troy & brian

mochaos  asked:

Are you troy, brian and Joseph still friends? Or do you at least still talk?

i don’t talk to anyone, ever. my vocal cords haven’t shifted one millimeter in 6 months

Lead me totheark:

As you know, tomorrow is an important date. Marble Hornets anniversary! June 20th! So here is my list with Things you Need when you rewatch it!

1. doritos. You can’ t watch an awesome Show without a good Snack

2. tissues. for the feels. You’ll Need them! Trust me!

3. a strong emotioal state. Especially for Entry #65

4. a friend to lean on or scream at when the Operator appears

5. a THAC Video to calm down afterwards


Where it all started. Featuring the infamous Kaner shuffle and the 2010 Blackhawks giving PKane less shit than he probably deserves.