troy solider

Love this crazy dude so much <3

We’re not some tribal militia, so don’t act like one! You will learn how a real soldier fights. You will forget everything Hollywood taught you. And if I catch you doing something else, you’ll know it… Engravings give you no tactical advantage whatsoever… But that was some fancy shooting… pretty good.

// Artwork by me. Please don’t remove comment.

Back on solid ground after a beautiful 4 day rollercoaster ride. It’s gonna take a while to process, but overall it was a truly heart healing experience. The wound will never completely heal, but we can work to mend it with love. There was so much palpable love and the feeling of family was everywhere. I reconnected with old friends and forged meaningful new friendships, and I met so many folks and received so much love and positivity it was nearly overwhelming. I don’t take it for granted, and I know it’s all due to the glory of Prince. His spirit lives on within us. Thank you to everyone who shared their 💜 and this experience with me. Paisley Park is in our hearts. Let’s all spread that feeling of love and oneness around the world. #Prince4ever #Prince #Celebration2017 #PaisleyPark #MPLS @officialpaisleypark

💜 x ∞

you know what i need

i need cute, fluffy fic where ocelot realizes he’s accidentally become dad to all the kids in mother base

and brings them sandwiches and tucks them into bed at night and stuff

one of them scrapes their knee running around the base and here’s daddy ocelot with hydrogen peroxide and bandages

there’s a massive thunderstorm in the middle of the night and suddenly he’s confronted by this horde of small children who want to cuddle with him

“hey ocelot? we need to interrogate this guy, he has vital intel on skull face” “can it wait ten minutes? we’re playing tag”