Emotions. [Troy Otto Imagine]

Request: can you do a troy otto imagine where the reader is desperate to feel normal human emotions again, shes feeling like nothing but an empty shell so they kiss, that kiss leads to their night (not smut) XX

Warnings: indication of intimacy, mention of self harm.

You sat on your bed, sharpening your knife. It was probably as sharp as it can be considering you’ve been doing this for hours. You could never imagine you’d go from being an innocent girl who had good grades & her life planned out, to a broken girl who was trying her best to care for her life. Shit happens. You press the knife to your wrist, seeing how sharp is was. There was a short knock on your door, it opening before you could answer. There stood Troy, looking at what you were doing. He was taken back a bit, since you always put on the image of you being strong. Trying, to be strong. “Horizontal if you want to make an impact,” he said, leaning against the wall. You wanted to tell him that’s not what you were doing, even ask him why he would tell you that, but you wanted even more to ignore him. So that’s what you did, and let the room be quiet. “Out of all the people here, you’re the last person I’d expect to be self harming,” Troy spoke, crossing his arms. You shake your head, “I’m not.” Troy laughed at your response, “Sure doesn’t look like it.” “Yea well looks can be deceiving,” you didn’t even notice how hard you were sharpening your knife. Though you kept your eyes on the ground, you knew Troy had a smirk on his face. “Is there something you want to talk about?” he asks, almost as if he actually cared. “Troy, when you kill people you feel an emotion, sure you may seem sadistic, but that’s not the point,” you look at him, “I feel nothing,” “That’s not true, I noticed the pain on your face when you held your gun against my head,” he says, getting closer. He was talking about what you did when you saw him with his knife against Madison’s neck. He was right. Even if you had to, it felt impossible to shoot him. You remember that moment like it was happening now, how bad your hand was shaking and how bad you wanted to cry. “You’re too busy focusing on how you can’t feel your emotions instead of trying to feel them.” you stare at him, he stared at you. Wow, he was right, and you hated that. You throw your knife down and walk out of the room. Before you reached the door, Troy pulled you back. “Leave me alone!” you yelled, escaping his grip. You once again go to the door and attempt to leave. He grabbed you again and gently pinned you to the wall. You accepted the fact he wasn’t gonna let you go. “Please,” you sigh, “make me feel something,” Troy was taken back, his eyebrows slightly raised. He placed his lips on yours, giving you a passionate kiss. He was kissing you like you both were a couple who reunited after years, and you loved it. You kept a mute crush on him since you’ve met him. He was kind, he treated you like how a girl should be treated. He may put on this image of being a badass & an asshole, but you believed he had a good heart. You both pulled away for air, examining each others faces. “Did that help?” he asked as his hands travel slowly down your body. “Because if it didn’t,” he says in a low tone, “I can do a lot more.“ “Is that true, Troy Otto?” you ask with a smirk. He rubs his hand on the side of your thigh, “I’d never lie to you, princess.”

so, buzzfeed released this article, entitled: “This Sharpay Theory Will Change Everything You Thought You Knew About “High School Musical"”

as a self proclaimed high school musical expert, i figured it was something i certainly knew already, and i was absolutely right, and the constant insinuation that this is brand new information when it is just a character analysis kinda peeved me off, but i digress. 

the article argues that sharpay deserves better, which i agree with, but also paints her out to be some innocent soul robbed of the world by troy and gabriella, which is super not true. here i lay out everypoint buzzfeed makes, and i explain why those points arent…. really valid…

1. Ryan and Sharpay are extremely talented and trained performers, while the only experience Troy and Gabriella have is singing a fake song at karaoke.

buzzfeed…. pal…. did u hear the song? were there notes and lyrics and all that? that makes it real…. and its a movie? do u understand this is a musical with original music? and gabriella LITERALLY SAID THAT SHE DOES CHURCH CHOIR SECONDS AFTER THE SONG ENDED (tho troy doesnt have any experience, he has talent and this is a SCHOOL PRODUCTION so talent is enough.)

2. When Sharpay tells Gabriella and Troy to sign up to audition for “supporting roles,” that is seen as a bitchy move — but they have NEVER been in a musical before, so that is just a reasonable place to start.

dude, did u hear sharpay’s tone? and gabby and troy didnt say they wanted main roles, sharpay just told them they couldnt have them, which wasnt really the time or way to do that? at all? like i mean dude i agree sharpay and ryan shoulda been minnie and arnold and troy and gabby should have been the two supporting roles, that makes sense, but like…. it was kinda a bad move on sharpays part

3. Sharpay and Ryan turn Kelsi’s super-boring and slow version of “What I’ve Been Looking For” into a LEGIT BOP.

pure song wise, i like sharpay and ryans version a lot better, BUT storywise: kelsi composed the song. kelsi is a junior in high school who composed an entire musical that is being put on by the school and sharpay and ryan waltz in and change the meaning of her music entirely and then are kinda mean to her. it was a better song and performance, but not a very professional or kind move

4. Troy and Gabriella show up LATE to their audition, and Troy only really goes along with it because he wants to get into Gabriella’s pants.

buzzfeed i will literally murder you ok, so it appears that you have approx 0 grasp on troy’s character whatsoever. cool. theyre late to auditions because of their own emotional baggage. i have written about a million essays on this but i’ll keep it short. troy thinks that if he ventures outside of the label hes put on himself his friends and his father will hate him and he doesnt think hes capable of doing anything outside of basketball, and gabriella has terrible stage fright, so they have to work through their own emotional baggage in order to actually get themselves to perform, and even when darbus turns them down they go and HELP OUT KELSI AND PERFORM WITH HER FOR FUN 

5. Sharpay asks Ms. Darbus to change the date of the callbacks because Troy and Gabriella should really get their PRIORITIES in order if they are going to be committed to theater.

ok cool if by that you mean sharpay lies a lot to manipulate darbus into changing the dates because she’s insecure, then sure.

6. They almost burn down the fucking school by overheating chemicals…

or, they actually DIDNT DO THAT because it was planned and they have a very good grasp on how science works and didnt do anything super dangerous

7. And THEN they show up late AGAIN to the final audition, dressed in the wrong clothing. Oh, and Gabriella totally freezes, proving she has no fucking business being the star of a musical.

the… wrong… clothing? there….. isnt a dresscode for high school callbacks that take place at the same time as a basketball game and the scholastic decathlon….. and they didnt expect there to be a huge audience at CALLBACKS….. where it isnt something theyve been rehearsing nonstop for months its a song they spent A FEW DAYS LEARNING

8. But suddenly theater is COOL because the hot JOCK guy is into it, even though people literally made fun of Sharpay for loving theater and making it her life’s true passion.

they… didnt make fun of sharpay for liking theatre, they made fun of her for being arrogant and mean and made fun of TROY for liking theatre… also, hey, buzzfeed? thats the wrong from of the word theatre, since ur talking about the subject instead of the physical place…

9. After Sharpay’s dreams are crushed, she decides to be the bigger person and tells Gabriella to break a leg (and Gabriella doesn’t even know wtf BREAK A LEG means).

this was genuinely a great moment, honestly. and judging by the beginning of hsm2, sharpay and gabriella spent the last few months rehearsing together and growing closer and i want an hsm1.5

10. Troy wins his game, Gabriella wins her “nerd stuff,” and they BOTH get the roles…and Sharpay literally ends up with absolutely nothing.

you can say scholastic decathalon, its ok buzzfeed, and sharpay is an understudy. also, why arent you focussing on ryan at all? he didnt get anything either BUT he didnt do anything wrong. o and sharpay got zekes cookies so who really won

11. So the real message of the first movie is: “If you’re popular and you do everything, you’re gonna be great at it, but if you dedicate your entire life to something you’ll be seen as a villain and now you’re the bad person.”

but she…. was super manipulative and mean? she got gabriella and troy’s friends to turn against them and make them feel worse about something they were already self-conscious about? like i think darbus shouldve casted her as minnie, but you cant ignore everything bad she did and just mindlessly defend all of her actions. shes a super complex character, with a bunch of flaws and a bunch of great traits, which is what makes her so good. the fact she sabotaged troy and gabriella, and kept trying to tell them they couldnt be cast in the production, instead of having a fair callback, THATS what the issue was.

12. Also, Sharpay is supposed to be some kind of terrible person but all she did was theater stuff, while Troy and Gabriella’s supposed friends LITERALLY tried to sabotage their relationship.

and they apologized when they realized it was a serious thing and they actually hurt their friends and decided to actively support them in their dramatic pursuits from then on? and sharpay ORCHESTRATED IT?

13. And (side note) Taylor is kinda low-key anti-feminist because she makes fun of cheerleaders for how they talk and act.

REALLY. taking a sidebar to talk bad about taylor? ok cool. if i never have to read that sentence again itll be too soon. (tho i mean taylor does have notlikemostgirls syndrome super bad, but shes gotta have flaws and from movie 2 onwards shes flawless which is worse)

14. Let’s move on to the second movie. Sharpay is just tryna chill at her family’s resort and work on her talent show that she works really hard on every year.

thnx for the synopsis, bud

15. She gives all of her classmates summer jobs and she’s basically trying to get Troy a free college education.

false, continue.

16. So Troy is like perfectly content to USE Sharpay, and then Gabriella breaks up with him just because he’s focusing on his future.

ok, here we go. troy is in no way using sharpay, she’s using him. shes forcing him away from his friends with the motivation of a scholarship, and keeps trying to put the pressure between him and his friends to make them seem below him, which he doesnt really buy into, but she still makes it so his friends think that hes getting super spoiled and that hes being mean to them, and gabriella leaves because of SHARPAY saying things to her and gabriella saying that sharpay is so focused on winning a game that she doesnt want to play, so then she dumps troy and leaves because of sharpay.

17. Troy bails on Sharpay and then her own BROTHER bails on her because he’s been brainwashed into forcing her out of her own damn show.

oh my god….. thats… not what happened at all? youre just lying at this point? sharpay ditched humuhumunukunukuapua'a, which was her and ryan’s performance, in favor of troy, and forced her brother out of her life and then ryan flirted with chad and got character developement and all that! that was the movie! and troy, after going through emotional turmoil on a golf course, apologized to his friends, and then went to talk to sharpay and said hed still do the show with her. 

18. She wins the star dazzle award, but doesn’t act like a DIVA about it and gives her brother the trophy even though he BACKSTABBED HER.

ryan deserved that award and cite me sources about him backstabbing sharpay because that DID NOT HAPPEN AT ALL

19. And then everyone just parties in her resort and she’s a good sport about it, proving she’s a good person who doesn’t hold grudges.

she is a good sport about it in the end, but she definitely holds grudges.

20. Now, let’s move on to Sharpay in HSM 3. Sharpay has moved on from the events of films 1 and 2. She focuses on her dreams and post-graduation goals and she gets a bunch of crap for it.

um, what crap does she get for it?

21. Troy and Gabriella convince everyone to be in this play even though they don’t want to. And then Gabriella BAILS, which would be fine and all except she JUST broke up with Troy last movie for not hanging out with her.

they convince everyone to be in it and they all have fun and GABRIELLA GETS INTO HARVARD

22. So, Sharpay’s gonna step in, but her assistant Tiara tries to steal the role from her.

yeah, and sharpay didnt deserve that.

23. But Sharpay delivers a FLAWLESS and GODLY performance — and then Troy and Gabriella finally show up to “save the day” after Sharpay did the work and they get all the glory even though they totally ghosted.

sharpay’s performance in the last musical was anything but flawless and godly

24. Then Kelsi gets Sharpay’s scholarship for writing TWO bad shows and Sharpay didn’t get it even though she was in COUNTLESS MUSICALS.

kelsi, a high schooler who COMPOSED TWO ENTIRE SHOWS, ONE OF WHICH WE DON’T EVEN SEE IN THE MOVIE, won a scholarship over someone who was in some productions, the final one, the one the judges were at, being her worsed. surrreee that doesnt make sense. sure. and i mean, i forgive u for not mentioning the fact sharpay forced her brother to ask kelsi to prom for the purpose of getting her a good song because hsm3 did a lotta ooc stuff for the sake of forced heterosexuality.

25. Luckily, Ashley Tisdale KNEW Sharpay deserved better and did Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure where she finally gets the spotlight she deserves.

which put sharpay in a vulnerable spot where she couldnt be the diva anymore and she got her much needed character development and it was a great movie i will defend to my death.

overall, sharpay deserved better, but buzzfeed’s reasoning SUCKS and she isn’t some innocent cinnamon roll too good too pure uwu whatever, shes a complex character and thats why i love her.

It’s been 3 days and I’m still getting emotional about Troy. His gasp and falling back in his chair reaction to seeing my tattoo in person. His reaction to my shirt. Him putting his hand over his heart when I tell him how honored I was to meet him. Him frantically searching for his wife so she could see everything. How he could only shake his head, get up and hug me. Saying “show off that shirt girl!” and posing accordingly

and then embracing me not once but twice and laying his head on my head and just…

Now I’m all choked up again..

There’s a chance I may be making more of those shirts since they were approved by the Man depends on how many requests I get for them. Just let me know. My ask is always open :)

based of the prompt “you’ve rented this movie at least 7 times now, you’re cute but I seriously worry about your taste in films” & also because @cupcakeblake made me write it. she’s the absolute worst (jk she’s not i love her to death)

(it’s also on ao3)

Stop troying with my emotions.

“Look, I know it’s none of my business, but you have rented this movie at least seven times now and I can’t help to think that your taste in movies are absolute shit.”

Excuse me?!” The blonde woman looked seriously offended and Bellamy cringed because this was exactly what he was trying to avoid.

But he also couldn’t help but to die a little bit on the inside whenever she rented Troy, because the movie was so, so bad and so, so inaccurate it pained him every time he either heard of Brad Pitt, Orlando Bloom, or even the name Troy.

And Bellamy Blake was studying to become a history teacher so he saw that name quite often. It was also quite hard to avoid hearing the actors names because it seemed like they were in every movie nowadays.

“Im just saying,” Bellamy continued, “the movie is horribly inaccurate. I can offer you other films if you like the story. Just, please, don’t rent this one again, it seriously hurts my soul to see a cute person like yourself watch a bad movie like this.” He said and held the movie up like he was proving a point.

“Perhaps I like renting it because I think the guys are hot? Or the girls?” The pretty blonde girl responded and gave him a crooked smirk. God she was attractive when she looked like that, and it was seriously bad for him.

Bellamy actually stood there for a good three seconds with his mouth open, not knowing what to respond because that wasn’t really the answer he had expected.

“I-, okay I didn’t think of that, and- and I’m so sorry-“

“Hey I’m just messing with you,” the girl cut him off and laughed at him. How dared she. “If you mess with me, I’m gonna mess with you.”

She stretched up to snatch the movie from his grip and actually took the scanner and blipped it herself. “I’m doing a paper on the movie, and I keep falling asleep while watching it. And it’s actually my fourth time, not seventh, renting it. So stop being a jerk and rent me my damn movie.”

Bellamy couldn’t help but to laugh. “Okay princess, have it your way.”

She paid for the movie and she kept smirking at him. Normally he was used by the fact that girls smirked at him, but it was something about this girls’ smirk that made him nervous.

That wasn’t a ‘smirking at you from across the bar’ smirk, her smirk was more like ‘I’m going to get to know all of your secrets and I’m going to die trying’ smirk. It made him uneasy, in a good way somehow.

He put the movie in a small plastic bag and when he handed it over to her, her fingers accidentally touched his and he felt a chill through his body. Damn this girl.

“Thank you, you judgy, old grumpy man,” she said and he rolled his eyes.

“I’m not old.”

“Perhaps not. But you’re grumpy, and being grumpy comes with the price of being old. So deal with it,” she made a face at him and he rolled his eyes yet again while he was holding back a smile.

She on the other hand looked very proud of her comment while she turned around and headed for the door.

The cute blonde opened it, but stopped midway, turning towards him. “Or you know, perhaps I keep renting it because I get to interact with a really hot guy.”

Bellamy blushed. He actually blushed.

“I’m Clarke by the way,” she said and gave him the biggest and brightest smile ever.

 “Bellamy. Bellamy Blake,” he responded and smiled back at her. Damn she got him good because that smile was the most beautiful smile he had seen in a long time. And he felt like he wanted to do anything to see that smile again.

 “Until next time, Mr Blake. I have a feeling I’m going to rent this movie a couple of more times.”

The cute blonde, or Clarke as her name was, finally waved him goodbye and left. Bellamy was left behind speechless, and he stood behind the counter like a star struck idiot for a few moments before he shook his head in disbelief with a small smile plastered on his lips

Damnit. He was absolute a goner.

He couldn’t wait until she came back and re-rented the damn movie again.

Okay, I see everyone here freaking over what Chats gift is and whether it’s for Ladybug or Marinette but hear me out…
What if its for Gabriel?
Like, what if Adrien got his dad a really heartfelt gift, only to have Nathalie tell him his Father was too busy to spend Christmas with him? Cue Chat Noir running away from home as a ball of teenage emotions, Troy Boltening his way across Paris etc, but he for some reason takes the gift with him??? Then, later in the episode after all the akuma fighting and stuff, we get Gabriel finding his son after literally tearing the town apart and Adrien being shocked because his dad is like hugging him??? And cr y I ng??? And Gabe does the whole “dont you ever do that again I was so worried spiel” and Adrien gives him the gift and we could have this beautiful juxtaposition of father and son hugging in the snow and Marinette surround by her entire extended family around a table teeming with food and it would be heart wrenching and I’d cry and I KNOW it’s not going to happen but let me dream