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literally all i care about is domestic hl. that’s it. napping on airplanes together, throwing small get-togethers in their home and tidying up the house together. harry having special baking days where he and louis do nothing but bake all sorts of brownies and cakes and whatever they want just for fun and giving them to the neighbors because they know they won’t be able to eat it all. them, shopping together at Tesco’s or Sainbury’s. louis throwing all sorts of foods into the cart and Harry just rolls his eyes and says nothing as he smiles to himself because it’s cute how louis just throws whatever into the cart just so he can check things off the list harry made. them, cuddling under several blankets on the sofa as they watch bake off or that antique roadshow. louis accompanying harry on those walks he does with multiple dogs. louis sitting on the counter/island as he swings his legs, humming along quietly to some song harry’s playing in the bright mornings as he makes himself and louis a full english breakfast. 

How about the girls with an s/o who has insomnia and always gets sick because of that?

I believe this ask is right up my alley, considering this is something I deal with myself. Hope this fits your fancy.

Maki Harukawa

  • She isn’t one to be forward in how she thinks you should live your life.
  • In fact, she’s rather independent in your relationship with her, preferring to live her life mostly on her own and occasionally showing her more loving side to you.
  • Of course she notices, as she’s often one to easily pick out what is most noticeable about a person, usually their behavior and physical appearance.
  • The bags under your eyes are a dead giveaway, and so is the way you would space out and sniffle at times.
  • That, combined with your constant fatigue and watery eyes is enough to prompt her to come out of her she’ll and consult you about it.
  • She asks if you haven’t been sleeping well, and when you answer truthfully, she guesses insomnia.
  • She doesn’t sleep that well herself, and knows a bit how it can feel when you’re out of it.
  • She doesn’t do much besides slap a box of sleeping pills in your hands, pat you on the back, and offers to listen to you talk if needed before leaving you be.
  • What a blunt confrontation.

Kirumi Toujou

  • Of course she notices right away how you’re feeling down and a bit sick.
  • She adores you and her natural, almost-motherly, instinct kicks in whenever you’re sick.
  • Sometimes you adore her presence, as her altruistic actions are a part of the reason why you adore her so.
  • But when she goes into over-drive and becomes too overbearing, it can be a bit much
  • She knows that insomnia can take time to help gradually get better, but that doesn’t stop her from trying to help you sleep, or trying to help you whenever you get sick because of it.
  • Whenever you’re sick, you bet that she’ll be there with all the pillows and blankets you can imagine.
  • Not to mention food, tea, medications and books that she’ll read to you whenever you become bored.
  • When not sick and trying to sleep, she’ll suggest working out and trying some sleep-inducing fragrances and perfumes.
  • Even though it is a bit much, it’s touching to know that your love cares so much for you.

Angie Yonaga

  • She doesn’t quite understand how you have difficulty sleeping.
  • After all, God always blesses her with the the most wondrous ability to have beautiful dreams to later turn into artwork as she rests undisturbed.
  • So why doesn’t he bless you, whom she loves so dearly, with the same?
  • At first she apologizes relentlessly, thinking that she is soaking up the good sleep vibes as you two rest together and hoarding all the divine dreams.
  • This of course is accompanied by a few tears as she stares at you with an innocent look of shame.
  • You have to calm her down for a few moments and tell her that it is nowhere near her fault before you can proceed with your conversation.
  • When you explain to her that your sleeping troubles are reoccurring, she seems to brighten with an idea.
  • She promises to bring you all the stuffed animals she could find in the house to make sure that you’re never lonely when you sleep
  • She also promises to go pray to God to send you good sleep and dreams!
  • She tells you to wait a moment as she goes to fetch the animals for you.
  • When you look at her retreating back, you know that you’re lucky to have such a sweet girlfriend

Kaede Akamatsu

  • It takes her quite a while to figure out that you haven’t been sleeping well
  • When she does, she scolds herself for not noticing your worsening condition earlier.
  • She can’t believe she she didn’t notice the bags under your eyes
  • Or how dehydrated you had become
  • Or how you continue to space our or forget things as she is speaking to you
  • Her frustration becomes apparent to you, and she soon becomes a bit angry with you.
  • Why didn’t you tell her?
  • She cares about you so much and wants to do whatever she can to help you stay healthy and happy
  • So why wouldn’t you tell the person who cares about you the most?
  • She eventually puts this aside to focus her attention on you, and practically forces you to have a conversation about how you were feeling and what the two of you should do.
  • She then decides to check on you, and forces you to drink some water before sending you on your way, vowing to help you whenever you get majorly sick because of it.

Miu Iruma

  • She notices that you’ve had dark bags under your puffy eyes and sallow skin right off the bat, but takes a while to build up the confidence to confront you about it.
  • She fears that you would snap at her, or get angry, and is scared that asking you about your sleep habits would be crossing a line.
  • She doesn’t enjoy showing you her crybaby personality, so she attempts her hardest to not cross those boundaries and anger you.
  • Though, as you sniffle and get caught up in dizzy spells, she starts to become more worried and pay more attention to you.
  • Her silence ends when you start to become forgetful, and start misplacing things she asks for despite you having them five minutes prior.
  • She asks if you’ve been sleeping well, and when you eventually answer truthfully, she immediately jumps on the gun and offers to help.
  • She’s like, the best inventor in the entire world! She should be able to help her super cute significant other!
  • She was able to create a fantastic line of super great, out of this world, do-it-while-you-sleep inventions, so she should be able to create something to help you sleep!
  • She’s that talented, so of course her golden brain cells would be able to do this!
  • Right
  • She, despite her telling you to not pull all-nighters, spends an entire night herself trying to tinker some sort of thingamabob to emit sleep vibes to your brain as you sleep.
  • The finished product is…something that you don’t quite want to try.
  • You lie through your teeth and tell the sleep-deprived inventor thank you, in which she lights up at your praise.
  • She gets you to promise that you’ll try the heavy helmet on tonight, and see if it helps you before gloating to herself as she returns to her workbench.
  • You don’t try the helmet on, and instead try to work on another method to help you sleep.
  • In the morning, when she asks you, you feel guilty as you lie and tell her that it did help you sleep some, and that you were feeling better already.
  • However, the loud laugh and the satisfied smile on her face makes it all worth it.

Himiko Yumeno

  • She doesn’t understand at first.
  • Sleep comes so naturally to her, and she’s never had complications with it aside from the occasional nightmare or tough night.
  • Hell, she even sleeps at the drop of the hat, so why is it so hard for you to sleep.
  • When you’re sick because of it, she doesn’t have a clue as to what to do.
  • So when she finds out that she can’t understand no matter how hard she tries, and doesn’t know how to help you, she just pushes you away to deal with the stress.
  • She wants to help you, as she loves you very much, but it she finds it impossible to do so due to a lack of experience.
  • Rest in peace

Tsumugi Shirogane

  • She is no stranger to binging all nighters to stay up and see for a project.
  • Or write a new form of fanfiction. Or to watch a new anime.
  • So she knows well enough how it feels to be low on sleep, and how you can get sick because of it.
  • When she notices your disorganized state, she immediately recognizes sleep deprivation and asks you if you’ve been sleeping enough in an almost motherly tone.
  • When you answer no, she immediately excuses herself and trOY BOLTS over to her computer to search up a few ways to help you sleep.
  • She attempts to try each and every one for you throughout the days.
  • Tea before bed? Don’t worry, she’s there with a full set of anime teacups and saucers and a heaping brew of camomile tea.
  • Changing your sleeping area? She personally sews and knits you a new blanket, pillowcases and other sleep items.
  • You have to eventually build up the guts and tell her that although you appreciate her antics, you are just fine by taking smaller steps and not doing these extreme sleeping hacks gotten from the Internet.
  • She immediately apologizes for her obsessive behavior, and you have to apologize as well and tell her that it was not only appreciated, but it was cute that she was so caring.
  • You then tell her that you think that there was one thing she could do to certainly help you fall asleep.
  • When she asks what it could be with one eyes, you take her hand and lead her to your bed, tackling her in a fit of cuddles.
  • You eventually fall asleep in her arms, much to her delight and joy.

Tenko Chabashira

  • She, being ever so energetic, can notice when a person is drowsy it sick.
  • Studying a physical activity and practicing it constantly makes you notice changes in behavior or posture.
  • She doesn’t find the courage to bring it up with you until you get legitimately sick from it one day.
  • She immediately cancels her activities to take care of you, making you warm foods and tea.
  • She spends a few moments of the day to sit down with you and hesitantly ask if you haven’t been sleeping well, as she didn’t want to bother you with something so personal.
  • When she gets a confirmation, she begins to obsess over trying to help the one she loves.
  • She tells you that it’s okay! It’s totally normal for you to have problems sleeping!
  • You don’t need to feel bad for hiding it from her either!
  • Exercise before sleeping always seems to help her!
  • So she attempts to teach you a few stretches to help despite you being sick.
  • She then parts ways to let you rest, and asks if you to inform her if there was way that she could help.

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