw something.” Nick shrugged.

Troy began gathering the torn out pages from his notebook.

You eyed your brother suspiciously and began helping Troy with the papers when you found one with your name on it. You didn’t get a chance to fully read it before it was snatched hastily from your hands but you could’ve sworn you saw the words “stunning” and “beautiful” written down. That couldn’t have been about you, right? It was probably about your sister. Sure, Troy kissed you that one time, but it was brief and, for all you know, meaningless.

“That’s uh - that’s nothing.” Troy muttered.

Nick scoffed.

You looked at your brother with an eyebrow raised but he just shrugged and disappeared in the foliage to return to the group.

“Why’re you mad at me?” Troy paused and looked up at you.

“I’m not mad at you.” He looked back at the ground and grabbed another piece of paper.

“Then why won’t you talk to me?”

Troy remained silent.

“Troy. Please talk to me - at least look at me. Did I do something?”

Troy stood and approached you, scanning your face for a moment before walking off again.

“Was it something Nick said?” You grabbed Troy’s arm in the hopes that he’d stop pushing you away.

“He just…he told me about you and Jake.”

“What about me and Jake?” You crossed your arms. Now you knew your brother had definitely said something.

Troy looked at you and shrugged.

“I don’t know what Nick said to you but I’ve only spoken to Jake a few times - I don’t even know him.”


Without thinking, you stood on your toes and gently pressed your lips to Troy’s. It surprised him as much as it surprised you, but that didn’t stop him from kissing you back.

“H-Hey, Y/N! What’re you doing? Stop cheating on Jake!” You pulled away from Troy and looked over his shoulder to glare at Nick.

“Oh shut up, liar.”

Scary. [Troy Otto Imagine]

Prompt: You go hunting with Troy & your brother Nick, as you and Troy grow closer, Nick gets protective.

Warnings: very little cursing.

You had gone hunting with a group of boys, that included your brother, Nick, and someone you had mixed feelings about, Troy. You heard Madison mention something about Troy’s past, and how it, well, wasn’t great. You understood him, and you wanted to feel bad for him. Sure, he could be an asshole, but he can’t help that he picked up on bad behaviors. He invited you to go hunting along with your brother, you decided why not. You casually play with your butterfly knife, watching your surroundings. You noticed Troy, not far behind you, watching your every move. You bit your lip and look forward again, why was he looking at you like that? Was he having negative or positive thoughts? You couldn’t tell. It was very quiet, somehow you got stuck with Nick & Troy out of everyone you had gone with. “Where’d you learn those tricks?” Troy asked, making you slightly jump. He was literally just behind you, and now he’s at your hip. “Gosh Troy, you scared me,” you sighed, looking him in the eye. His expression was blank, before his lips curved into a smirk. You’ve noticed it before, but wow was he attractive. “Are you scared of me, Y/n?” he asked, tilting his head slightly. Troy can be very intimidating. “No, I’m not scared of you, are you scared of me?” you ask back. He licked his lips before laughing, though he was making fun of your question, you smiled because he looked happy. “Ah, that’s one funny question!” he says as he continues to laugh. “Funny? How so?” you raise your eyebrows, before finally taking your eyes off of him and noticing Nick was gone. He must have got fed up with you & Troy’s interactions. “Well, it’s hard to be scared of you when you look this cute,” Troy’s words made you blush, and your feelings for him began to grow. Kind words coming from Troy was something rare. “Actually Troy, I can be very scary,” you snickered, he was now giving his full attention to you, “Show me.” Both of you stop walking, and Troy put his hand on your chin, making you look at him. This was the closest you’ve ever been, and even after all the things your family has said about him, even after the things you’ve saw him do, you felt so comfortable. You were going to kiss him, or at least that’s what you thought since you were so close. Before anything could happen, Troy was tackled by, of course, your brother. Taken by surprise, you ask your brother what he’s doing. “I won’t let him hurt you,” Nick says, giving you a glare. You shake your head, he has it all wrong. “Nick, get off of him right now!” you yell, trying to pry him off. That wasn’t working. “I wonder how long it’ll take you to turn,” Nick gives Troy a death glare. “Nick!” you scream, he was ignoring you. You needed to stop him before anything happened to Troy. You breathe in and out, before placing your knife on your brother’s neck, “I said get off.” Nick gulped and slowly moved away. The way Nick looked at you made you feel bad, it just hit you that you held a knife to your brother’s skin. “Nick–” you begin to apologize but he ran back to the trail. It was now silent, Troy still on the ground, staring at you amazed. “You’re right,” Troy smirked, “you can be very scary.”

On a High

Request; Hi I was wondering if you could write a Troy Otto smut based off when he and nick are high? Maybe the reader was the one who gives them the ‘goods’? If you’re not comfortable writing this, that’s totally fine. Thanks! 
Word Count; 2.5K
Troy Otto x Reader
Warnings; just plain troy filth
A/N; I finally got around to this one, yay! I hope you guys like it! (Ps I’m starting a forever tag so if you want to be on the please let me know!) I’ll have some more teen wolf stuff come out soon guys, all my requests have just been FTWD lately. 


You were in no way unfamiliar with the inner workings of the outpost. Specifically, the slaughter yard, now functioning as a drug den. You were there every night as your father served up the “goods” to keen buyers. The trades kept you both safe, so you never worried too much about the dangers of some of the drugs. Some were mere placebos, which unknowing buyers always seemed to enjoy. You would laugh every time your father served them, far in your corner of the room, curled up on a couch away from the twitching addicts. Others were the usual drugs; cocaine, marijuana, fairly easy to come by. The rarer stuff was what scared you a bit, the odd glands, and the substances that had been toyed with for an extra kick. You sometimes tested the safer drugs, but you knew in your gut that he heavier stuff was not for you.

Tonight seemed no different as you sat in your corner, eyeing off a man mumbling to himself 10 feet away from you. You almost hadn’t noticed the two drunk boys stumble in through the door. One walking with a cocky swagger as he approached your father at the counter, the other hanging back cautiously, obviously uncomfortable. You couldn’t help but stare at him.

He was ruggedly handsome, the scruff on his face hiding a glass cutting jaw, his eyes a sparkling blue, the whites slightly red due to his half intoxicated state. He was the most beautiful man you had seen in a long time, and a refreshing change from the old, hairy men you had been used to here.

You could not hear what they were asking your father, but as soon as he reached for the glands you felt a heavy sense of concern flood your stomach. The first one ate his almost too eagerly, and you wondered if perhaps he was a little too familiar with the oddity. The other was reluctant, but under pressure, he swallowed his quickly, his face scrunching up at the flavour.

You knew that those glands were dangerous, you had seen bad things happen to people on them. Tugging at the back of your brain was a desire to follow the boys as they left, wanting to ensure their safety, particularly the one you had admired. You climbed from your spot as your father called out to you, asking you to be careful as you left the den. You waved a goodbye in response before climbing the stairs after the two gentlemen.

You hung back curiously throughout the night, watching them on their endeavours, eyeing out for dangers as they walked carelessly throughout the crowds, stumbling aimlessly. It wasn’t until you got caught behind a group of rowdy men that you lost them. With a huff, you turned around, walking back to your quarters in disappointment.

There was something about that boy that filled you with intrigue. You wanted to see him again, to talk to him, but seemingly, he slipped away. With a sigh, you turned the corner to your hallway, bumping into a solid figure. Before you could fall to the floor, two strong arms wrapped around your waist, pulling you back to your feet.

‘I’m so sorry.’ He spoke, the figures voice rough, yet somehow tender. Your eyes flickered up to discover the face of none other than your mystery man.

‘It’s alright,’ you smiled, pulling away softly as his arms loosened around your body, ‘I’m sure it was my fault.’ In stepping back, you were able to fully see the man in front of you, slightly coated in blood. He noticed the look of anxiety spread on your face as you looked down to see your own clothes now stained.

‘It’s just walker blood.’ He promised, putting his hands up in surrender with a smirk on his face. You hadn’t notice that your face was strained until you let go with a sigh and a laugh.

‘I guess we should clean up then.’ You laughed, gesturing to your own clothes. ‘Don’t want anyone else getting the wrong idea….’ You realised that you had not yet learnt his name, quirking an eyebrow at him to hint so.

‘Troy.’ He replied, extending his hand shakily, he obviously was still on his high. You took it with a grin, enjoying the warmth of his skin, his calloused fingers brushing against yours as he pulled away.

‘Troy.’ You smiled, the name was fitting. ‘I’m y/n. We can clean up in my room.’

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