The heroes die in droves
& the sun comes up each day
To set alight the walls of Troy.

Still Achilles cradles his lover
And Agamemnon is cradled by gilded armour
Dragging the spoils of his war to his own councils.

One man roars to war each sunrise
One man guards his pride-
Faces the wrath of gods and men
And sleeps embraced
Under foreign stars.

Patroclus kisses those lips full of god-blood
While mortal men’s soak the soil
To match the skies at dawn.

—  What is Left of Lovers, Kings, and Gods. 

Cooking - Troy Ave

anonymous asked:

Hi doll, i know you've met Johnny, but what was your experience like? Was he really sweet, and did you give him anything? I'm really interested!??


My experience was amazing! But don’t take my word for it, take the word of two-years-ago-the-day-after-meeting-johnny Lani! I’ve got a tag for the day I met him and it’s a two page tag complete with description, photos, and video LOL

And you can see the moment I met him here, thanks to the wonderful TIFF camera man ;)

(and btw yes, I gave him two candles that I made with my mother, which are inspired by him. If you’re confused by that sentence, check out my Mr. Stench tag and this post specifically)