troy's face: the musical

Seventeen as Things from High School Musical

S.coups: Chad bringing no notebooks to class, only his basketball

Jeonghan: Sharpay’s (later failed) elaborate scheme to stop Gabriella from making it to the winter musical

Joshua: Ms Darbus pronouncing musical as musicAle

Jun: Troy poking Chad in the face with the paper leaf during detention

Hoshi: Gabriella slipping and dropping her food in Sharpay’s cleavage

Wonwoo: Ms Darbus visibly dying during the horrific auditions for the musical

Woozi: Ms Darbus arguing with Coach Bolton about how the Arts are more important than sports

Dokyeom: Kelsi tripping and spilling her notes all over the floor

Mingyu: Zeke describing crème brûlée as “really satisfying”

The8: The skater dude whose secret was that he played the cello

Seungkwan: Sharpay’s obnoxiously large (and pink) signature

Vernon: Chad wearing 3 watches on his arm

Dino: The random flashmob in the cafeteria