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Leave Me Lonely//Isaac Lahey

Characters: Isaac Lahey, Reader.


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You rolled your eyes and stomped off to the car, impatiently pulling the handle.

“You’re really going to throw a tantrum?” Isaac followed you, his long strides matching up with your quick steps.

“I’m not throwing a tantrum. Let me in the car.”

“Quit pulling the handle.”

You let go of the handle dramatically and cross your arms.

He scoffs and unlocks it, “You’re impossible, you know that? Being your boyfriend is like having to raise a baby.”

“Dump me then.” You slam your door shut after you buckle your seatbelt.

Isaac lets out a big breath before starting the car. You drive back to the loft in silence.

You both lived with Derek. You’d been dating before Isaac moved in, and living with your 16 year old boyfriend definitely put a strain on your relationship. Derek never asked him to help around the house, which caused Isaac to become extremely dependent on you. You were practically his mother at this point.

You get out of the car when you arrive and rush up the steps, you stomp to your room and slam the door.

He was talking to another girl. It wasn’t innocent either, you’d seen her in his messages before. She knew he had a girlfriend and she was still trying. You’d asked him before to try not to put vibes out, but at this point you felt like he liked the attention. You weren’t sure if he’d ever cheat. You knew deep down he wouldn’t but you couldn’t trust that feeling.

“Y/N.” Isaac opened your door and leaned on the door frame.

“Leave me alone.” You bury your head under your pillow.

“You know that she means nothing, right?”

“Then don’t talk to her.”

“Really? You’re going to be one of those girls.”

“Are you kidding me?” You sat up, “Isaac, all I ask is that you stop flirting. I shouldn’t put up with as much as I do. Just yesterday I heard you telling Scott and Stiles about what we do in bed. Really? You told them about our sex life. Do you know what an invasion of privacy that is?”

“So that’s what this is about, then.” He crosses his arms.

“Jesus, Isaac. Do you not hear anything I say?”

“I heard it. Loud and clear.” He turns on his heel.

You quickly followed him, “No. I don’t think you did. This is not about you telling Stiles and Scott what I’m into, or what you’re into. This is about you flirting with other girls. How would you feel if I went around in tight clothes, shaking my ass for every guy I saw?”

“Oh, is that what I do? I show off my body and shake my ass for girls?” He laughs, the sound of it going right through you.

“Do not make fun of me, Isaac. All I ask for is some respect.”

“No, you want me to not talk to other girls.”

“Do you not know how to process what I say? I don’t think you’re hearing anything coming out of my mouth.”

“I don’t process what you say, no. It’s usually bullshit anyway.”

“Screw you, Isaac. I knew that this was a mistake. You’re a deadbeat. Your dad hated you, and even Derek wants you out of here.”

He grits his teeth and grips the countertop, “That’s how you want to play things? Huh?” You see his eyes flash, the look he gives you makes your blood run cold. This was it. This was the end of the two of you.

“I hate you, Isaac Lahey. I can’t keep fighting like this.”

“You don’t have to.” He grabs his keys and heads for the door. “Isaac…if you walk out that door…don’t you ever come back.”

With one quick look at you over his shoulder, he left. That was it. He didn’t come back either. You didn’t see him at school, he never came back to get his things. You knew that Scott knew where he was. He never wanted to talk about him, which made you extremely suspicious.

You were miserable. The night he left replayed in your head every night. You were sure the two of you would get married. You pictured a future with him, your curly headed babies running around, Isaac being the perfect father and husband.

You woke up, the cold loft making you shiver. Today marked the third month since you last saw Isaac. You sighed and crawled out of bed. You slid on some slippers before heading for the kitchen. You stopped in the doorway. He was here. You smelled the familiar scent, the sweet smell that always made you giddy. You slowly tiptoed to his room. He was sitting on the bed, looking deep in thought.

“Isaac?” You whispered.

“Hey…I didn’t think you’d be here.“ He turned and looked at you, tears evident on his face.

“Were you…?”

“Yeah. Forget it.”

You walk in and sit on the bed beside him. “I…I missed you.”

“Yeah? Things were too bad…I felt like a dog with its tail between its legs coming back, but I felt like a douche for leaving.” He looks at you.

“I’m sorry for what I said…I took it too far.”

“No…I mean, it’s the truth. Everyone says the truth when they’re mad.”

“No, it’s not the truth. Your dad loved you and Derek’s never even hinted at wanting you out. I just…I’ve been hurt before, Isaac. I just get so apprehensive sometimes that I get jealous.”

“I know…I pushed it too far.”

“But…three months? Really?” You look up at him, his tear-stained cheeks making your heart ache.

“I was staying with Scott. We told the school I was home bound so Scott just picked my work up for me.”

“No wonder Scott was acting so weird.” You sigh. “I’m really sorry, Isaac. I don’t know if you still even want us to be a thing anymore, but know that I still love you. I hate that I said what I did to you and I really wish I could take it back. I jus-.”

Just shut up and kiss me.” Isaac interrupted. He places his hands on your cheeks and kisses you passionately, the love that you two had missed out on suddenly flooding back. You felt happy again, whole.

You move onto his lap as the two of you pulled away.

“I still love you too.” Isaac smiles.


He nods, “I could never stop loving you.”


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