troy mcgreggor


Okay, so i finally got around to watching a classic that most MST fans have seen, but i was slacking on - #910: The Final Sacrifice. A great episode, i must say. My only complaint is that when they introduce the dirty character, Pipper, they did lotsa Yosemite Sam jokes, but didnt comment on how he sounded alot like many Jim Henson Muppet-monsters.

A great episode for any fan of the show.

You know, one thing you have to give to The Final Sacrifice is that there’s no other where someone who looked like Christian Malcolm or Bruce J. Mitchell could be action heroes. 

No Hollywood movie would ever cast a dorky kid who actually looks like a dorky kid or anyone who looks like Rowsdower. The movie is so rinky-dink there’s a really charming sense of freedom and, honestly, fun, which is what makes it such a watchable so-bad-it’s-good flick. 


I made a Zap/Troy fanvideo set to “A Thousand Miles.” 

I… I just don’t know.