troy tyson

The Tyson Family Portrait

To those who don’t know much about the Tyson family, or for those who have forgotten here’s a reminder…

On the couch we have Troy and Ericka, the first generation. Standing behind them is Luka, (their oldest child), and his wife Misti. The girl beside them showing the peace sign is Troy and Ericka’s second daughter, Riley. Riley and her boyfriend live in Bridgeport, but I haven’t figured out how to have more than 8 sims in a household so I missed him out. >.> Luka and Misti had twins. Wes Tyson, (one of the twins) is the on Luka’s right. He is with his girlfriend Melanie. Wes and Melanie are expecting a baby, and are thinking about marriage. The girl who is lying down is Wes’ twin, Naomi. Naomi has just graduated high school. 

I hope this wasn’t too confusing! I’m currently playing Generation 3, and Generation 4 is on it’s way! :)