trouser role


This is a great tutorial for achieving a more masculine look with makeup. I do this type of contouring for pants roles; you can even go a bit more extreme than Ascher does here if you’re going to be on stage. 

(Stage makeup always looks kinda dumb off stage, because it’s exaggerated, but it needs to be that way to read from afar. Scale your makeup for your space; it makes a huge difference.) 


Boglioli AW15 Collection

Shown during Milan Fashion Week, Italian luxury brand Boglioli proves once again why its name should still be on everyone’s mind. Inspired by the 1960’s Milanese elegance, the collection features different silhouettes through plays on proportion, where shorter jackets and high-waisted trousers play a crucial role.


favorite noel poses: “the wingspan” (pt 2) - as previously discussed here and expanded by bythepowerof-topshop here, is a pose generally consisting of Noel spreading his arms out and raising them to shoulder height or slightly higher, with something in his left hand (usually a drink) while pointing with his right hand.

In these examples, “the wingspan” (or “the jesus” as it is known in some circles) has created the unintended effect of what we refer to as “noel belly.” This is due in large part to the arms raising slightly higher and nearly causing Noel to form a “vertical starfish” pose with his body as his legs also move to more than shoulder width apart (and a small t-shirt paired with low cut trousers plays a significant role here as well). The last photos in this set is a prime example of the aforementioned “vertical starfish” pose.

Additional note: “noel belly” is a glorious sight and, thankfully, not a rare one.

Forget about Valentine’s Day, guys.  Today is Vittoria Tesi’s birthday!

lady-banner patiently put up with me crying about this lady for several months in a row, but for those who don’t know, Vittoria Tesi was one of the greatest singers of the eighteenth century.  Born the daughter of a black servant, she started out as a ballet dancer but was singing in royal European courts by her late teens.  She was famous throughout Europe for her phenomenal acting (not always a quality associated with opera singers, then and now) and specialized in trouser roles—in other words, she played the same roles as the famous castrati singers of her era, and was considered better than many of them by her contemporaries.

She had a hilariously exciting personal life.  The Prince of Poland fell in love with her (she turned him down) and she spent several years in a relationship with a Roman cardinal (they wrote each other super intellectual love letters)—but she ultimately married her hairdresser.  Her pet parrot was briefly held captive by the Spanish Inquisition.  She retired to Austria when her stage career was over (although she continued to teach), and lived happily ever after on the estate of a rich Count.