trout i guess


well, no one’s really at the aquarium for the river trout.


I know it’s been a while, but new Tarot Cards! o: This is still the… Tarot Challenge thing that I no longer remember the name of DIY Tarot Challenge! 

Still playing around with borders and how to do the titles (so don’t expect these to look 100% the same in the future) but the key art is done…ish (I haven’t settled on The Hermit yet. There is a background… but I like it without the background so idk). 

Anyway. I hope you enjoy! I know these aren’t really traditional with the symbols and posing I’ve gone with, but I’ve been trying to do these more intuitively and create something a little unique. 

Next is the wheel o-o; which I’m slightly concerned about, but hopefully it won’t take like five months to do. 

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man what happened with this season of OUAT, though? all the stuff they talked about at CC and stuff this summer, hell, even the things the premiere seems to set up are so different from what actually happened.

is this what they meant by this season being “misleading”? because misleading: there are multiple ways to interpret something and the show doesn’t go for the obvious interpretation. 

not misleading: everything is out of left field with little to no set up. and you’re confused not because you were tricked and now you “see”, but because it’s just bizarre and nonsensical. 

it’s like ordering a sundae and, as a “surprise”, getting a trout. like, yeah, i guess that IS misleading, but not in a way that makes any sense.