soldierofsleep  asked:

Hat boys were talking about what their specialties/porn features would be in their farm off stream and Smith said Trott's would be his lips/trout pout (and later Smith sings about how Chris knows how to eat a dick) and Ross would do dungeon BDSM as Max Pain (to which Smith said he could TAKE a remarkable amount of pain, not GIVE ;) ). They didn't say what Smith's traits would be. These fucking boys are so comfortable with each other like my god I have never seen friends say these things.

No see that’s my thing tho, that’s what I’ve been saying.

Regardless of how comfortable you are with your friends, this is something else completely.

I actually DO talk to a few friends like this, but they’re friends that I would gladly fuck.
And who, moreorless, return the sentiment.

So like, yes, it’s great to be this comfortable, but god damn, I am one of the most sexually comfortable people I know, and I’m not even half as bad as these boys, so what is their deal?

That said, my lady has commented on Trott’s lips a number or times, and I agree, but Ross’ lips are just…so pink and…mmm.

And Smith, darling, we know you can take a lot of pain. And, that you enjoy it plenty.
We absolutely know, honey.

Boys. Pls.