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i have a lizard who is also a wizard called lizzy

does lizzy know that i love her???? this is very important
garabi fact in return: her name came from 100% me trying to make “Gabriella” sound more fantasy, because garabi’s origin story is like Troy Bolton except no one accepted her side hobby of music so she ran away

Troy Bolton your performance was
…. not ballin’ … but in the lipsync challenge you really proved you can ..bop to the top
. Shantay, you stay

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Thank you. <3


  • The first character I ever fell in love with: Ryan Evans. It was basically love at first sight. 
  • A character that I used to love/like, but now do not: Gabriella Montez. At the age of thirteen, I latched right onto her, being a shy, bookish nerd, myself. It wasn’t until I was a little older that the rose-tinted lenses fell out and I started seeing past her wholesome, supposedly “kind and compassionate” veneer. 
  • A ship that I used to love/like, but now do not: Troy Bolton/Gabriella Montez. I remember actually crying when they broke up, the first time I watched High School Musical 2. It’s crazy to reflect on that, in light of the opinion I currently have about their train wreck of a relationship.
  • My ultimate favorite character™: Ryan Evans, forever and always. 
  • Prettiest character: Troy “Bluest Eyes In The Universe” Bolton. 
  • My most hated character: Gabriella Montez. 
  • My OTP: Troy Bolton/Ryan Evans; the healthiest relationship in the series, founded on mutual support, respect, and admiration. (And, the fandom completely ignores it… )
  • My NOTP: Ryan Evans/Members of the Opposite Sex (he’s canonically gay), Troy Bolton/Gabriella Montez, Troy Bolton/Sharpay Evans, and Ryan Evans/Chad Danforth are basically in a four-way tie for this dubious honor. 
  • Favorite episode movie: High School Musical 2
  • Saddest death: The death of Troy’s self-esteem, character arc, and, finally, the metaphorical death of his character, itself. 
  • Favorite season: N/A
  • Least favorite season: N/A
  • Character that everyone else in the fandom loves, but I hate: Gabriella Montez.
  • My ‘you’re piece of trash, but you’re still a fave’ fave: …Jack Bolton, maybe? This isn’t really applicable to this series. 
  • My ‘beautiful cinnamon roll who deserves better than this’ fave: Troy Bolton. A character this likable, realistic, and relatable deserved infinitely better than having his self-esteem gradually, painfully eroded over the course of a school year and a half, being forced by his girlfriend, supposed friends, and occasionally, his father, to cram himself into a box that someone else set out for him, and following said girlfriend, who couldn’t be arsed to do one single thing to make Troy happy and even dumped him over the phone two days before his senior prom, to college. 
  • My ‘this ship is wrong, nasty, and makes me want to cleanse my soul, but I still love it’ ship: Chad Danforth/Gabriella Montez. 
  • My ‘they’re kind of cute, and I lowkey ship them, but i’m not too invested’ ship: Anything I ship that isn’t Troy/Ryan. 

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Wie is je otp (= One True Pairing = leukste koppel uit een of andere serie/film)?

Definitely Troy Bolton en Gabriella Montez van Highschool Musical haha, ik bedoel: komop, iedereen weet dat die twee gewoon bij elkaar horen. Am I right or am I right?

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Hello I have two questions. I really like how your charter page is laid out where did you find the pages, is their any change I can copy those? Or can you link me to them please? Also your legacy is fantastic. I love Ricardo and Weston, they are both halves of my personality. I always wondered if Jamie have defined gender identity? Thank you!

Of course you can! This is where you can get it. Aw, thank you! I’m glad you like it! Personally, Ricardo is the “bad boy” part of me I wish I could be. He’s an asshole but he’s really a big ol’ teddy bear on the inside. Weston’s just trying to approach his life like Troy Bolton… as we all should. Jamie identifies as non-binary and prefers the pronouns they/them. They’re cool with being called mom because they knew it would be easier for everyone. Thanks for reading! :)


Harrison: Apparently that song you sung was a hit! Jaz said that Mrs. Darla thought you were hysterical and thought you would really nail “Blue.”

Ricardo: Yeah. That’s why I picked it… so I would be cast in one of the biggest male roles in the show… not so I wouldn’t be cast at all. Awesome.

Weston: Oh my god! I can’t believe you’re in the school’s musical!

Ricardo: Who’s Troy Bolton now, huh?

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Será fácil a vida? Estou dividida, ou confusa? Sempre tive dificuldade como o amor, sempre sofri no final, nada dava certo.

 A primeira desilusão amorosa veio as 15 anos como um garoto, parecida ate contos de fadas mais sem final feliz. Do primeiro beijo, foi o ultimo e puff, acabou conto de fadas que tanto sonhava, pensei que ele era meu Troy Bolton e eu sua Gabriella, mas não acabou antes de ter o segundo encontro.

Já a segunda desilusão, começou ao 16 e durou ate os 17 anos. Não foi exatamente 1 ano ou conto de fadas, mas eu sonhava. Essa parte da minha vida já foi a parte em que me descobrir, e pode também me aceita e aceita o que eu era. Me apaixonei por uma garota, sim uma garota, ela me ganhou com seu primeiro oi em uma rede social. Não existia whatsapp era SMS que trocávamos todos os dias e ligações. E sim me apaixonei logo de cara, mais demorei exatamente 3 longos meses de conversar para aceita um pedido de namoro dela e demorei 3 longos meses para poder vê-la, mas tudo que tivemos, nunca chegou a ser amor.  ela me mostrou ser uma ótima pessoa com cara de apaixonada, me ganhou na primeira conversa cara a cara, mas logo se mostrou outra pessoa. Mentiras, traições e muitas decepções. Demorou, mais uma hora me desapeguei cerca de 7 meses depois, mais desapeguei, então novamente o sonho de contos de fadas acabou. 

Já a terceira, essa terceira e a que carrego ate hoje em meu coração. Eu 17 anos ela 14 anos, meu Deus estou louca ela e jovem de mais pra mim, mais mesmo assim meu pobre coraçãozinho acelerou e me sentir feliz mais uma vez. Mais uma chance pra ser feliz? Talvez. Aquele dia se tornou único, aquela moto se tornou minha nova chance e ela desceu com aquele lindos olhos castanhos e lindos cabelos pretos e aquele sorriso, meu Deus aquele sorriso. Não tinha sentindo algo tão forte como eu sentir ao vê-la, sentir borboletas, minhas pernas tremiam, eu não conseguia olhar pra ela, pois tinha medo, pois não sabia se ela também gostava de garotas. Ali vi meu conto de fadas começa novamente, com uma nova chance florescendo. Ficamos juntas por 1 ano e 5 meses, meu Deus o que eu fiz, sim eu a perdi… Dessa vez não foi ela, dessa vez foi eu. Como um simples medo bobo de assumir o que realmente sentia por ela, fiz besteira. Minha pior decisão entre todas as outras que me resultou em sua perda. Eu a amo eu a prendi a amar com todos os defeitos e suas qualidades. Mano como eu a amo, como queria ater de volta, meu coração e todo seu, minha vida e toda sua. Sthefanny Moura de Freitas Eu Te Amo como todo o meu coração……….   

SIXTEEN SIXTEEN SIXTEEN Days of “High School Musical”

Yeah… I’m finally doing this. Let’s get to it. 

Day 1: Which is your favourite movie?

My favorite film has to be High School Musical 2, if only for the introduction of a new and fascinating location, the insight this movie gives viewers to the dynamic of the Evans family, Ryan’s character arc, which is the most gracefully handled of all of the character arcs in this series, and the parallels the film’s narrative repeatedly draws between Troy and Ryan that finally, masterfully culminate in the two of them becoming friends. 

I’ve extrapolated on my criticisms of this particular entry in the series- the complete botching of Troy’s story arc, Sharpay’s G-rated sexual harassment of Troy being played for laughs to a disturbing degree, Gabriella exhibiting controlling and emotionally abusive behavior in response to Troy prioritizing his future (something that should have been understood and accepted by not only her, but Troy’s group of “friends”), the rushed and contrived for the sake of the plot friendship between Ryan and Chad that glosses over all of the tension between them in both the previous film, as well as this one- but Ryan’s beautiful evolution from the antagonist’s comic relief sidekick, to a fully realized, strong-willed, snarky, and surprisingly sweet character, the performances from Lucas Grabeel, Zac Efron, and Ashley Tisdale, and the ever high-strung manager of Lava Springs, Mr. Fulton, earning a few hearty laughs, are enough to convince me to switch this movie on, every now and then, despite the inevitable strain on my blood pressure. 

                   ARCHIE ANDREWS: SMALL TOWN STAR –

❝  Why do I keep doing this? I keep wrecking things. ❞


vanilla troy bolton


JUGHEAD JONES has always been Archie’s best friend despite their differing personalities. There was a time when they fell apart, but ever since then Archie has been trying to be more in tune with his friend and know what’s going on in his life. Maybe it was destiny that the child of FP Jones II and Fred Andrews would be friends. It’s Riverdale, and history has a tendency to repeat itself.

BETTY COOPER is too good for Archie. She always has been and he’s always known it. Even before he was Hot Archie 2.0 Betty was Betty. Smart, beautiful, funny Betty. He never realized that she liked him, and his response nearly tore the friendship apart. He wants them to go back to how they were but he isn’t really sure how to get there.

VERONICA LODGE caught Archie’s eye the second she walked into Riverdale. They shared a forbidden seven minutes in heaven, but ultimately decided not to pursue anything further for the sake of Betty. That didn’t stop them from locking lips on other occasions though, and despite it all Archie can’t totally shake Veronica out of his head.

CHERYL BLOSSOM may be a bitch at times, but Archie can see that she’s also hurting in the wake of losing her brother. Archie recognizes that for every game Jason played, Cheryl was there with the Vixens. She’s more than just a Queen Bee bitch, and while he doesn’t totally want to get tangled up in her family and their lies, he has defended her and been there to help her some in her time of need. That doesn’t mean he’s looking for anything else in the relationship though.


JASON BLOSSOM had the life that Archie is living. He was the popular ginger that everyone liked. He was the star football player who had luck with girls. Archie heard the gunshot that killed Jason and ultimately gave him his new social standing at school. To some, that’s a coincidence. To others, it seems suspicious. 


AGE → 16

Since I just finished my Junior year of College I decided it was about time I sat down and thought about what this high stress year has taught me…

1.) You do not have to stay friends with someone just because you’ve “always been friends,” If someone is mistreating you, and threatening YOUR happiness, let them go. 

2.) Justin Bieber and Troy Bolton are, and always will be, your first loves.

3.) Some colleges do not require you to have a certain GPA to graduate, so D’s do indeed make Degrees.

4.) If someone did not appreciate you enough when you were giving them your all once, they will NEVER truly appreciate you, do not let them try and convince you things are now different. 

5.) You’re at an age now that you do not have to like certain people, and you do not have to explain yourself about it either.