trout salad

What did I eat today

I ate a grilled fish ( trout) and iceberg salad for dinner. And I ate a grilled corn. Total:386cals. But I didn’t exercise. I only eat dinner cuz we eat dinner with whole family.

a bad and entitled decision: we’re trying Blue Apron. We got our first box today and it’s very interesting, there are little paper bags called “(recipe name) knick knacks” and a weird paper-pulp bowl with a plum in it. I do love all the thought that went into “how will we get this one plum to people’s houses without it getting hurt.”

Straight out of the gate? I’d love a service similar to this that I can, like, tell them I have flour and sugar and staples like rice? I really really don’t need them to send me 2/3 of a cup of flour.

One big disappointment: There’s a meal called smoked trout and asparagus salad, and they probably sent us less than half a bunch of asparagus. I could eat a whole field of asparagus by myself.

And, yeah. The vegetables look great, and the meat looks good, and the thing that will stop us from doing this after a couple weeks will be hunger. I know it’s not healthy, but under normal circumstances we probably eat 80-90% of our food for the day at dinner time, and these portions are for people who eat, like, three proper meals. You know, people who make healthy choices like that. But, dude, one summer squash for two people?? That is a stretch.

A good thing: I feel like if Michael was interested, it would help him learn to cook - like not just how to take things from raw to cooked but to time the prep of a whole meal. We’ll see. It’s not something I’ve had success trying to teach, because I basically cook on instinct.

Blue apron part two, which I’ve dubbed “bread salad.” Smoked trout is not for us! Or, not for ME anyway. But Michael cooked, and did a good job making this weird af dish.

Staycation in Pac Heights

By Tienlyn Jacobson of Thoughtful Misfit

Apparently, Nikko and I are all about the staycations, because we can’t seem to stop taking them! Our last stay was in Pac Heights, which is easily in my top three neighborhoods in the entire city. Yes, it is home to some of the largest and most beautiful houses in the city and has a street view of the bay that’s pretty phenomenal, but it has also got the most concentrated selection of my favorite spots. While we are home now to continue on with our renovations and to enjoy the holidays, we’re planning another stay before the end of this year and I can’t wait to go back.   

While the shopping is incredible, I wanted to share my top 5 places to swing by when in the neighborhood that go beyond the boutiques. So here goes!

Jane on Fillmore: One of my favorite lunch/coffee spots - try the super healthy salad. The name is literal, it’s so delicious, and very filling! Jane on Fillmore

Juicy News: Hands down the best place to get the magazines you just can’t find anywhere else. I could seriously blow all my money here - and this is where I got my limited edition Kate Moss Playboy But alas, they are going to have to relocate, which is so so sad! But if you love printed mags as much as I do, you can help save Juicy News by donating here. Every dollar counts! Juicy News: donating here

Bun Mee: They have vegan banh mi! And also non-vegan bahn mi that apparently is delicious too. A great spot if you want a grab-and-go kind of meal. I love taking the smokey eggplant bahn mi to nosh on in Lafayette park. Bun Mee:

Chouquet’s: This is my favorite restaurant in the neighborhood. I love their Smoke Trout Mache Salad but everything on the menu is good. The atmosphere is very cozy and you can easily linger here comfortably for a leisurely meal. Chouquet’s

Clay Theatre: My favorite theatre in SF. They show a great selection of art flicks and foreign films and they always have something good on the bill. I have a personal weakness for French films, and they supply these regularly. However, check ahead to make sure you know the schedule! And if you accidentally missed your film like I did during our last stay, you can also head to the Sundance Kabuki Theatre down the street, which usually has a good Indie flick or two. Clay Theatre: Sundance Kabuki Theatre



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A song of amazing ladies

Today I was rereading some of my favourite Asoiaf quotes and it struck me all over again just how many amazingly different and differently human female characters there are in this series. Not just that, but also how many parallels you can draw regarding the ways in which they cope with their predicament in Westeros.

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