troy is the best

The best thing in the world is when you find your platonic soulmate. There’s no hassle of the drama of romance. It’s just two people who are completely in synch. It’s the ultimate of all bromances. It’s JD and Turk, Abed and Troy, Shawn and Gus. Nothing is better than finding that person and holding on to them.


If you feel down just watch it. I PROMISE you won’t be disappointed. How not to love them?


community: the paintball quadrilogy

“occasionally our campus erupts into a flawless post-modern homage to action/adventure mythology, mischaracterised by the ignorant as parody.”

I found this in the comment section of this video.

Can I just say that I couldn’t agree more?

Let’s think about this: what did Ryan and Sharpay really do in the first movie?

Ryan is scared of the jocks on the basketball team (aside from Troy), as most kids who dress the way he does and are involved in theater tend to be, and didn’t want them to conquer the entire student body. Sharpay didn’t want to see the drama club taken over by amateurs from different cliques, and have to share her dressing room with Gabriella.

Sure, their reasons behind switching the date of the callback were what you could call “selfish”, but it’s not like they went out of their way and created an elaborate plan to vilify Troy, or bully him into saying things that he didn’t mean in order to appease them, nearly costing him his budding relationship with Gabriella and his chance to be more than “The Basketball Guy”.

Ryan outright says that Troy and Gabriella “sound good”, when he and Sharpay overhear them rehearsing, and when they lose the lead roles to Troy and Gabriella, Sharpay and Ryan both bow out gracefully and accept minor roles, even though they were clearly the better performers and no doubt worked hard to snare the lead roles in every preceding drama production. 

Chad and Taylor’s actions were leagues and miles more selfish and thoughtless and yet, they’re characterized as misguided secondary protagonists, rather than vain, conniving antagonists, like Ryan and Sharpay are made out to be. 

This is just another example of the terribly biased narrative present in these films, and frankly, it’s one of the worst aspects of the entire series.