trouser split

Bound (Yoongi/Reader)

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Genre: Smut/PWP

Words: 2.3k

Author: Admin Meyg

Prompt: Could you write a rope bunny fic for yoongi where he goes down on y/n and teases her and is super dominate and sexy like restrains her with handcuffs and the ropes and fucks her til she can’t remember her own name please lmao (Daddy kink encouraged) FAM I TRIED. YOU ARE WILD

A/N: I’d like to make a huge shout out to Admin Kea, because honestly she completely saved this fic from the absolute trash that it was. Everyone thank her for being able to save this fic.

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Prompt:  Ohh well if you insist. How about Bones x reader and a uniform malfunction whilst on an away mission. Trouser split or acid melting away fabric kind of thing. Embarrassment but then fluff etc etc, realisation of feelings etc. 😘
Word Count: 820
Warnings: Clothes being pulled off of you
Author’s Note: This was really fun to write

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I made another thing. I am not sure whether 漢襦 have 小腰. I am sure 小腰 existed then, just not sure whether they were on the short tops. Tell me if anyone know.

Basically there are three types for cross-collar tops in the market:

1 with separate waist pieces [rare],

2 without separate waist pieces but with symmetrical inner piece, and 

3 without separate waist pieces but with asymmetrical inner piece aka Ming style.

For parallel-collar tops, they can come with or without side splits.

裋褐 means clothing made from rough fabric - they are not fancy things. Now it generally refers to clothing style which one wears a knee-length short top (generally with side splits) with trousers.

Contact me if I made mistakes somewhere or you have something to add on.

Did I confused people even more?

Jockmail - part 2

Here’s part 2 - feedback welcome, as always!

When Jack got home, he went straight to his room, slammed the door shut and stripped down to the thong. Without even a conscious thought, he was hard and couldn’t stop himself from stroking his thick cock. He tugged on the waistband of the thong, pulling the rear strap further between his cheeks.

Jack was moaning as his hand pumped his cock faster and despite cumming only a few hours before, he was soon shooting his load all over the carpet.

Once he’d recovered from his second orgasm of the day, he put the thong to the back of his underwear drawer – still drenched in cum – before tearing open the jiffy bag that had his name on.

“Jack, you managed to get through the first day without too much trouble. Let’s see how you fair on day 2. In the bag, you’ll find the trousers that you’ll be wearing to school tomorrow. Good luck getting them on. The only other requirement is that you freeball underneath them – no underwear at all. I look forward to seeing that fat arse trying to burst out. Until tomorrow …”

Jack pulled out the trousers and instantly checked the size – they were a size 30 waist, which was 2 sizes smaller than Jack usually wore to school. He could occasionally get into a 32, but they were a nightmare to wrestle his ample butt into. He had no idea how he’d manage with the 30.

Deciding to try them out, Jack stepped into them and started the arduous process of getting them on. He managed to get them as far as mid-thigh before they wouldn’t go any higher. It took a good ten minutes before he managed to get them to his waist, by which point they were bulging at the rear seam and the thigh seam and his manhood was hanging out of the open fly. He laid down on the bed to suck his toned stomach in, but no matter how much he tried, he couldn’t fasten the button.

‘What the hell am I going to do?’

If he wore the trousers, his cock would be hanging out, but if he didn’t, his secret would be out. With a wave of inspiration, Jack grabbed a black leather belt and threaded it through the belt loops. With a struggle he managed to do up the belt, tuck in his cock and balls and pull up the fly. The button on the waistband was still undone and the fly was half an inch from the top, but after a check in the mirror, no one would notice.

Unfortunately, his bulge looked obscene in the skin tight trousers and his massive butt looked as though it were in a pressure container. Jack grabbed his spare uniform blazer that he never wore due to being a size too big and was relieved to see that it just covered him at the front, even if his bulbous cheeks were still very much on display.

Satisfied that he could deal with it, Jack got changed and tried not to think about getting through the next school day.

The following morning, Jack wrestled himself back into the trousers, slipped on his black dress shoes and pulled on his white shirt and slightly too big blazer. His bulge was to the left of the fly and it was obvious he wasn’t wearing underwear, but with the blazer done up, he was fairly well covered.

When Jack got to school, he was surprised that there wasn’t a note in his locker, but assuming that was a good thing, he headed to his first class.

Jack spent the morning being exceptionally careful every time he sat down and apart from one of the guys on the rugby team making a comment about his second skin trousers, he got to lunchtime without a problem.

He lunched with the guys as normal, before returning to his locker to get his books for the afternoon. It was when he opened his locker that he started to worry. There was a note.

“Looks like this task is just too easy. Very clever using that jacket to hide your bulge, but let’s see how you get on with a bit of added discomfort. In the envelope, you’ll find a blue pill – take it before you go into your history class. It’s a double period so will make for an interesting class. Enjoy!”

Jack was completely against drugs and had no idea what the little blue pill could be, but he was desperate to get more photos deleted, so he popped the pill in his mouth and swallowed it dry before heading to history class.

He took a seat at the back and was relieved that this was the one class that he didn’t share with any of his rugby buddies.

At first, Jack thought the pill was just to put him on edge, but after half an hour, he started to feel a stirring in his crotch. He shifted in his slightly to try and get more comfortable, but within a minute, his cock had gone from soft to a full blown hard on – at least, as hard as it could get in the tight confines of the trousers.

Jack shifted around a little more to try and ease some of the pressure, but this only made matters worse as his cock started to lengthen out. With nowhere for it to go, it rested against the fly. Jack tried to focus on the history lesson, but his cock was twitching uncontrollably and as he tried to slide down in his seat to make himself more comfortable, the zipper burst open and his rock hard cock flopped out into the open.

Horrified that his cock was out in class, Jack did a quick glance around to make sure no one could see his predicament before trying to push it back inside his trousers, but his cock was way too big and hard to get back into the tight trousers.

Jack started to sweat as he tried to wrestle his throbbing cock back into the tight confines of his trousers, but it was no use and the touch of his hand against his hard on was making him bite his lip. Sliding down in his seat a little more, Jack undid his belt, which allowed the trousers to fall open completely.

After wiping the sweat from his forehead and suppressing a groan, Jack grabbed his cock and pushed it inside his trousers, before struggling to try and do his belt up. He managed to get it done up, but the fly was well and truly busted and the tight trousers gaped open. Aside from that problem, his hard cock was clearly obvious in the thin grey material and there was even a small wet spot of pre-cum bubbling on the material where the head of his cock rested against his thigh.

Jack looked at the clock and saw that there was only 15 minutes until class finished. Then he’d have to get to his locker and get home without anyone seeing the gaping fly that revealed his lack of underwear. Then there was the bigger issue of his throbbing hard on. He could only imagine that the little blue pill was Viagra and it was certainly doing its job.

Jack spent the rest of class trying to think of everything and anything that would get rid of his erection, but the more he tried to get rid of it, the harder he got. Sweat had caused his shirt to cling to his toned chest and stomach beneath his blazer and he could feel moisture running down his back and into the crack of his ample butt.

As the seconds ticked away for the last minute of class, Jack started to panic. He squirmed uncomfortably in seat, terrified that people would see his predicament and desperate to shoot his load after being hard for so long.

The sweat was dripping off of Jack when the bell finally rang. He was breathless as he watched the rest of the class leave and the teacher follow them. It was then that he stood up, but as he did, the friction as his trousers rubbed against his boner was too much and he started to shoot the biggest load he’d ever had. The cum came through the trousers and ran down his leg on the inside and outside. The left side of his trousers were covered in the wet sticky goo and it was obvious that he’d just cum in his pants.

‘What am I gonna do?’ he whispered to himself.

Thinking fast, he took off his blazer and folded it over his arm so that in the right position, it completely covered the front of his trousers to his knees. His white shirt was see through from the sweat, but without a moment’s hesitation, he darted for the lockers.

As he opened his locker, he was unsurprised to see another envelope and he grabbed this after depositing his textbooks and heading out of the school’s rear exit that most people didn’t use.

Jack found a quiet spot and leaned against a tree as he tore open the envelope.

“You did well today, Jack. I’m disappointed that you didn’t rip those pants wide open in class, before your hard on was definitely a nice sight under the desk. Tomorrow you can wear what you want, but when you arrive at school, you need to go to the old art studio for 8am. You’ll receive further instructions when you arrive.

P.S I’ve now deleted 32% of the photos. You’re getting there!”

Jack put the envelope in his bag and keeping a tight grip of the blazer over the front of his trousers, he started the walk home. It was only when he was just a few streets over that he made the fatal mistake of dropping his blazer.

Without even thinking, Jack bent over and the trousers burst open from waistband to crotch and straight up the front, the button bursting off. The trousers were completely split open and Jack’s big beefy butt, soft cock and low hanging balls were bared for all to see. Jack held up the two sides of his trousers, which were staying up due to how tight they were on his thighs. As quickly as he could, he walked towards his street after pausing to tie his blazer around his waist to hide his ample butt.

Jack got to his front door and practically fell through it in his hurry to get inside. No one had seen him … or so he hoped.

But little did he know that his blackmailer had been following him home and had caught the whole ordeal on camera. Now he had even more material to use and things were about to get even more interesting because Jack wasn’t the only one who was going to be in the old art studio at 8am.


Chapter 8- Sleepless night

PRANK’D, It’s a Purple page.

The boys grabbed a glass of water each a popped it onto Jon’s nightstand, getting ready for bed. It was really early, but the pair were knackered from the day.

“Where do you want me to sleep?”

“Well you can just sleep with me? I mean, we got like 7 people in this bed last night, I think it can take me and you without being too bad. Unless you don’t wanna I mean.”

“Nah its cool. You don’t mind me sleeping in my boxers though?”

“No man.” Jon shook his head. “Don’t worry about it, I sleep in mine too.”

Evan started to strip down as Jon went to the bathroom. He came back into find Evan lazily spread in bed, watching him.

“What? Waiting for me to undress are we you damn pervert?”

“Obviously.” Evan smirked, still not taking his eyes from Jon.

Jon slipped out of his clothing, it was kind of awkward the fact that he could still feel Evans eyes on him. A part of him wanted him to stop, but another part didn’t want him too. He felt like he needed to put on some kind of show.

Evan started to feel somewhat heated as Jon started with his top, showing his strong inked arm and defined back and ended with him pulling down his trousers. As he bent down Evan couldn’t help but think about the ass now in his face. It was a fine butt.

“Damn, that bootay though.” Evan exclaimed in his childish voice, leaning over to spank the unexpected Jon. Jon jumped back, frowning as he nearly split the trousers still around his ankles.

“Fuck off you bitch!”

“Or what? You gonna twerk me to death?”

“Don’t temp me!” Jon laughed, falling onto Evan who was still under the cover, wrestling him.

“You know I am stronger than you!” Evan cried, slamming Jon into the uncovered bed. Jon was laughing like a maniac as he got over excited and became giddy. He hadn’t felt like such a child in ages.

“Yeah, but I have legs for days!” Jon replied, wrapping the unsuspecting Evan in his legs and rolling him back around so he was sat on top of him.

“Yeah but-” Evan’s smirked, un-linking his hands from Jon’s. “I’m not ticklish.”

Shook formed on Jon’s face as he tried to wiggle away, but Evan had already got a firm grip on his wrist, his other hand making it’s way to Jon’s armpit.

“That’s not fair!” Jon cried before he exploded with laughter. “Stop Ev-”


“I’m going to die!” Jon was in tears, falling off of the bed as he tried to get away.

“Oh shit, are you alright?” But Evan already knew the answer. Jon was laughing hard and he laid on the floor, looking up at Evan. It was a high excitable laugh as he found himself in a fit of hysterics.

Evan smiled, watching Jon laugh was so endearing.

“I thought I was gonna damn die or somethin-”

Evans phone suddenly started to ring, cutting off Jon, causing the pair to jump .

Evan stared, stretching across to the nightstand to answer, with Jon watching him from the floor.


It was Georgia.

“Look, Evan, I’m really sorry about what I said, and I didn’t mean it and I just wanted to tell you so. Please forgive me.”

Evan paused, looking over towards Jon who’s eyes were piercing his flesh with worry planted on his pretty little face.

“G, I’m sorry too. I shouldn’t of ignored you for my friends. I mean, I still stand by what I said but, it’s not your fault. You’re a really sweet girl, and I’m sure you’ll find someone better.”


“G you know this isn’t going to work like it used too.”

“I know Evan, I just wanted to tell you that I was sorry for the whole thing, and to break up in a mature manner. I didn’t want us to leave on a bad note Ev. I really did love you. It was just we were falling apart already, and I think that made us crack.”

Evan could still feel eyes on him.

“Hey, look, it was amazing whilst it lasted. Have a good life. Night, night Georgie.”

“Night Ev.”

The phone went dead, and so did Evans heart. The girl he had spent the last 2 years with had gone and was never coming back. He had seen them getting married, having children, having a life together but it was broken in just a few ‘night night’s to each other.

It was true that they had been on a bad road, hence why Georgia wanted to come with Evan on his trip.

Evan had been flirting with other people, and Georgia had been cheating on a few drunken nights out. They were as bad as each other.

Evan suddenly felt a hand on his back, twisting around his hip. It was going to be okay, Jon was here.

“You wanna talk about it?” Jon muttered, who had come from his laying position on the floor to sit next to Evan on the side of the bed.

Evan shrugged, he didn’t know what to say. He was heartbroken. It was enviable, but it still hurt knowing it was finally over.

Jon hummed lightly, he couldn’t let Evan go to bed now.

“Want me to go to the shop and get a fuck ton of ice-cream?”

Evan looked towards Jon, he didn’t want to cry, but he was anyway.

“Hey, I didn’t know you liked ice-cream that much!” Jon joked, pulling the misty eyed man into his arms. He felt him try and laugh at his joke for it to come out in sobs.

“It’s gonna be okay Ev.” He whispered, rubbing the circles into his back.

“That’s going to be the last goodbye I’ll ever give her.” Evan sobbed, rubbing his wet eyes onto Jon’s bare skin.

“I know, but that’ll mean you have a chance for another hello.” Jon stated, causing Evan to frown.

“That made more sense in my head.”

Evan smiled slightly, which was an achievement for Jon.

“Let’s get you some damn good ice cream.”

He felt bad when he left Evan tucked into his covers, on his laptop. He was scared he was going to do something stupid, like message her.

He was at the shop down the road, with a pair of sweatpants, trainers and a loss top on. He wished he had put some kind of jumper on though, as the air was nippy and the frozen isle gave him goosebumps.

He had told him he’d get a fuck ton of ice-cream, but after doing laundry today he had very little change so he grabbed Evan’s favourite favour, cookie dough, in the shitist brand name and paid.

Worried, he ran back towards his house, finding Evan to be searching up flats.

“I thought I was going to find you making yourself even more sad.” Jon said, handing Evan the tub and a spoon.

“Oh I love Little Pops own brand of ice-cream.” Evan said sarcastically, rolling his eyes.

Jon snorted.

“Well I am a damn psycho- psychic or whatever its called.”

“Psychic.” Evan laughed, it was nice to see him laugh again.

“So what you doing?”

Evan hummed, shutting down the page.

“Not a lot, just getting prepared for uni.”

Jon nodded, feeling like he was going to lose Evan again.

Evan looked towards Jon who was now harbouring a sad expression.

“I’m sorry.”

“For what?” Jon said, masking the fact his heart was hurting behind a chipper voice. Evan wasn’t one to buy it though.

“For moving away and everything. For leaving you.”

Jon looked towards Evan, his expression now blank.

“It’s not your fault Ev, even though I joke that it is. It’s not. You were just following your dream, you were just doing what you love-”

“And leaving what I love. I could of stayed and everything would be better here-”

“Ev, this isn’t your responsibility. I’m not some sensitive bitch who needs ca-”

“But you are Jo. You needed me and I didn’t do anything. How can I be a good friend if I’m not here for you when you’re unhappy.”

“Your problem is that you’re too kind and caring.” Jon mumbled, keeping eye contact with Evan. “You care more about others than you do yourself. I’m the bad friend if I stop you from doing what you want to do just because I can’t learn to be independent.”

“Yeah but that’s not your fault-”

Jon exhaled harshly, cutting off Evan. His eyes trailed down the floor before wandering back up to Evan’s deep eyes. A light smile tinted his face.

“I’m too tired for this shit. Budge over.”

He began to undress again into his boxers with Evan giving him a confused frown, but didn’t push the matter. They were both tired and a full blown argument over what they believed was right without a right answer would be hell.

Jon lifted up the cover and darted under, snuggling up to Evan.

“Ah get away from me, you’re freezing!”

“Says the guy who’s eating ice-cream.” Jon pointed out.

Evan huffed, letting Jon’s cold body parts sit on his for warmth. They bare interaction felt nice as skin touched skin.

They sat there for a little while, watching music videos and gaming channels.

“Thanks Jo.”

“For what?” Jon replied sleepily, his head propped up on Evans broad shoulder.

“For making me feel better, and for the ice cream and stuff. You know I do secretly appreciate it. Even if I don’t tell you-”

“I know.” Jon responded. “You’re my best friend, I’d do anything for you.”

Evan felt a bit teary again. It was the nicest thing anyone had ever said to him. That they’d do anything for him.

Evan rested his head on the others and his arm reached around to meet Jon’s upper arm.

“You know I’d do anything for you too.”

“Like move all the way across the country for school? That kind of anything?” Jon whipped sarcastically.

Evan snorted.

“Oh, of course you’re going to hold it against me for the rest of my life. I see how it is.”

“Yeah, you’re going to have to make up for it big time mister man. I’m going to hold it against you the next time you ask me for ice-cream at 10 o’clock too.”

“Damn, that’s brutal.” Evan smirked, bringing the laptop lid down so they were engulfed in darkness.

They stayed silent, listening to one another’s breathing as they rested against each other.

Jon was the first to move, bringing their heads onto the pillows provided.

“Night Ev. Have a good sleep, and wake me up if ya feel bad.”

“Mhm, night Jo.”

Evan laid awake thinking for a little while, his body pressed up against Jon’s slimmer one. He was still a little bit cold.

Suddenly, Jon’s phone vibrated, the light blinking slightly.

Evan had been wrong to assume Jon was asleep when Jon reached out for it, reading the text.

He pressed it up to his ear in a whisper.

“Ma, it’s like midnight… okay, okay, no, pa didn’t come here. No, ma he hasn’t in a year. I know you’re sad, yes, mhmm. Can’t you two sort it out yourselves? I’m sleeping.”

Jon suddenly huffed, quietly getting out of bed. Evan heard him walk down the stairs and open a drawer.

“Ma we literally have like 20 dollars to live off. Yes, I counted all the money left in the stash too. Ma, pa is ages away. No, no you’re not going anywhere. Ma!”

Jon exhaled sharply. Throwing his phone harshly onto the counter when it buzzed as his mum ended the call.

Jon stood in silence for a second, watching himself frown in the reflection of the dark window. Why did he have to deal with his parents problems? It was theirs, not his. He hated it. It made feel bad when his mum would beg him to contact his dad, and how she missed him. At least he knew what missing someone felt like. That’s why it hurt him so much.

The thing that pissed him off the most was that they both knew that he couldn’t get in contact with dad, else she’d miss him more. Yet she kept putting him through the torture until he really didn’t care anymore.

He suddenly heard the stairs creak slightly, causing him to turn around.

Evan was stood there near the top, faintly embarrassed by the fact he had been caught.

“I was going to say something.” He encouraged. “But ya know, I didn’t know a good time to say it.”

“I didn’t realise you were up, did I wake you?”

“Nah man, I was awake anyway.” Evan reassured, now coming down the rest of the stairs.

Jon looked tired, worn and almost fragile as he stood in the dim light of the dying bulb. Evan had never really seen this side. The side of defeat, loneliness and the overall lack of confidence. It hurt to see him like this. Was this what he was like when Evan was away?

Evan walked over to him, bringing him into a massive bear hug.

Jon tucked his head into Evan’s neck. Holding tightly. He never wanted Evan to leave him ever again.

“Want me to get you a fuck ton of ice-cream?”

Jon laughed slightly, bringing his head back up to smile at Evan.

“What, Little Pops own brand?”

It was Evans turn to snicker.

“Something like that.”


So usually when the Hawkes are presented as twins, they’re a purple and a blue hawke, or a purple and a red hawke. They’re so rarely (except in that one AMAZING picture set) a pair of purple Hawkes.

Can you imagine though?

Like young Leandra and Malcolm raising these adorable dark haired babies who are happy and giggling and become holy fucking terrors by the time they can walk. EVERYTHING is hilarious. Spitting out food and making shapes with it? Great. The way their parents just despair? Better yet.  The sound their bare baby feet make when they run through the pig pens? Fantastic. 

They never actually stop being holy terrors. When Leandra tries to teach Marian how to be more ladylike, and Garrett is like “Mari! Ser Malory fell in the market and he split his trousers” and Marian just RUNS, half-dressed, hair undone because she cannot miss this Mum, andraste’s tits!, but Garrett has soaked the ground outside the door so Marian slides in the mud and ruins her dress and her pretty hair.

Leandra is horrified, but Marian bursts out laughing because well played, brother.

Malcolm tries to teach Garrett control with his magic, in the safety of their home while Leandra and Marian are gardening, and Marian keeps pressing her face to the glass and making these awful faces and Garrett maaaaybe singes Malcolm’s beard because his control isn’t strong enough yet to magic and laugh at the same time.

Just the absolute despair of having two Hawkes who think they’re the funniest people in the room and think their twin is JUST as hilarious. 

Carver’s grumpiness and Bethany’s sweetness must have seemed maker sent when Leandra had the younger twins.


I didn’t know Eric that well. He was the brother of two girls that I knew and I would meet him occasionally with them. He was about 18 years old at the time, quite sexy in a boy-next-door way. On this particular occasion there was a big group of us and Eric and I were sat together at one end.

We started talking about cars. We talked about cars we lusted after. Cars we owned and cars that we had driven.

It was then that the conversation took an interesting turn. Eric explained that he had been driving on the main road south when his car had broken down. He had had a puncture and had to stop to change it. In the process he explained his trousers had split completely at the crotch.

At this point I noticed he was glancing at me as if testing my reaction. I found it difficult not to look too eager! The vision of Eric with his junk hanging out of his trousers,was quite exciting. It appeared Eric was enjoying telling me the story.

There was more. Eric went on to explain how he took off the torn trousers and replaced them with another pair from his overnight bag adding, as if I had forgotten: “I was standing right beside the main road in just the smallest of briefs.”

The fact that he added “smallest” suggested he was trying to highlight the sexiness of the scene either to excite himself, or me, or both! Again he was watching my face intently as though looking for clues to my interest.

"Did anyone see you?” I asked. “Yeah,” Eric laughed, “a couple of cars hooted their horns - one was a minibus full of lads going to the football match!”

“Sounds like you enjoyed it,” I replied, fishing for more but trying not to make it too obvious.  

“Yea, I did,” Eric replied.

Having established that he liked the thought, I said “good for you, I wish I had seen it”.

There wasn’t much more that I felt I could say when we were sat in the group and it would become obvious that we were getting interested in each other. “You were asking about my computer,” I said, linking back to a comment from long ago.I stood up and heading out of the room.

Eric followed.

“I think the most daring thing I did with a car, was to drive round the block wearing nothing but my boxers,” I said as soon as we were out of earshot.

“Wow,” said Eric, adding, “I wish I had been there!” said Eric.

“I did think of driving round town with just a T-shirt on,” I added, hearing Eric’s  enthusiastic response .

“Dare you,” said Eric.

I looked at him to see if he was serious.

He was. “OK, you’re on. But you have to do it too,” I replied. “OK,” said Eric.  "Can’t be tonight with these people here,“ I pointed out. Eric nodded.

"Tomorrow,"Eric said. "OK,” I replied with my cock jumping to attention at the thought.

We went into my room and sat down at the computer. “What other daring things have you done?” said Eric.

I pointed to the window of my room which looked out on the street. “I sometimes stand there naked,” I said. Eric went over to the window and looked out on the street.

To my amazement, he unbuckled and unzipped his jeans letting them fall to the ground. Leaving them round his ankles he pulled his briefs down.

His dick was superb. Slightly hard, but smooth and with a sweet foreskin. Under that I reckoned the tip already looked slightly moist. Eric was getting harder and peering along the street. I stood up and walked over. I looked from behind Eric and saw why he was getting

excited. Along the street were coming two cute-looking lads about our age in football shorts.

Eric was stroking his dick now and I stood behind him making as if to hold him in the window so he couldn’t chicken out. The guys were getting closer and closer. When they were almost right outside, Eric started to back away from the window so he wouldn’t be

too obvious, but he continued stroking his now hard dick.

The first guy glanced at the window and his eyes locked on to Eric who was still stroking. He nudged the other guy who turned round and both stared. At that point Eric exploded with a shudder. His cum hit the glass and trickled down. The two guys laughed, nudged each other and one gave the  thumbs up, before walking on.

“Good grief,” was all I could say. “They saw you.”

Eric was breathing heavily. “Your turn,” said Eric.

I looked along the street and there was another guy walking along the street.

“No, I don’t think I am as brave as you,” I replied. With that Eric got behind me and  started pushing. With a deft move of his fingers he unpopped the button on my jeans and let them fall. My dick was tenting out of my boxers. Eric grabbed them and  pulled them down.

Eric then put his hand  round and began working my cock, which was now rock solid.

The guy was really cute. About 18 or 19 with longish blond hair a white T-shirt and  white shorts, he was clearly coming back from a paper round. He could hardly net see me in the window, with Eric wanking me from behind.

Sure enough his head turned with a classic double take, then he locked his eyes on me.  His jaw visibly dropped as he stopped and stared and stared. By now his hand was down his own shorts, and I could even see a growing tent.

It was too much for me, too, and I came over  the window. The guy in the street gave us a quick flash of the tip of his cock out of the waistband, then with a sheepish smile he headed on.

We cleaned up and returned to the group, having arranged to meet up as planned the next night for our dare.


The following night Eric arrived as arranged. He looked great, his white T-shirt and white shorts showed off his body well.

I playfully put my arm around his waist enjoying the warmth of his body as I ushered him  into the house. “You really on for this,” I asked. “You bet,” said Eric, “this is going to be a blast.”

Eric had dared me the previous night to drive around town wearing nothing but a T-shirt. I had said he had to join me, so here we were ready to go. “OK, let’s go for it,” I said my heart beginning to pound and my cock getting hard in anticipation

We headed out to my car and got in. “Why don’t we drive to the beach,” I said, “we can lose our shorts there.”

“Sounds good to me,” said Eric. On the way Eric was talking about our impromtu window show the previous night, then talked about all sorts of other things he had done previously. “But doing it together is so much more fun,” he gave my thigh a squeeze.

We reached the beach and parked the car. “OK, you first… this was your idea,” I laughed.

Without having to be asked twice, Eric pulled down his shorts revealing nothing underneath but that lovely uncut dick I had seen for the first time the previous night. I couldn’t be a party pooper so I pulled my shorts down and off my ankles.

So here we were, in my car, in public, naked from the waist down and both of us hard with excitement. “Right,” I started the engine and drove off down the road. There were a few people around, from where they were standing we looked as though we were fully clothed. The danger was that a higher vehicle would drive alongside us, someone would look out of a building, or  that someone would cross the road.

We drove around for some time. The excitement at the risk of being seen meant we both had substantial boners.

It was Eric who said, “Let’s go drive down where the cruisers gather”. This was the place where all the young guys turn up and ogle at each others cars and equipment… although I have also reckoned quite a lot of them are sizing up each other’s equipment, not just the cars’!

“Wow, you have got to be kidding!” I responded, “There will be people all round.” “So, all the more fun,” Eric replied, “come on, we wanted some fun.” “OK, I replied and turned the car round.”

We arrived at the car park that everyone meets in and drove in. Sure enough there were guys around our age everywhere, looking at cars, peering into cars and standing around in groups. I drove round the outside of the car park. “Come on,” Eric said, “go there!” He was pointing to an area which was full of guys standing round cars. “You’re kidding! We’re bound to be seen,” I protested.

“Isn’t that the idea?,” replied Eric. ”OK,“ I said with a shrug of the shoulders.

We drove down towards the group of twenty or so guys. They were all around our age, some looked as though they must just have passed their driving test yesterday. I drove slowly past with my dick now quite hard with the excitement. One of the guys must have spotted and nudged his mate who turned round looked in and laughed. Further on another guy was even more blatant as he pointed and drew the attention of two others. Everywhere I looked necks were craning to see.

My dick was throbbing now and I looked across at Eric who was hard as a rod.

We drove out of the car park, with Eric protesting that we should go round again. "No way,” I said heading on the road home.

We arrived at my houses still wearing only our T-shirts. We had driven right through the centre of town. It was getting dark so it wasn’t too risky but it was pretty damn exciting, wondering if a bus would pull up alongside, a pedestrian walking through the traffic, or a big 4x4 come past.

We arrived at my house and, got out of the car still naked from the waist down with a massive hard on. I walked round behind the car and Eric got out and headed my way. He too was hard and big.

Standing behind the car I grabbed his T-shirt and pulled it up and off. He was now naked in the darkness between the house and the hedge. Eric lifted my T-shirt, sliding his hand up my stomach and chest. I grabbed Eric’s hard dick and started stroking, we lay down on the cool concrete. I was the first to cum. It was one of those deep shuddering ones that you get after real excitement.


84 years and half an eternity later ahaha

my current canon differs somewhat from what is mentioned in the fic, but the premise, lead-up and most of the ensuing situation are same/very similar, so i’ll just describe that and, idk, note where the differences are

ALRIGHTY. strap in bc this got long as fuck

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what happened last night? whats with tambourine man's pants?

Haha Mr. Tambourine Man was doing his favorite slut drops, when suddenly:

Poor thing split his trousers, then he changed into new ones, but I’m not even sure if they were his, they look a bit big on him :D

Miles gave him some eskimo kisses :D

And all was good in the end :D

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26 and 40 for Cassian :)

26: Beauty He’s a nice guy about it? Idk. Obviously dirt-smeared, fight-face Jyn was the key to his shriveled little heart, and he was in the rebellion with Leia Organa, so I’m thinking he’s like a little boy where they get a crush on female authority figures like baby sitters and teachers without context of ranking beauty? He’s into Jyn because she can kick his ass, and she just happens to be hot in a pair of trousers? Him splitting hairs about certain elements of Jyn’s beauty never worked for me, he’s not a luxurious “details” guy.

40: Scent He probably smells like K2′s oil, and that freaks Jyn out beyond belief. I’m not a “smells” person, so I’m the wrong person to ask.

Devil's Attitude. [Daryl Dixon x Reader]
~ Imagine where the reader is from Boston, and possesses the asshole attitude that catches Daryl’s attention, making him find it adorable. ~


- requested by Anon

“How many Walkers have you killed?” The man asked me, staring down at me, his hand on the handle of his gun, ready to yank it from his belt and plant a bullet in my skull. Rick his name is, he’s the leader apparently.


“Too many to remember…” I scoffed, “I don’t exactly keep count.” I heard a snigger from behind him. I spotted a man stood with another few people, he looked over at me with a slight smile. He was extremely rough-looking: over-grown hair falling around his face and into his eyes; dirty skin and ripped clothing, and a crossbow hanging on his back.


“How many people have you killed?” Rick proceeded to ask me, tightening his hold on his gun. I rolled my eyes at his defensive instinct to shoot me, holding back a chuckle as he awaited my answer.


“Three…” I shrugged. His eyes widened. He folded his arms, releasing his grip on his gun which allowed a sense of relief to wash over me. I shuffled on the ground, switching from seated to kneeling as he opened his mouth to speak.




“Anyone in this shit-heap of a world ever questioned you on who you’ve killed? Because I bet I know pretty damn well you’re no Virgin to the odd murder or two Rick,” I replied sarcastically. He didn’t seem too impressed as he put his hands on his hips and gave me a stern look. A look that says he means ‘business’. Does this guy think he’s scaring me or something?


“Just answer the question or I’ll add you to the list of people I’ve killed…”


“Oh! And then I’ll come back to haunt you and I’ll ask you the same dumb three questions you’ve just asked me.”


“Shut up and answer me! Why did you kill three people?”


“Because they tried to kill me! God damn, who knew this Walker crap was making people so touchy? I think you need to calm down Sir, you might bust those veins in your neck… Are they always this prominent? Or do they only go like this when you take a shit?!”


He suddenly grabbed me by the shoulder, yanking me up from the ground and throwing me towards his other group members. I crashed straight into the rough character, causing him to laugh and push me off of him as if this was a joke. The five people, including Rick, stared at me from all angles as if I was a bull in a colosseum. “What’s your problem man?!” I yelled at Rick. He pulled his knife from his belt and held it up to my face. The blade looked me in the eye like I was the world’s worst criminal, and I gulped at the thought of Rick using it on me.


“My problem…” Rick answered, “Is your attitude. Where’re you from anyway? You’re most certainly not from Georgia,”


“Boston. She’s from Boston,” the rough guy perked up. He placed his hands on the back of my shoulders and shook me, “Can’t you tell Rick?” He laughed, patting me on the back like an animal.


“How’d you know?” I asked, turning to look at him with a smirk plastered on my face. He raised a brow and exhaled quickly through his nose, showing his amusement through a sniffle, “Let me guess… It’s the -”


“Asshole attitude? The, 'I don’t give a fuck’façade? Yeah… Just screams Boston,” He cut me off, once again placing a hand on me, on my upper arm. He patted it, making me feel more like a canine than a human by the second, “What’s your name Sunshine?”


“It’s Y/N… And don’t ever call me Sunshine again,” I replied, kissing my teeth in annoyance as I turned to look at Rick, “So, am I eligible to be in your group? I can go stand over there if you need some time to confer…”


“Come on Rick, we need someone like her, someone who’s not afraid to say what they think. Plus, looking at the state of her now, we can’t let her go alone…” the rough guy said again, pointing at me. I looked down at my torn clothes, and bloody knees where my trousers had split. I had bruises all down my arms and my nails were practically black from all the dirt in them.


“Gee… Thanks!” I laughed, slapping him on the arm at his comment on my appearance. He looked at me and smirked, sending me a wink before grabbing Rick and the rest of their small entourage and taking them aside. I stood awkwardly, kicking at the gravel on the road as I listened to them whispering and muttering their decisions.


“Alright! Daryl here seems to think you’re perfect for our group,” Rick announced, walking over to me, “And I think we could use someone like you too…”


“Took you long enough to realise Rick…” I laughed. He nodded awkwardly, pressing his lips into a tight line before walking past me and towards the truck they came in.


“Michonne, Glenn, Maggie and myself will be riding in the truck. You’ll be going with Daryl,” Rick called over once again as the four of them piled into the truck, squeezing into the three seats in the front.


Daryl looked over to me and smiled, beckoning me over to him and his motorcycle, “I hope you’re not scared of motorcycles, because this is the only way you’re getting back sweetheart,” He joked, hoisting his leg over the seat.


“What’s with you and the pet names for me?” I asked, sitting on the back of it and shuffling to get comfortable, “You don’t look like the pet name type.”


“Oh no I’m not, I just like to wind you up…” He looked over his shoulder at me and smiled cockily, “Hold on tight, wouldn’t want you to go falling off and becoming roadkill now would we?”


I laughed sarcastically in response as I wrapped my arms around his waist, holding on tight as he revved the bike before driving off down the road. The truck followed behind us as we sped down the road to get back to their camp. I wonder if it’s just these guys or if there’s more? They spoke like they were a few of many so I guess we’re going somewhere filled with more people.


I rested my head against Daryl’s back, my ear pressed to his shoulder blade as we slowed down at a set of gates. The gate slid open and we cruised inside before coming to a stop, “Welcome to Alexandria.” Daryl smiled, helping me off the bike as I scanned my eyes around the whole place. This is way bigger than I expected, this is like a whole town!


“How’d you find this place?” I asked in awe, as we walked towards a house and sat on the stairs outside.


“Long story actually, cool place though I guess. Safe, equipped with supplies… You’ll be alright here. So, how’d you end up in Georgia during all this? Usually don’t see your type around here…”


“Well, clearly you can take the girl out of Boston but you can’t take the Boston of the girl… I was out here on vacation with some friends. They roped me into some road trip style thing, we hired an RV and thought we’d tour some places we’d never been to. It was all going fine until we got to Georgia and the whole Walker thing started. I lost my friends pretty quickly, I’ve been alone for a while.”


“Must’ve been tough out here on your own with no company, especially as you don’t know your way around properly,” I felt his hand on my shoulder and I relaxed into his touch, feeling comfortable next to him, “This whole situation ain’t exactly been the easiest for me either but I’m not one for sharing.”


“Yeah you don’t seem like the sort…” I laughed, looking down and fiddling with my hands. Daryl stood up suddenly and rested against the wooden pillar beside the stairs.


“You know back there, Rick was gonna let you go…” He explained. I looked up at him, titling my head slightly in confusion, “So I think I deserve some thanks.”


“I could’ve coped alone. I didn’t need you guys to bring me here, I would have been fine…” I shrugged, laughing along with my words.


“And that’s why I made sure you came with us!” He pointed at me, grinning victoriously as he jumped off the decking and walked over to his bike. He took out a cloth from under the seat and wiped at the handlebars, polishing the metal, “It’s your attitude, your sarcasm, your tough exterior. We could use it around here…”


“I’m flattered,” I joked, standing up and joining him. I crouched opposite him on the ground as he carefully wiped at his motorcycle, “I guess I do owe you a thank you…”


“Please, don’t strain yourself. A simple smile would do fine for me.”


“Daryl don’t be an ass!”


“Can’t help it,” We both laughed as he tossed the cloth back into its compartment and stood up. He leant against the bike and I stood with my arms folded, “But you’re welcome either way. Also, don’t ever let anyone turn you soft… And don’t lose the attitude, it’s pretty darn cute.”


He smiled before walking off, leaving me stood in the same place, wondering what he meant by 'cute’. Looks like I’ve made an impact on Alexandria’s tough guy…






This is long overdue but here it is finally! It’s not my best writing but I needed to post something! I hope you like it…

Behind the Scenes of The Fires of Pompeii (Part Three)

Excerpts from Benjamin Cook’s coverage (as featured in Doctor Who magazine) on filming in Italy:

[filming as everyone flees Vesuvius]
On the take, Dan [Mumford, first assistant director] yells at the Italian extras, “Don’t look at us! Look up in the air! Higher! Why are you smiling?” An Italian Third Assistant translates for the extras, who run, shout, and panic as Pompeii burns. “Tell ‘em! Embrace it! The mountain is bleeding.”

Catherine stumbles as she runs, but keeps going until the end of the take. “Have you hurt yourself?” exclaims David.

“I was trying not to step on the chickens,” she says, wincing slightly.

The ‘Addetto Gestione Emergenze’ man springs into action, and administers an icepack to her ankle. “Can I have a chair for Catherine?” calls out Dan. “And can we keep the icepack on in between takes?”

[…] It’s half-past-four in the morning. The final scene of this epic night shoot is of David and Francois breaking into Lucius’ quarters, clambering onto a barrel to get in through the window. “We’ve got to bolt the barrel to the wall,” explains Dan, much to the director’s chagrin. “We don’t want anyone hurt.”

Colin [Teague, director] groans. “I know we’re in the world of health and safety, but also I’m in the world of making it look good. I don’t want it to look contrived. Can’t we find a barrel that’s sturdy enough?”

The stuntman, Tom Lucy, gives a demonstration of how to climb through a window, with the sturdiest barrel that he can find. It caves in, leaving him stood in it up to his waist. “That’s made my night,” hoots David. “Oh, that’s hilarious.”

The barrel is bolted to the wall. On take one, David bangs his head on the window frame. On take two, he splits his trousers. He’s not laughing now. It’s got to be karma. “Thank God we brought a second pair,” sighs Louise.

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