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TBT: On this day- October 5th- in 2011, FX debuted ‘American Horror Story’. It revitalized iconic actress Jessica Lange’s career and introduced (most of) the world to Evan Peters.

Heavy Metal Astrology: Stelliums

A stellium occurs when a person has a cluster of 3 or more planets in the same sign and/or house. This indicates an abundance of similar energies concentrated in a particular area of life and the qualities which represent it are what you will more than likely notice first about them. However, this also indicates a potential for this energy to become obsessive, so that is something these people need to watch out for. It places an extra emphasis on this aspect of life and learning to cultivate the highest expression of these traits is a huge part of their life path.


Anyone with a cluster of planets in Aries and/or the first house will primarily focus their attention towards themselves and their physical bodies in this lifetime. Their greatest lessons will come from experiences that help them to form a strong sense of self.

  1. Highest Manifestation: Strong self-knowledge
  2. Lowest Manifestation: Becoming overly selfish

Heidi Shepherd of the Butcher Babies: Sun, Mercury and Venus in Aries


Anyone with a cluster of planets in Taurus and/or the second house will primarily focus their attention towards beauty and monetary stability in this lifetime. Their greatest lessons will come from experiences that show them self-sufficience and how to see the beauty in all things.

  1. Highest Manifestation: Finding beauty in everything
  2. Lowest Manifestation: Laziness & gluttony

Troy Donockley of Nightwish: Mercury, Mars and Jupiter in Taurus


Anyone with a cluster of planets in Gemini and/or the third house will primarily focus their attention towards communication in this lifetime. Their greatest lessons will come from experiences that show them how important it is to have a voice.

  1. Highest Manifestation: Using your voice to be a voice for others
  2. Lowest Manifestation: Superficiality & gossip-mongering

Anette Olzon: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Saturn in Gemini


Anyone with a cluster of planets in Cancer and/or the 4th house will primarily focus their attention towards family in this lifetime. Their greatest lessons will come from experiences that show them the importance of being connected to your heritage.

  1. Highest Manifestation: Strong connection to your roots
  2. Lowest Manifestation: Becoming too emotionally dependent on others

Sharon den Adel of Within Temptation: Sun, Mercury and Saturn in Cancer


Anyone with a cluster of planets in Leo and/or the 5th house will primarily focus their attention towards creative endeavors in this lifetime. Their greatest lessons will come from experiences where they learn how to let go of their ego.

  1. Highest Manifestation: Teaching others how to shine their own light
  2. Lowest Manifestation: Narcissism & egoism

Jacoby Shaddix of Papa Roach: Sun, Mercury and Venus in Leo


Anyone with a cluster of planets in Virgo and/or the 6th house will primarily focus their attention towards health & self-improvement in this lifetime. Their greatest lessons will come from experiences in which they learn how to take better care of themselves.

  1. Highest Manifestation: Treating your body as your temple
  2. Lowest Manifestation: Becoming overly critical of others

Amy Lee of Evanescence: Sun, Mercury and Neptune in 6th house


Anyone with a cluster of planets in Libra and/or the 7th house will primarily focus their attention towards their relationships in this lifetime. Their greatest lessons will come from experiences that show them the beauty of being around others.

  1. Highest Manifestation: Treating everyone fairly & speaking kindly of everyone
  2. Lowest Manifestation: Strong attachment to social interactions to a degree where they are afraid of being alone

Floor Jansen: Moon, Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto in Libra


Anyone with a cluster of planets in Scorpio and/or the 8th house will primarily focus their attention towards the darker aspects of life in this lifetime. Their greatest lessons will come from experiences dealing with sex, death and transformation.

  1. Highest Manifestation: Showing others how to be comfortable with their own shadow
  2. Lowest Manifestation: Becoming overly obsessive, manipulative or vengeful

Oliver Sykes of Bring Me The Horizon: Sun, Mercury, Venus and Pluto in Scorpio


Anyone with a cluster of planets in Sagittarius and/or the 9th house will primarily focus their attention towards optimism and higher learning in this lifetime. Their greatest lessons will come from learning the importance of staying positive and of remaining connected to something greater than themselves.

  1. Highest Manifestation: Teaching the world that everything is connected
  2. Lowest Manifestation: Becoming overly dogmatic and forcing their beliefs onto others

Maria Brink of In This Moment: Sun, Venus and Neptune in Sagittarius


Anyone with a cluster of planets in Capricorn and/or the 10th house will primarily focus their attention towards material success and career in this lifetime. Their greatest lessons will come from experiences in which they learn the importance of perseverance.

  1. Highest Manifestation: Building a legacy to leave behind
  2. Lowest Manifestation: Avarice & all work, no play attitude

Simone Simons of Epica: Sun, Mercury and Jupiter in Capricorn


Anyone with a cluster of planets in Aquarius and/or the 11th house will primarily focus their attention towards the progression of humanity in this lifetime. Their greatest lessons will come from experiences that cement their individuality and give them strength to fight for the equality of their fellow human beings.

  1. Highest Manifestation: Fighting for the equality of humankind
  2. Lowest Manifestation: Becoming too emotionally detached

Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park: Sun, Mercury and Mars in Aquarius


Anyone with a cluster of planets in Pisces and/or the 12th house will primarily focus their attention towards compassion and empathy in this lifetime. Their greatest lessons will come from experiences that show them the importance of helping those who are unable to help themselves.

  1. Highest Manifestation: Using their kind and compassionate nature to help the helpless
  2. Lowest Manifestation: Becoming too detached from reality, drug/alcohol addiction

Lzzy Hale of Halestorm: Moon, Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune in 12th house

In honour of Black History Month coming up (October in the UK) I wanted to do a sorting of my favourite characters from TV, film and comic books. Representation matters. Diversity matters. I’m barely scratching the surface here, but these are some of my favourites.

Hazel Levesque (artwork by viria)

Hogwarts Houses as Star Trek TNG Characters

Gryffindor: Ryker, Dr. Crusher, Worf - Passionate and firm in their beliefs. Not afraid to share their opinions and focus on justice, honor, and defending others.

Ravenclaw: Data, Captain Picard, Chief O’Brien - Wise, considerate, and seeking to learn and improve their knowledge. Seeks to understand (humanity, history, technology) and use wit and intelligence to solve problems.

Hufflepuff: La Forge, Deanna Troi, Tasha Yar, Guinan - Kind and compassionate. Willing to lend an ear or offer encouragement and be your friend. Sometimes awkward and doesn’t let their past define who they are. Can surprise you with deep wisdom when you least expect it.

Slytherin: Wesley Crusher, Lwaxana Troi, Lore - Ambitious and cunning, sometime too much for their own good.  Always looking to improve their status or place. Occasionally wanting to prove themselves to others so much, they can be obnoxious. Quite devious when they want to be. Have good hearts underneath (except you Lore. No one likes you.)

Harry Potter #1

I may have noticed that a whole bunch of you were potterheads during one of my stalking sessions. well, here is our version! 

books :

- the philosopher’s stone : à l’école des sorciers (”at the wizards’ school” because vive la révolution idk why the translator did that)

- the chamber of secrets : et la chambre des secrets (chambre : usually bedroom)

- the prisoner of Azkaban : le prisonnier d’Azkaban

- the goblet of fire : la coupe de feu (gobelet : usually plastic cup)

- the order of the phoenix : l’ordre du phénix

- the half-blood prince : le prince de sang-mêlé (”mixed blood”)(half : demi)

- the deathly hallows : les reliques de la mort (”and the relics of death”)

basics :

- hogwarts : poudlard (pou : louse, lard : pork fat)

- ravenclaw : serdaigle (serre : talon) / eagle : aigle (m)

- gryffindor : gryffondor / lion : lion-ne

- slytherin : serpentard (ard : pejorative suffixe) / snake : serpent (m)

- hufflepuff : poufsouffle (souffle : breath, breeze) / badger : blaireau (m)

- wizardry / wizard / witch : sorcellerie (f) / sorcier / sorcière

- muggle : moldu-e / squib : cracmol-e

- mudblood : sang-de-bourbe (sang : blood, bourbe : sludge, mud (rare))

- galleon / sickle / knut : gallion / mornille / noise

Hogwarts related :

- Hogwarts express : Poudlard express / platform nine and three-quarters : plateforme neuf trois-quarts

- house : maison (f) / teacher : professeur-e

- prefect : préfet/fète / headboy : préfet en chef

- castle : château (m) / the restricted section : la Réserve 

- whomping willow : saule (m) cogneur (cogner, v : to bang, hit) / forbidden forest : forêt (f) interdite / gamekeeper : garde-chasse (ep) (chasse (f) : hunt)

- great hall : grande salle “big room”

- marauder’s map : la carte des maraudeurs / Moony : Lunard (lune (f) : moon) / Wormtail : Queudver (queue (f) de ver : ”tail of a worm”) / Padfoot : Patmol (patte (f) molle : “squishy paw”) / Prongs : Cornedrue (corne (f) : horn, dru-e, adj : heavy, thick)

- house championship : coupe des quatre maisons “cup of the four houses”

studies related :

- OWL (Ordinary Wizarding Level) : BUSE (Brevet Universel de Sorcellerie Elémentaire) (buse (f) : buzzard)

- NEWT (Nastily Exhausting Wizarding Tests) : ASPIC (Accumulation de Sorcellerie Particulièrement Intensive et Contraignante) (contraignant-e : restricting)(aspic (m) : asp, type of snake)

- outstanding : optimal / exceeds expectations : efforts exceptionnels / acceptable : acceptable / poor : piètre (: mediocre) / dreadful : désolant (: distressing) / troll

- pr Grubbly-Plank : pr Gobe-Planche (gober, v : to gulp down) / Severus Snape : Severus Rogue (rogue, adj (rare) : arrogant, haughty) / Madam Hooch : Madame Bibine (bibine : cheap wine (fam)) / pr Sprout : pr Chourave (chou : cabbage, rave/navet : turnip)

- ancient runes : runes / arithmancy : arithmancie (f) / astronomy : astronomie (f) / care of magical creatures : cours (m) de soins aux créatures magiques / charms : sortilèges (m) / defense against the dark arts : cours de défense contre les forces du mal / divination : divination (f) / flying : vol (m) / herbology : botanique (f) / history of magic : histoire (f) de la magie  / muggle studies : étude (f) des moldus / potions : potions (f)

- polyjuice potion : polynectar / transfiguration : métamorphose (f)

the second part of this post will be my next one, patience! let me just tell you that the audiobooks are accessible on YOUTUBE! here’s a last treat :

loverskisslikedeath  asked:

Hogwarts: Deanna, Beverly, Tasha, B'Elanna, Kira (I know it says 5, but maybe Seven, too? *hopeful puppy eyes* LOL)

Deanna Troi | Slytherin
She’s basically royalty and knows what she likes. “The Loss” highlights her innate elitism. She is cunning, it’s kind of her job. This gif:

Beverly Crusher | Ravenclaw
She likes puzzles and mysteries and stories. She’s analytical but delights in little things.  The entirety of the episode “Remember Me” –  If there’s nothing wrong with me, maybe there’s something wrong with the universe.

Tasha Yar | Gryffindor
I mean, her whole thing is being scrappy and abrupt and running into danger. She goes down swinging in at least two timelines. 

B’Elanna Torres | Ravenclaw
I know, but she’s a Klingon! And she is passionate and temperamental for sure. But she is driven to take everything apart and understand it, including people, including herself. She overthinks, that’s what leads her down dark paths sometimes. 

Kira Nerys | Gryffindor
Kira joined the Resistance as a child. She is Most Likely To Punch You 7 years running. She has a lot of angst about rules (they’re just guidelines) and morals (they matter). She stares down the enemy and stands with her hands on her hips like the superhero she is. Fearless warrior. 

Seven of Nine | Ravenclaw
She’s so mater of fact about everything ever. She doesn’t accept impossible. The episode where she starts to see conspiracies everywhere. The episode where she finds a perfect molecule and has a religious experience. She has incredible insight simply because she’s always watching. She has an actual spiritual connection to a raven. 

The housemate

Lee put the last of his things in the removal truck and said his silent goodbyes to the street he had lived on for the last 10 years. He was surprised by how little he actually cared. His marriage to Nicola had been dead for at least the last 5 years and it had been a long, slow journey to this inevitable end. No, Lee was happy he was finally here.  Now that the divorce was settled at last, he’d never have to speak to her again if he didn’t want to and, at the moment, he definitely fit into the ‘didn’t want to’ category.

Having been married straight from college, at the age of 21, Lee felt like he’d sacrificed his 20s. That’s partly why he decided to take up a room in a house share in the city when a room became available in his friend Steve’s house. Nicola always hated Steve as well, so it really was a win, win situation.

Steve was there to greet him when he pulled up and helped him carry his boxes. Steve was on the ground floor, close to the kitchen. It wasn’t the best room in the house; small and pokey. But the rent was dirt cheap and it meant he’d have lots of cash each month to save for his own place, whilst having plenty of cash to enjoy the lifestyle he’d missed out on, stuck at home with Nicola.

No, this place was pretty perfect. The only real snag was the fact that his gym was a 30 minute drive away. He could move gyms, but he knew everyone so well there and had so many friends, the extra drive seemed worth it.

Within an hour he’d met most of the other house mates. Steve, he already knew. He was a 30 year old party boy. Good looking and a complete player with the girls. He had exactly the sort of life Lee envied. Karen lived on the top floor. Her room was the biggest and included a small kitchenette, so Steve advised Lee that she usually kept herself to herself. She seemed nice enough though. Thomas was another housemate, but he lived with his girlfriend across town most of the time.

The only housemate he hadn’t met yet was a guy called Troy who lived in the room directly above Lee. He was away for another month travelling around Europe. He was a great guy though, according to Steve.

Lee began his bachelorhood in earnest, out on the town with Steve most nights, picking up hot girls most weekends. Lee was a good-looking guy, tall and athletic looking, so he often found it easier to pull than Steve did. Yes, this was certainly the life he needed after 10 years in a doomed marriage.

Things changed when Troy arrived home two weeks late from his trip around Europe. Troy was tall and broad but also incredibly built, especially considering the fact that he’d been away from his usual gym for almost two months. It was clear straight away that Troy was the alpha male of the house. His presence in any room commanded attention and Steve, who could be a bit of an ass at times, was always sure to be extra friendly around him. Troy was the cool guy and Lee knew straight away that he wanted to be his friend.

Troy was incredibly good looking, but also, it seemed, very lucky with the ladies. Troy seemed to be having sex with someone in the room above Lee every night. He could hear the floorboards creaking and Troy grunting. Lucky bastard, thought Lee, lying in his bed with his laptop on his knees, listening. The sound always turned him on. He wished he was Troy banging that girl and he usually ended up watching some internet porn and jerking off to the sound of it.

Eventually, just the sound of hearing Troy’s grunt as he fucked upstairs could get Lee off. This guy was quickly becoming his idol.

‘Damn, Troy knows how to please the girls’, commented Lee to Steve one weekend while they were out in a bar. ‘How come you didn’t invite him out with us? He could give us some tips.’

‘Oh, this place isn’t really Troy’s scene. He’s gay, he’ll be out in the gay bars across town right now’, said Steve, very matter-of-factly.

‘No way!’ Stammered Lee. He’d always considered himself to have a great gaydar, but Troy had totally passed him by. ‘Fuck me, I didn’t expect that!’

‘Yeah, I know. Still, with him here, at least there’s less competition for us eh?’ Joked Steve, eying up a girl in the corner. ‘Especially you, I mean, all this drinking and late night food is not doing your abs any good.’

Lee was a little taken aback at how brazen Steve was. Yeah, he’d put on a bit of weight. You could see it in his face and stomach. He’d been less enthused to go to his gym than he’d thought; he was starting to enter a bit of a fat phase, as he did every couple of years, before he got his act together again.

‘This is temporary man, trust me’ smiled Lee, determined not to spoil their night by taking offense.

That night, Troy arrived home an hour after Steve and Lee. Lee was alone in his room and listened carefully as Troy led his latest conquest up the stairs and into his bedroom. He lay there in bed, as the banging started almost immediately, the floorboards creaking and Troy’s inevitable grunting, as he fucked his latest guy without a care of who heard.

The sound made Lee’s cock sit up. Even though he knew Troy was upstairs banging a guy, Lee was still turned on. What the fuck? he thought. As Troy carried on grunting, Lee’s hard on grew more and more. In the end he had to take it into his own hand and jack himself off as he heard Troy climax.

Seeing Troy over the next few days was a little more awkward than Lee would have imagined. He found it difficult to make eye contact with him as Troy strutted about the house. The final straw came when Troy was ironing his clothes in the kitchen ready for a night out. He stood there in just his boxers whilst he ironed his shirt. Lee didn’t know where to look as he stumbled in for a snack.

‘Hey man’, said Troy, not looking up from his ironing. His body was more perfect than Lee had anticipated. He was built and incredibly toned. His shoulders were huge and he had large, defined pecs, with a muscled six pack. His butt was large and muscular and led down to massive, hulking thighs with muscles that were clearly defined. Lee realised then that what he felt for Troy wasn’t envy. It was lust.

Now that Lee had acknowledged his feeling for Troy. It was hard to ignore. Listening to him upstairs most nights didn’t help either. It ruined his nights out with Steve as well, he just wasn’t interested like he used to be. He also made sure he was home before Troy so he could be there to hear him in action. It was taking over his life. Lee was even shocked at himself as he walked past Troy’s room, having been up to ask Steve a question, and saw a pile of Troy’s dirty laundry sitting in a basket at the door of Troy’s room. Troy was in the bathroom. In snuck Lee’s hand, his heart racing in case he was caught, reaching around the dirty shirts and socks for the most beautiful pair of blue and red briefs. Holding them in his hand, he quickly ran downstairs and locked himself in the safety of his room. Holding them like the most prized possession in his life, Lee jacked off multiple times that night. There was no coming back from this.

Lee was in too deep. He found himself eating more and exercise had gone out the window. His pecs had grown soft and his layer of fat on his stomach was rounding out into a proper overfed gut. Despite having moved here for a more hedonistic lifestyle, the effects were making Lee feel quite depressed indeed.

One morning, Lee was up earlier than usual. His stomach growling for the leftover pizza in the fridge. He was taken aback when he walked in to see a huge hairy guy in there with Troy. The guy was bearded and built, with a huge gut that hung over his belt.

‘Hey Lee’ said Troy, not taking his hand off the big guy’s round butt, nor glancing at him for more than a second. ‘This is Roy, I met him last night’, again not looking at Lee but moving his hand to sit on top of Roy’s ball gut. ‘Are you sure you’ve had enough to eat big guy?’ he said sweetly.

‘Yeah, thanks. I’d best head off. Thanks for last night’, muttered Roy leaning in for a peck and being met with a large smooch from Troy who lustfully lifted the lower part of his t shirt to grope his love handles and overhang.

‘Catch you again big guy’, grinned Troy as Roy spun around, letting himself out.

‘So. He seems nice’, said a stunned Lee.

‘Have you ever met the guys Troy sleep with?’ Whispered Lee to Steve a few hours later. ‘I accidentally walked in on him with a guy in the kitchen this morning. He was a massive fat guy! And I mean massive!’ Lee modelled with his hands for emphasis.

‘Yeah, Troy’s into bears.’

‘Bears?’ asked Lee.

‘Yeah. Well, not so much bears. Um, let’s just say, Troy is a bit of a chubby chaser. He likes a guy with a bit of a gut on him. I’ve seen him with really big guys, like the one you saw this morning, to guys that are, well, sort of like you really, with a little gut.’

Lee didn’t know whether to be flattered or offended. In fact, he really didn’t know how to feel and so he quickly made his excuses to go back to his room. He took off his shirt and looked in the mirror. His gut was properly developed now. It was a beer gut, it had that sort of shape. His arms were still strong looking and he had nice big shoulders that hadn’t really changed. But the gut was undeniable. He was starting to wear large clothes and his butt had swollen, taking him in to 36″ work pants. He put his hand on the top of his beer gut and placed another below his gut, viewing the whole shape of his new belly. He imagined Troy touching him, like he had Roy that morning. One hand on his thick butt, the other on the top of his gut, gazing lustfully in to his eyes. Lee jacked himself off there and then, gazing at his thick gut in the mirror, imagining Troy touching and exploring it.

Lee learned a lot more about Troy over the coming weeks. Steve had been right, Troy did like guys who had guts and he was always sure to send them home the following morning with a hearty breakfast to keep their guts well fed.

It was thanksgiving and everyone else in the house had left to spend time with families. Troy was having a date round and asked Lee if they could have the kitchen to themselves for a couple of hours that evening.

‘Sure thing’, agreed Lee, pretending not to be jealous.

That night, Lee stayed in his room and heard the door bell ring. Troy raced down the stairs and opened the door. ‘Hey babe’ he cooed. Lee cracked open the door a little to see what this guy looked like. He was deeply disappointed. The guy was pretty small and didn’t have much belly on him at all. His suspicions were confirmed when he saw Troy come out from embracing him and lift up his shirt slightly to reveal only a very small poochy gut.

‘I hope you’re hungry. I’ve been cooking up a storm for this starter belly all day’. Then he leaned in closer and whispered into his ear. ‘And I’m not letting you leave until it’s absolutely stuffed.’

The guy smiled and allowed himself to be led by Troy, hand in hand into the kitchen.

Lee felt a surge of frustration. That guy was so damn pathetic. He hardly had any fat on him at all. What did Troy see in him? He sat there in his room for 20 minutes before the curiosity finally got to him. He crept out of his room and into the short hallway to listen at the kitchen door.

‘You can’t be full already Harry. That’s only half a pizza! You’ve not even had dessert yet!’ exclaimed Troy; frustration clearly evident in his voice.

‘Honestly man, I’m stuffed. I can’t take any more. I’m sorry. Can we just go upstairs now?’

Lee didn’t know what made him do it, but he suddenly felt the urge to walk straight into the kitchen.

‘Oh, jeez, sorry, I forgot that you guys wanted some privacy. I was just getting hungry in my room’, lied Lee.

Harry was sat in the chair in front of Troy. Troy’s huge, muscular thighs were splayed and a slice of pizza was in his hand, trying to coax it into Harry, who was shirtless; his small pathetic gut just barely hanging over his belt.

‘No worries man. We’re pretty much finished in here anyway. There’s loads of pizza if you want some’, said a deflated Troy, throwing the uneaten pizza slice back in to the box.

There certainly was a lot of pizza. Another 2 and half pizzas to be precise, plus a mountain of extras.

‘Cool, thanks man’, said Lee. He made sure to grab the slice Harry had refused to eat,  with another fresh slice. He grabbed a chair and sat next to Harry. He put the two pizza slices, one of top of the other, ready to eat and swallowed it as fast as he could whilst Harry and Troy sat there awkwardly.

‘This food is amazing Troy. I can’t believe you did it all yourself. You must love cooking?’ said Lee in between mouthfuls to lighten the mood.

‘Yeah, I like to cook for guys who appreciate it.’ He gave a slight dirty look at Harry.

‘Mmm, well you can cook for me any time’. He’d just finished his second double slice and was reaching for more.

‘Have you tried that new place down town? Gino’s Pizzeria? I had two whole pizzas to myself Tuesday night after work. It’s amazing.’

‘Yeah, I know the guy who runs that place’, smiled Troy, finally turning away from Harry.

‘It’s so damn good. I tell you, I’ve really started to get in to my food since I’ve been divorced’. He turned to Harry, looking at his tiny gut. ‘I used to look like you just a few months ago. You know, small little gut - no offense man’. He lifted off his t shirt. ‘Now look at me!’ He slapped his round gut that was already bloating from the nearly full pizza he had eaten. ‘My ex would have hated this. My gut is getting huge now. Ha! Fuck her!’ He smiled raising a pizza slice into the air before taking a mouthful.

Troy and Lee talked for ages about food places. Lee did his best to eat and eat and show no signs of slowing or getting full. It was hard work, but he knew this was the best way to get Troy’s attention and it seemed to be working. Troy and Lee had never spoken for this long before.

‘I’m going to head home’ said a sulky Harry half an hour later. Troy opened his mouth to protest when Lee jumped in quickly.

‘Alright man, it was nice to have met you. Take care’. Patting him on the back and turning immediately back to Troy. ‘So what about Indian food? Do you like taking guys on dates to that place on 42nd Street?’

Troy smiled, letting Harry get his shirt back on and let himself out. The pair of them talked for hours as Lee slowly ate everything that was in front of him.

‘Damn, that was good man. I’m sorry, I think I ruined your date with Harry’.

‘That’s alright’, said Troy. ‘That was a bit of a non-starter.’

‘He didn’t really seem your type anyway’ said Lee, carelessly.

‘And what would that be?’ asked Troy with a grin.

Lee squirmed slightly. ‘Did you say there was pudding?’

Half an hour later, Lee was absolutely stuffed but still did a great job of hiding it. His stomach could not be hidden however. It sat out proudly in his lap.

‘I really enjoyed myself tonight’, said Troy.

‘Yeah, man, me too. It was great’, gasped Lee, trying to speak normally, despite being so stuffed.

‘We should do it again some time’, said Troy raising an eyebrow.

‘Anytime you want dude. I love food as you can see’.

Troy got up saying he would sort the washing in the morning. And with that he was gone.

Lee sat there and finally allowed himself to gasp. His gut had never felt like this before. He grunted as he lifted himself up and went into his bedroom. Looking in the mirror, he could see he had chocolate sauce around his mouth and little spills of tomato sauce on his distended gut. He didn’t even care. He fell into his bed and went straight to sleep, feeling very uncomfortable, but satisfied that he had made his point to Troy.

From then on, Lee was certain to never wear a shirt around Troy. He proudly displayed his gut and enjoyed the subtle glances from Troy. Some days when he got up earlier, he would meet some of the guys Troy brought home. He was always delighted when his own gut was larger than theirs. Troy was always sure to welcome him warmly in to the kitchen on these occasions.

Lee became more and more confident, walking around in just his underwear. It also didn’t hurt because of the fact he was outgrowing most of his clothes anyway.

‘Is this your pasta in here Troy?’ said Lee, looking across at Troy who was ironing, getting ready to go out. Both of them were in their underwear. He nodded.

‘Yeah, have it man. It’s delicious and full of cheese. You’ll love it.’

Lee didn’t even get a fork and just started shovelling it into his mouth.

‘Can you believe I’ve put on 80lbs since I moved in here?’ said Lee, slapping his gut after he’d finished. He liked giving Troy an excuse to look at it.

‘Yeah, I can’, smiled Troy.

Lee looked down on it, rubbing and surveying it like he’d just noticed.

’My gut is just getting so damn massive isn’t it? I just really love my food.’

‘The guys in the bars I go to would love you now.’

‘Oh yeah?’ grinned Lee. He was definitely fishing for a compliment.

‘Totally. They’d love that gut on you’.

‘Ha, cool’, smiled Lee confidently.

Troy went back to his ironing. Lee searched desperately for a way to continue the conversation. He had butterflies in his stomach, he felt so nervous.

‘Maybe you should take me some time. I’d like to meet someone who loves this gut as much as I do.’

Troy put the iron down.

‘You like your new gut, huh?’ he said, intrigued.

‘Have you not seen this bad boy? What’s not to love?’ said Lee, fingering his belly button and sliding the other hand over the shelf of his belly.

‘If I’m being really honest man…’ Lee stopped. It was too soon. He was rushing this.

‘Go on’, ordered Troy moving closer to him.

‘If I’m really honest… I actually, I find it hot’.

‘Oh you do, do you?’ said Troy, inching closer and closer to him like a predator, still in just his underwear. ‘Even though you’ve completely lost your abs?’

‘Yeah’, agreed Lee chuckling nervously, rubbing his gut.

‘Even though your ass barely fits into those tiny briefs you’re wearing now?’

‘Ha, yeah, I know!’ said Lee, grabbing his butt and giving it a little jiggle to show he knew his underwear were too small.

‘Even though your moobs now rest on your gut? And you have a massive double chin that shows everyone how greedy you are?’ said Troy getting closer and starting to tower over him.

‘Yeah, man. I…I love it.’ confirmed Lee as Troy reached out his huge jock hand to touch his gut. ‘But there’s something you don’t know’, said Lee, embarrassed and turning away from Troy whilst he said it. 

’I…I want to be fatter’. There was silence. Lee turned around to face Troy again who had stopped advancing.

‘I want to be fatter’, he repeated into Troy’s hard eyes. ‘I want my belly to be bigger than any of the guys you’ve brought home’. 

Troy stared down at him.

‘And… and - I want you to be the one to do it to me’.

Troy looked at him breathlessly. When Lee looked down he could see that both of their cocks were incredibly hard in their underwear.

Troy reached for Lee’s fat butt and pulled him into his hard body, kissing him deeply. It was the hottest moment of Lee’s life. Then Troy stopped, and moved his mouth to Lee’s ear and whispered:

‘I’m going to turn you into the biggest, fattest fucker you’ve ever seen.’

‘Oh man, I so hoped you’d say that’’ said Lee as his underwear were slid down and Troy grabbed his hard cock.

‘Want me to show you fatty?’

‘Yes. Yes, I really do.’

At that moment, Troy spun him around. He threw open the fridge and pushed Lee towards it. Then he pushed his head down to the middle shelf where a huge chocolate gateaux sat, covering his face in it. Then he felt Troy grab a can of squirty cream and pushed it into his exposed ass, filling his ass with it. Then Troy threw off his own underwear and thrust himself into Lee effortlessly.

‘Eat, fat boy! Eat it all’ he ordered, whilst he fucked Troy’s wide ass.

Lee was so turned on. This was all he had wanted for months. He licked and sucked and chomped at the pudding just as Troy commanded, whilst one hand stimulated his throbbing cock and the other rubbed the huge expanse of his fat gut.

‘You want to be my fat boy? Big, fat ass and huge gut?’

‘Yes’, mumbled Lee between mouthfuls. ‘Do it to me’

He could hear Troy grunting as he was about to come. He licked and ate ferociously to complete it before they both came.

‘Shit! You really are the greediest fucking pig I’ve ever met’ marvelled Troy, so close to finishing.

‘I’m your pig’ he emphasised. ‘Make me fucking - oink… oink’ snorted Lee, making both of them come in the most intense orgasm either of them had ever experienced.

Troy pulled out, still panting. Lee stood up straight.

Troy tapped Lee’s fat gut and said, whilst still trying to catch his breath.

‘Get cleaned up. I’m taking this fat belly out for dinner’

*stumbles into reylo tag several days late, carrying Finn and Rose plushies and wearing Kelly’s John Boyega shirt* Sup guys, heard there was discourse, 

step one: start vaguely headcanonning helen of sparta/troy as not attracted to men

step two: get really, really invested in helen not being attracted to men

step three: be sad forever because she never wanted any of this, any of them, and paris was just the next man who wanted to have her, before him is was menelaus and before him were all the damned danaan kings and before them was theseus and she has never been free from men and she’s never loved any of them, the only men she loved were her brothers- castor and pollux, and then later hector, but all men want her and so all men will have her, because there’s no place in this world for a woman who doesn’t want men, especially one as beautiful as her and she curses her face more than any long suffering soldier does because it’s condemned her to be stolen and taken for as long as she’s young and lovely and it makes all the women she’d want to be sisters to (or closer than sisters) hate her in jealousy or for their dead husbands and sons and- she didn’t want this. she didn’t want this war, she didn’t want the suitors, she didn’t want her divine blood and fair cheeks, but that’s what she got and she’ll never be free or safe or in love for as long as she lives because that’s the game the gods want to play