troy x annie x abed


Jeff x annie gifset per episode: Studies in Modern Movement.
This doesn’t work for me. From the minute I joined the study group I’ve been worried about how uptight I am and how I’m no fun. And then I was worried that I wouldn’t fit in here or be able to hang with you guys. But you know what? Why don’t you ever ask yourselves whether you can hang with me? Why am I always the one that has to adapt? I’m sick of this crap!


Get To Know Me  ⇨ TV-Shows [5/10]: Community

↳  “People can find the good in just about anything but themselves. Look at me. It’s clear to all of you that I am awesome, but I can never admit that because that would make me an ass. What I can do is see what makes Annie awesome. She’s driven. We need driven people or the lights go out and the ice cream melts. And Pierce. We need guys like Pierce. This guy has wisdom to offer. We should listen to him sometime. We wouldn’t regret it. And Shirley. Shirley has earned our respect. Not as a wife, not as a mother, but as a woman. And don’t test her on that, because that thing about the jukebox was way too specific to be improvised. And Troy. Who cares if Troy thinks he’s all that? Maybe he is. Do you think astronauts go to the moon because they hate oxygen? No, they’re trying to impress their high school’s prom king. And Abed. Abed’s a shaman. You ask him to pass the salt, he gives you a bowl of soup because you know what? Soup is better. Abed is better. You are all better than you think you are. You are just designed not to believe it when you hear it from yourself.”
FIC: Take a Little Step (The To Boldly Go Remix) - Community (Troy/Annie/Abed)
By Organization for Transformative Works

My fic for Remix Redux!  Troy/Annie/Abed, my forever Community OT3.

(Fun fact: I actually signed up to write Star Trek reboot fic, which is why I was assigned this author, but then I saw this and, I mean, how could I not?)