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MOTHER 3 - Strawberry Tofu

Hey guys! I wanted to have this recipe come out on Valentine’s Day, but man if this recipe didn’t give me some trouble in R&D. My apologies for the slight delay. This one’s been on my list for a while and I’m actually pretty proud with how it turned out all things considered! 

Strawberry tofu is one of the few items that has seen representation in all three MOTHER games (if you missed it in EarthBound it’s because it was localized into Trout Yogurt for the English speaking audience.) This particular recipe is based on the Mother 3 version as it’s described as a “stylish dessert” rather than the MOTHER version that looks like someone cut whole strawberries in half (hulls intact!) and shoved it in a tofu mold:

umm.. yeah..

Another note that’s somewhat Valentine’s day related is that in MOTHER, there is a doctor who is very curious about Strawberry Tofu and will reward the player with “Words of Love” if he is brought some. Then again if you give the dessert to one of his assistants the player receives “Swear Words.” Neither of these items do anything useful in battle, they’re just a fun little diversion haha.

But hey, I learned a lot about tofu and tofu making as I worked through this recipe so check it out and give it a try!

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Negative man is like Napstablook.

So many Earthbound references. “but nobody came” is what it says in Earthbound when enemies call for backup but no more enemies show up, in the cut out battle with RG03 and RG04 they say they are going to get salmon flavored ice cream, a reference to the trout flavored yogurt in Earthbound.

then theres the entire true lab which is a homage, and the music has many samples of Earthbound music, which itself has all the samples here.

Theres also Gigyas and Photoshop Flowey, and a few more storyline and musical based things can be found here


Day 87 Flashback

Song: HP/MP Restored…But No Taco Bell In Sight

Artist: iamerror

Album: Trout Yogurt

Genre: Nintendocore

Day 87 Post: