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How to get away with murder: It’s easy, you see! All you have to do is be white and cute, and it’s all easy living from there. Congratulations Amanda Knox and Casey Anthony. Must be nice. Too bad Troy Davis wasn’t white. That would have been all he needed, because the complete lack of evidence sure didn’t save him.
Riot helmets outnumbered the protesters
who, after Troy Davis was executed, stuck around
to throw useless punches into the courthouse grass,
while a woman near the forest of batons
lay sprawled facedown in the lawn gripping a Bible,
a green sea beginning to memorize
the shape of her grief. If I say Death,
cure death, and have such power over the scythe,
how many cranes will it take to lift her
out of this drowning?
                                           If I tell you white
supremacist Lawrence Brewer was executed
five hours earlier for the murder of James Byrd—
if I ask you to look for birds foraging
between his intricate tattoos,
I don’t mean to distract you from the cross
that still burned on his arm that day.
I don’t expect you to stare into a graffiti
of iron-crosses and spider webs scrawled
across flesh and find a thrush vibrating with birdsong,
but I want you to know why I listen for more
than the cawing of crows:
                                           I wanted Brewer dead.
So dead, my tongue swelled fat with hexes, so fat
I wonder how forgive could ever fit inside my mouth.
Somehow it’s always there, fluttering in the larynx
of Ross Byrd—the man whose father was dragged,
urine soaked, by Lawrence behind a truck.
Watch him say it.
I swear,
the word has feathers. I want
to learn to get its wings between my teeth
before more retribution
blots out the sky.
                                           When I tell you
glare flickered off a cop’s visor
and startled a single crow away
from the murder that flapped the sky into inky pieces,
I want you to watch it close enough
to notice its feathers aren’t black at all.
Like bruises and ink, they are
only this full-bodied purple—purple your eyes
will still tell you is black the next time
you see it spread out across sky. Watch it
spread like the flush of pancuronium bromide
into diaphragm, watch close enough to pinpoint
when the muscles lock.
                                           If it is said the injection
is humane, we mean to say this
is humanity: no crack of rope, jerk
of limb, no bloated face, clenched jaw, or reek
rising twisted in smoke from a cooked torso—
we mean to say there is nothing to disturb
the nest between our ribs, there is nothing
to make a heartbeat rumble
like a murder of so many wings.
—  Jamaal May, The Sky, Now Black with Birds

Isn’t it funny how Amerikkka can get a White soldier who abandoned his post released from prison but won’t do shit for all the Blacks wrongfully imprisoned in their own land. These people negotiated with the TALIBAN, a so called terrorist group, but wouldn’t do shit for Troy Davis, Tookie Williams and so on. They won’t even take the bounty off of Assata’s head. I know there are a lot of Blacks who still believe in this system and the “Land of the Free” but I hate to break it to you…….Tupac said it best, “They Don’t Give a Fuck About us!!!”
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George Zimmerman is released.

“The same system that introduced 100:1 crack to powder cocaine ratio to lock blacks up, that killed Troy Davis knowing he could be innocent…”

“The same system that killed & locked up panthers, instigated & set the environment for the assassination of Malcolm X, killed MLK, Lumumba”

“The same system that allowed Oscar Grant’s murderer to walk free.”

“The same system that let Emmett Till’s murderers free.”


I Am Not Trayvon Martin: White Activists in America

This is pretty interesting. Not saying I’m impressed, more like “damn why it take so long for folks to see this shit, bout Damn time!”. Anywho, check it out.

I can hear the protest in Ferguson
from the rocking chair of my front porch.
On foot, thats approximately 872 miles away,
which means if I left at this very moment
it would probably take me 12 days to get there.
Thats right, the riots are loud enough
to hear several states away.

I have to take into consideration
that my skin looks like a bullseye nowadays,
so unless God can thread me a bulletproof vest
out of prayer, I probably won’t make it
out of Pennsylvania alive.

And last I heard there were
war tanks moving at the speed of drive-bys,
rubber bullets being buried in flesh,
and enough tear gas to make you cry bloody murder.
Before that I heard some dwellers of Ferguson
decided looting from Walmart would be
the best way to honor Michael Brown’s memory…

On second thought, maybe I should just stay home.
—  Invisible Tattoos™: Journey to #Ferguson

After all the shit black people have been through on this land, it’s truly a shame that some of us still say “God Bless Amerikkka”. A nation that was founded on the rape, enslavement, and massacre of their ancestors. A nation that made and still makes it comedy to degrade and disrespect Blacks. The same land that deemed it legal for hundreds of whites to gather and watch a Black man or woman tortured and hung from a tree. A land that possesses a system where it is justified for racist police to shoot down innocent black boys and girls with no consequence. A country that blacks have fought and died for, in wars they did not start, only to return home and be treated like shit. As a Black person, how can you say “God Bless Amerikkka”?
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