Favorite Games → Far Cry 4

Uncle Pagan here, just checking in on my favorite nephew. So tell me, Ajay, who are you rooting for so far? Have you fallen into Amita’s honey pot, or have you been dazzled by Sabal’s flowing locks and bad-boy jawline? Hey, each to his own. That’s your lifestyle choice to make. He isn’t my cup of tea, contrary to the rash assumption some may make about my appearance. I am indeed batting for the other team. You, more than most, should know that there was only ever one woman for me, my boy.

falling in love with voice actors is literally 20x more dangerous than liking a regular actor 

because a live action actor might have three or four roles that they’re really well known for that you really like but voice actors can voice literally 100 different characters and all of them could be your faves and you will literally watch an entire 100 episode anime so that you can go “ah yes it’s my baby crispin freeman voicing Unnamed Guard #3″


Ashley and Troy swap roles :P

You play a man voiced by Troy Baker who lost his daughter years before the main events of the game. He’s done some pretty bad things. You find a companion in a young girl who’s never really seen the world as it is and is special in some way. You are meant to bring her to someone. There’s a revolution led by an awesome black woman, who later dies (she didnt deserve it tbh) The girl becomes more mature and less carefree after killing someone. You do some more bad things. The girl is kidnapped several times and you become closer to her as the game progresses.

Did I just describe Bioshock: Infinite or The Last Of Us?