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Two lake trout caught during the Tulit'a fishing derby on Trout Lake. The derby was held in early April and there were 50-60 people out on the ice! You could still drive the winter road out to the lake - though the road was quickly melting and turning into a mud hole! Tulit'a, Northwest Territories, Canada.

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Okay so inquisition companion reacts to inquisitor being a merperson (mermaid). The inquisitor gets nervous around water. Which explains why in game we can't go very far in the water before we respawn. Include romances?

Cassandra: She had always chalked up the Herald’s reaction nervous reaction about getting near water and covering up whenever it rained to intense hydrophobia and let it be. So when they accidentally trip and fall into Three Trout Pond, she mistakes their screaming for her to get back as screams for help, and she dives in after them– which is when she sees their legs have turned into a tail. She gawks at them in silence for several moments, eyes wide in surprise. “You– you’re a– merpeople exist?” she finally blurts. The Herald nods, eyes averted. She scowls and scolds them for not telling her. It raises a million new questions, but for now, she sighs and directs them behind the rock wall near the pond to come out and turn back to normal once they dry off, lest anyone except for those in the party see. Once they come clean with the whole truth, however, she readily adjusts to what they are. If Romanced: He pulled her aside from camp, one day, to the nearest body of water. She voiced her concerns, knowing his fear of water, but he just reassures her that all will be explained. He suddenly jumps into the water, to her surprise, and resurfaces, tail splashing the surface. After gasping and staring in surprise, she asks why he didn’t tell them sooner. After a long talk and questioning, she sighs and kisses him. “Thank you for trusting me.” she says, smiling fondly at him.

Blackwall: He was aware that the Herald seemed to be afraid of water, but didn’t question it much. It wasn’t until that fateful day at Three Trout Lake that the truth was revealed. Much like the others, he stares and stares for what seems like a long time, not quite sure if he’s really seeing what he’s seeing. “I- I– what is…” It takes him a few moments to find the words. “You’re a… merperson? Is that the term for it? I didn’t think your kind really existed… listen, my lips are sealed. Come on.” He glances around to make sure no one else saw, and quietly gets them to the surface to dry off and turn back. Once the shock as worn off, he’s curious and tolerant of the Herald. If Romanced: He was baffled when his girlfriend took him out to a pond one evening. “You sure you want to be here for a date?” he asks warily. “If you’re uncomfortable or scared, we can leave.” She just sighs and tells him to bear with her, and with that, she drops into the water, much to his alarm. He jumps in after her, but realizes that she needs no help at all after she dove in. Similarly, he stares and seeks out words that won’t come at first, but after an explanation and the surprise fades, he smiles at her fondly. “Never thought I’d be lucky enough to be one of those men in the stories who end up with a mermaid. I better get used to swimming, eh?”

Iron Bull: He knew the Inquisitor was hiding something. He wasn’t sure what it was, but it was something. He didn’t buy their fear of water, and he found it strange that every time, right before they went off to bathe, their legs would be horribly chapped and dry. It was something he discovered by accident, as they never let anyone see their legs. Then they were perfectly normal after they came back. Once, the thought of mermaids hit him, but he shrugged it off– they didn’t exist. When he sees them come to the surface of the pond, looking abashed, mermaid tail revealed, he grins. “A-ha! That’s it!” He’s not even that shocked, he’s just happy to finally figure them out. He happily reassures them that it’s all fine with him, and he proceeds to ask a lot of questions. If he’s no longer with the Qun, and no longer reporting to the Ben-Hassrath, the Inquisitor answers his questions. If Romanced: His Kadan announces they have something to tell him in private, and he thinks he’s finally going to discover what their secret is. They pull him aside to a quiet, private little place with a pond, and he doesn’t question them or their fear of water. When they hesitate, he just nods with a reassuring smile. They dip into the water and reveal themselves, and after a moment of staring, he shakes himself and nods. “So that’s what it is. Weird, but neat. Thanks for trusting me, Kadan. I won’t tell anyone.” He does a cannon-ball into the water, and grins at them as he wades with them. “So, um… kinky underwater sex?” he asks, teasing, and he laughs as they splash him with their tail.

Sera: She had always thought the Herald’s aversion to water was a bit daft, but she was patient enough not to prank them using buckets of water. But when she sees the Herald surface, a fish tail now replacing their legs, she’s stunned and confused, so confused. “What the– what happened to your legs?! Are you… holy shite, you are! You’re a mer-thingy!” She just stares at them as they babble out an explanation, and she crosses her arms. “This is weird. Really weird, but…” She smirks. “I always thought there was something fishy about the way you acted around water.” She narrowly avoids getting soaked by a splash from the indignant merperson as a result. If Romanced: Her girlfriend dragged her away from camp one evening, and Sera’s befuddled when they come up to a pond. “Love, you friggin’ hate water. Let’s go.” she urges. To her shock, her girlfriend smiles at her and runs, diving into the water with gusto. Sera yelps and chases after her, but stops short at the when her lover comes to the surface, smiling nervously at her. Sera gawps at her, trying to make sense of what she just saw. “You’re– you’re a mermaid! A friggin’ mermaid!” Her girlfriend nods and explains the situation, and desperately hopes that Sera will understand. To her surprise, when she’s done talking, Sera hops into the water with her. She runs a hand over her cheek and splashes her with her free hand. “This is weird,” she admits, “but I still love you. Good thing I can swim, yeah?”

Varric: He had, on a few occasions, asked about the Herald’s aversion to water, asking if there was a story behind it. They hastily dodged the question or denied it every time, so he was going to be set on making up his own story. Of course, when he saw them fall into a pond and get a fish tail instead of legs, he realized he couldn’t tell this story; no one would believe him. After staring for a few moments, he grins widely. “Our leader is half fish. Please tell me you have stories to share! This is even better than I could have hoped for…” 

Cole: He knew; there was no moment of shock or revelation. Instead, he helps the Herald by helping them find water and making sure no one will see them when they go for a dip; they have to go into water now and then or suffer health consequences. When the others find out, the Herald’s a bit worried as to how they really feel, but he reassures them. “They’re confused,” he says, “but they’re curious and wondering. They’re not unhappy or scared. Some of them are happy that they know now.” He also gets the others to help the Herald with the aforementioned things.

Solas: Even he didn’t know that mermaids existed; either they were very well-hidden or came into existence after the fall of Arlathan. He had wondered what, exactly, was wrong with the Herald. Like Bull, he noted that they got ill if they didn’t go into water enough, and that they refused to be anywhere near the others if they had to. For once, he’s caught off-guard, and he stares for a few moments at the Herald before clearing his throat. “…I have questions.” he finally says, smiling reassuringly at them. “If you’re comfortable.” He starts looking into spells to keep them hydrated for longer, even in places like the Hissing Wastes. If Romanced: His vhenan took him from camp one evening to a small grove with a little pond. He quirked an eyebrow but did not question her, and he looked at her curiously. The man doesn’t even panic when she dives into the water; he just approaches the water’s edge and sees her surface, looking sheepish. After staring for a few moments, for once surprised, he smiles, to her shock. “This is why you were acting strangely before. I have questions, but for now… thank you for trusting me, vhenan.” His heart soared; he wasn’t the only one with a secret, and maybe if he could get up the courage, she’d be more understanding than he anticipated.

Dorian: He had never given much thought to mermaids; he didn’t believe they existed. He had found the Herald’s behavior unusual, but trying to ask them questions bore no fruit. It wasn’t until that day they fell in the pond was the truth revealed, and he stares for a good few minutes, jaw dropped. “You’re a merperson– they exist.” he finally gasps in awe. Then he grins, eyes lit up. “I have so many questions. This is fascinating! Oh, and you’re alright with me, don’t worry about that. Now, really, how does that work, when you get your tail…?” He also begins researching spells with Solas to keep them from drying out less readily. If Romanced: He was surely curious when the Inquisitor got him to go somewhere private with him, and even more so when he saw he was brought to a little pond. “What are we doing here, hmm?” he inquires. The Inquisitor asks him to bear with him, and watch. With that, he dives in with gusto, and Dorian hurries to the water’s edge. He’s left shocked as the Inquisitor surfaces and raises their fish tail above the water, looking at him hopefully. “You’re a merman.” he gasps, and the Herald nods his head. To his surprise, Dorian pulls off his clothes (lest they get wet) and hops into the water with him, blushing but smiling. “You’re lucky I like to swim.” he teases. “Don’t get me wrong, Amatus, I have a lot of questions. I’m in love with a merman. Me. It’s like one of those sappy fairy tales…”

Vivienne: If you had told her that merpeople existed, she would have laughed in your face. That is, up until the Herald careens into the water and is revealed to be one. She had always thought the Herald had a health condition they were hiding, but attempts to question them had never succeeded. This, however… even Vivienne found herself shocked by the revelation. She shakes herself into reality and clears her throat, trying to appear dignified. “So this is why you were so afraid of water,” she says, “you’re a merperson. I would have never imagined your kind existed.” She’s curious, of course, and agrees that it should be kept hidden; she aids the other mages in research and frequently nags the Herald to go take a dip if they appear too dry or unhealthy. When the Herald is in Halamshiral, she sternly tells them to stay away from any and all fountains, lest they get wet and everyone sees. If she sees them near one, she pulls them away and gives them a talking-to.

Josephine: Antivan lore was full of stories of this sort of thing– both tales of merfolk luring sailors to their deaths and tales of merfolk falling in love with sailors and coming upon land. Josephine loves them, of course, but never really believed them to be more than stories. So when the Herald is revealed in all their glory, she stares and stares before breaking down into excited giggles. “Oh, this is so amazing!” she squeals. “You have to tell me all about it– life under the sea, all of it!” She clears her throat and blushes sheepishly. “I agree we should keep it a secret, but… thank you for telling us.” If Romanced: She’s even more excited when her love takes a dip into the pond they brought her to on a date and reveals themselves. After staring and gaping, she squeals in delight– it’s just like a fairy tale. She kisses them and giggles. “It’s just like the tales from home. I never would have thought I would be the one to fall in love with a merperson.”

Leliana: She had had her suspicions from the start, but had never been able to find out what exactly the Inquisitor was hiding, and it irked her. When the Inquisitor finally shows her what they are, her brow raises. Once or twice, the thought had come to her of them as a mermaid, but she had dismissed it as too unlikely, probably impossible. “I see,” she finally says, “this is… unexpected.” She starts asking if they know any other mermaids who’d be willing to help spy for the Inquisition– eyes inside the Waking Sea would be a boon indeed.

Cullen: Ferelden legend had little to no mention of mermaids, and he hardly ever thought of them at all. So when the Herald pulls him and the other advisers away and show him by taking a dip in a pond, he’s utterly flabbergasted. “I– I don’t– you’re a– a–” He finally sighs, rubbing a hand over his face. “A merperson. Maker’s Breath, I didn’t think your kind existed. No one did.” He takes to it well enough with time, though he becomes paranoid of the Inquisitor accidentally stepping in a puddle of water. If Romanced: He’s hesitant to take his apparently hydrophobic girlfriend to the lake, but she insists for some reason. He’s confused and worried for her and nearly has a heart attack when she jumps right into the lake, and he’s about to jump in after her when she surfaces and raises her tail. He gasps, loudly, and stares. Finally, he kneels down on the dock, putting a hand under her chin. “Is this why you were so afraid of water?” She nods and explains a bit, and finally, he nods. “Thank you for telling me.” To her surprise, he then takes off the armor and hops in with her.


Fly fishing the Upper Owens River in the winter is fantastic.  It is stunningly beautiful.  Peaceful.  Quiet except for the occasional piercing sound of a hawk.  Clear and very cold this day.  Not another person to be seen.  The fishing went off. 

i had a rlly bad seizure this morning and i was gonna cancel the whole day bUT I’M SO GLAD I DIDN’T BC 

i got to rant abt crip shit and talk about cripple punk and disability justice and accessibility in vancouver and indigenous vs colonial ideas re: disability/accessibility and it’s gonna be a part of another crip’s project for her degree 

and we were supposed to have like a 45min interview but it turned into an hour and a half bc we were both having a good time and walking/wheeling around trout lake and if i’m still alive in august we’ll probably hang out again then when she’s back in vancouver and ahhh that hour and a half was what i needed fuck yea 


The Pine Forest Range, in northern Nevada’s Great Basin, is a rare and exceptional area of abundant streams and clear, cold subalpine lakes. Nestled in a cirque and fed by snowmelt and springs, these lakes are not only visually stunning but also possess an excellent trout fishery. The lakes are surrounded by a rare population of white bark and limber pines; stands of aspen and mountain mahogany are also found throughout the area. Fall brings out colors found in few other places in northern Nevada.  

Photos by Bob Wick, BLM.


Some interesting conversations during a recent backpacking & fly fishing trip in the eastern Sierra.  America used to be a relatively egalitarian place with a strong middle class.   Is this still reality?  Is it still true that if you educate yourself and work hard you will be rewarded?  Everyone in America needs a strong middle class.  Without it we will fail.

Camping trip - Appa!Minseok

Chanyeol / Lay / Suho / Baekhyun / Kai / Chen / Tao  / Kris 1 / Kris 2 / Sehun / D.O / Luhan

Genre: fluff

Summary: Camping with your husband and daughter leads to an unexpected yet welcomed visitor. (your daughter is currently 6 years old)

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