trouser split

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what happened last night? whats with tambourine man's pants?

Haha Mr. Tambourine Man was doing his favorite slut drops, when suddenly:

Poor thing split his trousers, then he changed into new ones, but I’m not even sure if they were his, they look a bit big on him :D

Miles gave him some eskimo kisses :D

And all was good in the end :D

So usually when the Hawkes are presented as twins, they’re a purple and a blue hawke, or a purple and a red hawke. They’re so rarely (except in that one AMAZING picture set) a pair of purple Hawkes.

Can you imagine though?

Like young Leandra and Malcolm raising these adorable dark haired babies who are happy and giggling and become holy fucking terrors by the time they can walk. EVERYTHING is hilarious. Spitting out food and making shapes with it? Great. The way their parents just despair? Better yet.  The sound their bare baby feet make when they run through the pig pens? Fantastic. 

They never actually stop being holy terrors. When Leandra tries to teach Marian how to be more ladylike, and Garrett is like “Mari! Ser Malory fell in the market and he split his trousers” and Marian just RUNS, half-dressed, hair undone because she cannot miss this Mum, andraste’s tits!, but Garrett has soaked the ground outside the door so Marian slides in the mud and ruins her dress and her pretty hair.

Leandra is horrified, but Marian bursts out laughing because well played, brother.

Malcolm tries to teach Garrett control with his magic, in the safety of their home while Leandra and Marian are gardening, and Marian keeps pressing her face to the glass and making these awful faces and Garrett maaaaybe singes Malcolm’s beard because his control isn’t strong enough yet to magic and laugh at the same time.

Just the absolute despair of having two Hawkes who think they’re the funniest people in the room and think their twin is JUST as hilarious. 

Carver’s grumpiness and Bethany’s sweetness must have seemed maker sent when Leandra had the younger twins.

highlights of EYCTE tour

(in no particular order)

Alex splitting his trousers doing a slut drop and having to change (probably into trousers that weren’t his own….)
all the wonderful covers!!!!! (Moonage Daydream is a personal favourite)
Miles’ beautiful robes
Tambourine gate (alex you can’t keep breaking all these tambourines)
Alex’s hair evolution
mic sharing 
Alex starting any gig he could from a balcony like a dramatic motherfucker (bonus: in his hotel bathrobe)
Miles’ backbends 
the (almost) kisses and hugs from behind 
Alex wearing a flower crown
fucking cute fan selfies (and only stories about how polite and generous the guys are)
Alex either dancing dramatically or just straight up lying on the floor 
after show acoustic sessions 
Alex stealing a girl’s sunglasses
the pair taking (and wearing) a banner (and reportedly not returning it) (is it hanging up in their tour bus now i hope so)
“i’ll give you the D” “i wish you would”
alex getting on the amp and not being able to get down without help
incredible lighting (and miracle aligner petals at Alexandra Palace)

just everything beautiful and good, it’s been a fantastic time and my heart hurts

  • me: these trousers have lasted me so long i can't believe they haven't split yet
  • me, literally ten seconds later: *stands up and splits trousers*