troy and abed

starmaammke  asked:


  • Favourite character: Annie, but Troy is a close second. 
  • Funniest character: Troy and Abed (in the morning!)
  • Best-looking character: Troy is bae. 
  • 3 favourite ships: Annie & Jeff, Britta & Troy, Troy & Abed 
  • Least favourite character: Pierce 
  • Least favourite ship: Britta & Jeff 
  • Reason why I watch it [over and over again]: Paintball and the Darkest Timeline. 
  • Why I started watching it: Randomly came across it somewhere in the middle of Season 1 and fell in love immediately!

Thanks for the ask! 
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qcrip  asked:

Me, stitch, passing dad, troy, abed, brenda

  • do the sexy love™ with: …… abed? abed. because i developed that crush on danny pudi after we watched community for like 8 hours straight
  • sacrifice myself for: stitch. he’s a good man.
  • lick: i changed this by one letter so i could lick troy instead
  • take to prom: you! because ais took you that one time and i need to settle the score. also, holy shit, we could take india and do that cool pole exercising thing and pretend it’s the new stylish dance trend
  • abandon in jurassic park: passing dad. i trust him to sell some t-rexes that cooking pot thing
  • push off a bridge: brenda with her copypaste apology