trouser malfunction

Radio Abel S1 05.04
Zombies, Run!
Radio Abel S1 05.04


Eugene: Great stuff there, Jack.

Jack: Why, thanks, Eugene. You’re not doing too bad yourself.

Eugene: Thanks. [Laughs] Alright! This is a quick shout-out to anyone who was in the Quad this morning. I’m sorry for flashing you. I had an unfortunate trouser related malfunction, and well, um, [Laughs], I’m sorry.

Jack: [Through Laughter] You flashed in the Quad? You didn’t tell me about that!

Eugene: Because I knew you’d find it funny! 

Jack: [Laughs] What happened?

Eugene: Well, I-I was trying to readjust my crutch—

Jack: [Bursts out into Laughter]

Eugene:–my crutch! While I was out walking and well, I-I I hadn’t done up my belt up properly and I guess I, ye-yeah… my pants fell down. [Laughs]

Jack: [Laughing]

Eugene: [Laughing] Oh, oh, sure! Thanks, you’re so supportive! Anyway, listeners, I’m sorry  if you saw that, if not, let’s forget I mentioned it. Here’s a song.

I had a terrible day involving a washing machine that won’t drain. I get to call a repair person in the morning—JOY. To deal, I ate a lot of pie, drank wine, and wrote you this 1,500 word “Oh no, the washing machine repair man is hot” Dean/Cas AU. I might add on to this occasionally.


Castiel checks his watch for the fourth time in ten minutes and hides his sigh in a lukewarm mug of coffee.

He already missed his first appointment waiting for the repairman to show up, and now the man has spent seventeen minutes on the hallway floor outside the laundry closet, crouched on his hands and knees. Plumbers aren’t the only ones who experience trouser malfunctions, apparently. At least the man is reasonably attractive. He’s watching muddy water drool from the drain filter into a pan.

He’s roughly Castiel’s age, in blue jeans and a well-fitting red t-shirt that advertises the muscles in his shoulders and back. Castiel was initially put off by his appearance: he half expected him to sport a dark suit and cap, like the repairman in commercials. But he—Dean. The man introduced himself as Dean—showed up with a cocky grin and freckles and said, “Heard you got a washing machine that won’t drain” before showing himself in.

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